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How does it work?


After logging on to the platform, using the functionality of a personal page, you formulate in what projects you are interested: what industry, at what stage, with what amount of investment and more.


Entrepreneurs whose projects have passed through moderation and met all your criteria, get the opportunity to present their projects to You. Wherein, you remain anonymous to them.


In case you get interested in any project, you have to initiate contact with its author for more information and further communications.

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  • I always recommend the Startup Network platform. It really helps to run your project with minimal investment, no matter if you have a small business or a business aimed at conquering the global market. There’s enough of money for everyone! :)

    Daniil Tonkopiy Founder & CEO, Delfast
  • Startup.Network is an excellent tool for attracting investments. I recommend this platform to all young entrepreneurs. For example, I posted my project here and scored some positive results!

    Roman Belkin CEO, Cardiomo
  • Startup.Network is a very important milestone for our startup. You can even say - a turning point. Young projects simply need a service that helps build confidence in their idea, polishes it and brings it to the users.

    Andrey Bulavinov CEO, Mymobstr

Use this page to select an investment project based on your own interests, preferences, areas of professional knowledge.

Find a "great thing" worth investing money into is possible in three simple steps:

Add areas of interest

Sign in to your account. Use the interface to specify your interests. Indicate the estimated parameters for an investment:

  • which industry to invest in - based on what you are familiar with;
  • at what stage to enter into a contract - to help the implementation of the ideas just mapped out or to be engaged in the completion of almost finalized projects;
  • how much money to invest - limit the selection by excluding startups that are too small for you or, on the contrary, impracticable.

Get personalized offers

The site will deliver startup projects that have passed the moderation and at the same time meet the submitted criteria. You will see information about the projects that have developed these startups. Browsing through their requests and offers for cooperation, you will stay anonymous - personal information will not be forwarded anywhere until you wish to get in touch by yourself.

The platform protects the interests of investors. Therefore, information provided by startups is authenticated.

Start chatting

Should you be interested in a startup, get in touch with its developer. This will allow:

  • to obtain additional information, find out the details of the project, ask questions about specific features;
  • clarify personal and contact details for a personal meeting, if required;
  • immediately agree on investment using the platform interface.

The advantage of the site is that you do not have to meet the startup personally, request its financial details or disclose yours. The platform interface is designed in such a way that you can, while being anonymous for the developer, support the project. When you transfer the desired amount, the site acts as a financial and information gateway, protecting the parties from fraud and data theft.

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