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How can I contact the investor in "contact"?

 the Scheme works on a platform solely constructed by the method of "investor interest associated with the project," and not Vice versa. Having published on the website, active, a project card, you can bid on a specific request of the investor in the form of a reference to your project. If the investor is interested in your project, he will contact you.

Some queries of investors in the database are outdated(better to choose the most recent), as well as many of the suggestions may not be in the directory (for example, investment funds and trusts). Therefore it is better to follow the path of maximum improvement of the attractiveness for investors of your card project, send a request to the appropriate one for your startup programme, and if your project will seem attractive by our investment analysts, become recommended project.

How to contacts the owner of the project? / How to contact the owner?

To get in touch with the project team, you must register on the website and click on "Want to invest" in the project card. You by e-mail will be sent to any contacts of the project owner, or are responsible for the project invest-Manager.

How to get in touch with Startup.Network?

You can contact us via feedback on the website.

! Please note: to the issues described in FAQ (FAQ) we do not respond, so be sure to look for the answer to your question here or website rules. Don't be surprised if we get in response is a link to one of these sections. This means that here are your question is already described.


mail do not receive a message confirming your registration (or contacts for the project).

The message with the confirmation usually comes in a few minutes after sending it. In rare cases you need to wait up to 30 minutes. If after 30 minutes of no messages, then select another Inbox another email provider and try to register again, because some mail services block all messages from our website.

Why do you need my e-mail, if I am already registered and logged through a social network?

All messages of the requested contacts, entrepreneurs sent e-mail. Therefore, to the investor or our invest-analyst with the offer from the employer can contact you, you need to specify in your personal profile correct existing contacts.

Change my mailbox in the profile. Remove my account from the website.

If the user is on the website, such opportunities are not available, the technical Department will not be able to help You.

Unsubscribing from mailings.

You can unsubscribe via the link in the basement of each letter or mailing settings in your personal profile.


Create and edit project

How can I edit my project?

If You want to edit your project, You can do this from Your personal account, clicking the "Edit" button on the project You want to modify.

! Please note: after making changes, the project must be sent back for approval, which he will be held in the General queue (1 to 7 business days).

Why I edited his project, and he was gone from the publication on the website?

If Your project passed moderation and were published on the website after the posting of any changes to the project, it should pass moderation.

How can I delete my project?

If you want to delete your project, you can do it from your personal account by pressing "Delete" on the project.

If you just need to remove the project from the shows, but to keep to continue to publish again, you should make any changes to the project and save. The project will be removed from publication and will not be active until then, until it is resubmitted for moderation.

How to be recommended? How to raise your project in the project list?

The projects in the list are placed according to the principle: first recommended, followed by the creation date.

Recommended project - located by default above all, the owner of which we have signed agreements on cooperation with the platform Startup.Network. These projects are not only selected on the portal, but also insistently offers the invest-managers of the portal to all interested investors in private conversations, through advertising and activities.

In order to become recommended, Your project should pass a certain examination, the main essence of which is to test hypotheses of the project, including the validation of the idea and its innovativeness, differentiation from their nearest competitors and market size. Make sure that your project is adequately and concisely described in the site meet the necessary requirements, and its profitability is provable.

Recommended draft concludes with the framework agreement and agrees to our conditions of cooperation (allocation of shares in the project in exchange for participation in attraction of investments or alternative conditions).

Why downloaded presentation does not appear in my project?

Presentation, photos, command, and address sitedomain when you create a project, only displays in the recommended projects. From unauthorised projects they are not displayed.


How can I know whether my project is moderation?

When will my project be approved?

The project can pass moderation from 1 to 7 working days. (site Rules) If Your project is in moderation longer email support.

Why my project is not passed moderation?

The main reasons for the rejection of the draft by the moderator described in the section site Rules. Verify the adequacy of your proposal, completeness and accuracy fill in all information make sure that the project was attractive and understandable to investors.

How to pass moderation, without going into the details of the project? / Do not want to disclose details on the project.

The project description consists of the items listed in the questionnaire available the link >>>

These items allow you to customize the information on the project under a single template, which developed over the years and allows the investor to work comfortably with this information. In the items of the questionnaire, there are tips about things to write in a particular paragraph and that there should be displayed.

To represent invest-the online application is sufficient to describe the relative technical specifications of the prototype, which it is estimated will surpass analogues of competitors and the basic principles on which is based the technology (without revealing the secret part of the recipe/drawing/formulas required to create), that you can understand that the technology is real, the project is profitable and popular.

For evidence that the technology is working, belongs to You, has the world already patented counterparts, use a working prototype and/or patent. The amount of "trade secrets" You will uncover in the project description, define themselves, this is Your project, You ought to know that is classified information. But you must understand that the project is insufficiently described, or the description of which there is no trust, will not receive an adequate response from the investors, if any, will not be tolerated by the moderator.