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How can I contact the investor in "Investors requests"?

 The Scheme of work on a platform exclusively constructed by the method of "investor interest associated with the project," and not vice versa. Having an active project card published on the website, you can send an offer for a specific investor's request in the form of a link to your project. If investor is interested in your project, he will contact you.

Some queries of investors in the database are outdated(better to choose the most recent), as well as many of the suggestions may not be in the directory (for example, investment funds and trusts). Therefore it is better to follow the path of maximum improvement of the attractiveness for investors of your card project, send a request to the appropriate one for your startup programme, and if your project will seem attractive by our investment analysts, become recommended project.

How to contact the owner of the project? / How to contact the owner?

To get in touch with the project team, You must register on the website and click on "Show contacts" in the project card. Then you will be redirected to the page of the project`s owner or the investment manager responsible for this project, where You need to click "Show contacts" button to get his contacts.

How to get in touch with Startup.Network?

You can contact us via feedback on the website.

! Please note: to the issues described in FAQ we do not respond, so be sure to look for the answer to your question here or at the website rules. Do not be surprised if You receive a link to one of these sections in response. This means that your question has already been described here.


 I do not receive a message confirming registration (or contacts for the project).

The message with the confirmation usually comes in a few minutes after sending it. In rare cases you need to wait up to 30 minutes. If after 30 minutes there is no message, then select another mailbox of another mail service and try to go through the registration process again, since some mail services block all messages from our site.

Why do you need my e-mail, if I am already registered and logged through a social network?

All messages of the requested contacts, entrepreneurs sent e-mail. Therefore, to the investor or our invest-analyst with the offer from the employer can contact you, you need to specify in your personal profile correct existing contacts.

Change my mailbox in the profile. Remove my account from the website.

Technical support has no right to make changes to user credentials. These functions are available to You in your personal account and You can use them yourself.

Unsubscribing from mailings.

You can unsubscribe via the link in the basement of each letter or at the mailing settings in your personal profile.


Create and edit project

How can I edit my project?

If you want to edit your project, you can do this from your personal account by clicking on the name of the project`s goal, that you want to change.

How can I delete my project?

If you want to delete your project, you can do it from your personal account by pressing "Delete" on the project.

If you just need to unpublish the project, but save it in order to publish it again in future, then you should click the "Unpublish" button, which is located opposite the published project goal. The project will be removed from publication and will not be active until it is re-submitted for moderation.

How to raise your project in the project list?

Projects in the list are placed by default by project rating, starting from the highest rating. You can get more detailed information about ratings on this page.


How do I know whether my project has passed moderation?

When will my project be approved?

The project can pass moderation from 1 to 7 working days. (site Rules) If your project has been under moderation for longer, email support.

Why my project has not passed moderation?

The main reasons for the rejection of the draft by the moderator described in the section site Rules. Verify the adequacy of your proposal, completeness and accuracy fill in all information make sure that the project was attractive and understandable to investors.

How to pass moderation, without going into the details of the project? / If I don't want to reveal details about the project.

The project description consists of the items listed in the questionnaire available at the link >>>

These items allow you to customize the information on the project under a single template, which developed over the years and allows the investor to work comfortably with this information. In the items of the questionnaire, there are tips about things to write in a particular paragraph and that there should be displayed.

To represent an investment application on the site, it is enough to describe the comparative technical characteristics of the product-prototype, which, according to the calculated data will surpass competitors' analogues and the basic principles on which the technology is based (without disclosing the secret part of the recipe / drawing / formula necessary for creation), by which you can understand that the technology is real, the project is profitable and in demand.

For evidence that the technology is working, belongs to You, has no patented analogues in the world, you can use a working prototype and/or patent. The amount of "trade secrets" You will uncover in the project description, define yourself, this is Your project, You ought to know that is classified information. But you must understand that the project is insufficiently described, or whose description is not trusted, will not receive an adequate response from the investors, or will not be allowed by the moderator at all.