1. Terms of usage of the portal “Startup.Network”

1.1. The paragraphs of these terms apply to the entire network of sites of the investment platform “Startup.Network”, hereinafter referred to as the “portal”, namely:

  • startup.network
  • startup.ua
  • ru.startup.network
  • kz.startup.network
  • by.startup.network
  • us.startup.network
  • pl.startup.network
  • in.startup.network
  • battle.startup.network
  • crowdinc.me
  • svsy.club
  • p2b.credit
  • Unicorn.Events
  • network.vc
  • vc.house

1.2. The terms are considered as a public offer and any action on the portal automatically confirms agreement with the paragraphs of these terms.

2. Terms for the public placement of information on the portal.

2.1. All the information posted by users on the portal is automatically considered as public.

2.1.1. Including contact details, information on the placed project, program, applications, proposals, etc.

2.1.2. The exception can be only letters of "feedback", as a direct private appeal.

2.2. Administration is not liable for dishonest use of the service, fraud, untrue or false information posted on the portal.

2.2.1. In the case of detection of actions specified in this paragraph, the user and his project can be removed and completely blocked by the administration without the possibility of recovering the information in the system.

2.2.2. Support and responsibility of the company and the administration of the portal starts only after the conclusion of a separate agreement of cooperation, provision of services or specific support.  You need to send an application relating to the relevant sections of the service.

3. Reasons for rejection of a hosted project by a moderator.

3.1. The attempt to place links or contact details of the project.

3.1.1. If you try to place contact details, not links to the social network profile or company's website, the name of the brand or company, or other information about which the owner's project or contact information can be found via the Internet, outside the established order (not in the fields provided for this), the project will be rejected by a moderator.

3.2. The project is not ready for submission on the portal.

Recommendations: Fill in all the data as completely as possible about the project and resubmit to the moderation.

3.3. In some cases, a cancellation may occur because the project doesn’t contain a commercial initiative, prospects or is insufficiently prepared/elaborated, cannot be presented or is not of interest to the investor in its present form, has no practical application, profitability for the investor or substantially gives in already existing successful projects.

Recommendations: Before sending to the moderation, we recommend: carefully review and thoroughly work on the project being placed, thoroughly set out the benefits for the investor, the prospects of the project, clearly articulate the idea and advantages, the problems and tasks to be solved, referring to real figures and market research.

3.4. The project is not an investment proposal, if it contains advertising of its own service or services (placement of prices, offers of services).

Such projects will be blocked without the possibility of resubmitting for moderation.

3.5. Perpetual motion machines, financial pyramids, traders, as well as projects that are based on invented non-existent facts or with content aimed at misleading, deceptive, and other types of questionable content or in any way falling under the articles of the Criminal Law Code or banned by legislative or administrative rules of the country on which they are oriented (for example, gambling).

3.6. Trying to duplicate the same project in order to create a duplicate project with identical content from the same author, the account and all participating accounts can be blocked, and duplicate projects will be deleted.

3.7. We reserve the right to reject the placement of any information and block access on the portal without any explanation, including the right to block projects without possibility of resubmitting to the moderation.

4. The procedure of sending a project for moderation

4.1. Projects are considered by the moderator only after sending the project for moderation, which is possible only when the project’s form is fully completed.

4.1.1. The line for review is formed by the time of sending to the moderation.

4.1.2. Approval of the application for moderation takes from 1 to 7 working days.

4.2. Projects are displayed by the rating of the project in the general list.

4.2.1. The date of project change doesn’t affect the place in the list.

5. Terms of work on the portal and access to the contact information

5.1. All applications from investors to the selection of projects are posted on the portal without contact information. You can get investors' contacts only after signing a contract with the investment platform "Startup.Network".

5.1.1. The scheme of work on the platform is built exclusively according to the scheme "the investor communicates with the interested project", or "the platform offers the investor the most promising (recommended) projects".

5.1.2. In order for your project to be properly considered and interest the investor, it is necessary to describe it in a detailed manner on the portal.

5.2. The opening/closing of contacts (founders) of a project is determined by the moderators and investment analysts of the platform. So, for example, if the project is considered promising in the opinion of the moderator, it can be placed without opening contacts of the entrepreneurs (the founders of the project).

5.2.1. Direct access to contacts of projects with closed contact data is available only to partners and investors after signing a contract with the investment platform "Startup.Network".

5.2.2. Receiving an application for investing from a casual interested investor for projects with closed contacts, negotiations are underway to conclude an agreement with both the investor and the entrepreneur.

This measure was designed for careful selection and search for quality proposals of investors and entrepreneurs, increasing interest in cooperation and contracting.

In each specific case a contract is concluded with exclusive terms, depending on the options of cooperation.

5.3. Placing a project with inaccurate or distorted data, obviously understated sum of the project, can cause complete blocking of the project and account in the system without the possibility of recovery.