1. Portal terms of use "Startup.Network"

1.1. The provisions of these rules apply to the entire network of sites the investment platform "Startup.Network", hereinafter the "portal", namely:









1.2. Rules are considered as a public offer and any action on the portal will automatically confirm the consent with the points of these rules.

2. Rules public posting information on the portal

2.1. All of the information posted by users on the portal are automatically considered public.

2.1.1. Including contact details, information on hosted project, program, requests, suggestions, etc.

2.1.2. An exception may be only letters of "feedback" as a direct private treatment.

2.2. The administration does not bear responsibility for fraudulent use of service, fraud, untruthful or false information posted on the portal.

2.2.1. In the case of any action specified in this clause, the user and his project can be removed and completely blocked by the administration without the possibility of recovery in the system.

2.2.2. Support and responsibility of the company and administration of the portal begins only from the moment of concluding a separate agreement on cooperation, provision of services or specific support. It is necessary to send a request to the relevant sections of the service.

3. The reason for the rejection of the hosted project moderators

3.1. Attempt posting links or contact information for the project to bypass the moderation.

3.1.1. When you try to embed the contact data outside of the established order, namely, video presentations, photos to the project, supplementary material, text description and others.

3.2. Wrong project name.

3.2.1. Can be accommodated the project with the name by which the project and contact details can be found on the Internet. An exception may be only projects with already signed a cooperation agreement with "Startup.Network".

3.3. The project is not ready for submission on the portal.

Recommendations: the most complete all project details and resubmit for moderation.

3.4. In some cases, the deviation may occur due to the fact that the project does not have commercial initiatives, or prospects insufficient trained/worked out, cannot be represented or interesting to the investor in its current form, does not have practical use, profitability for investors, or significantly give the already existing successful projects.

Recommendation: Before re-submitting for approval, we recommend: carefully review and to understand the details of the posted project in detail to prescribe the benefit to the investor, the viability of the project, clearly articulate the idea and benefits of the solved problems and challenges, citing the actual numbers and market research.

3.5. The hosted project is not an investment offer, contains advertising service (placing price, offer).

Such projects are blocked without the possibility of re-submit it for moderation.

3.6. Perpetual motion, pyramid schemes, Logotronic, traders, as well as projects having basically invented nonexistent facts or content aimed at misrepresentation, deception, and other projects of questionable content or in any way falling under article UGK or prohibited by law or administrative regulations of the country which are focused (e.g., gambling).

3.7. When trying to duplicate the same project with the goal of creating a double project with the same content from the same author, an account of all participating accounts can be blocked, and duplicate projects removed.

3.8. We reserve the right to reject the posting of any information and block access to the portal without explanation.

Including the right to block projects with no possibility of re-sending for moderation.

4. Procedure to submit the project for moderation

4.1. Projects are reviewed by the moderator only after the project is sent for moderation, which is possible only after the full completion of the card project.

4.1.1. Foremost for consideration is formed at the time of sending to moderation.

4.1.2. Consideration of an application for the approval takes 1 to 7 business days.

4.2. After Activation and placement of the project on the portal when changes are made, the project is automatically removed from the runway and goes into Edit mode.

4.2.1. To redeploy the project must be resubmitted for moderation.

4.3. Projects in General are listed by date first moderation.

4.3.1. Date changes project or re-moderation, does not affect the position in the list.

4.3.2. By default, the list displayed the recommended projects.

5. Rules in the portal and access contact data

5.1. All bids from investors on the selection of projects published on the website without contact information.

To contact investors is possible only after agreement with the investment platform "Startup.Network".

5.1.1. The scheme works on a platform built solely under the "investor interest is associated with a project or platform that offers an investor the most effective(recommended) projects."

5.1.2. In order for your project has been duly considered and interested investor, you need as much detail as possible and thoroughly describe it in your project on the portal.

5.2. Opening/closing of the contacts project from the entrepreneurs and founders is determined by the moderators and analysts of the investment platform.

5.3. Promising projects at the discretion of the moderator, are placed without opening the contacts for the project, or with open contacts after the conclusion of the contract.

5.3.1. Projects with a concluded contract are allocated as recommended, fixed in the top of the list, and are open for public access contacts.

In order to become recommended, Your project should pass a certain examination, the main essence of which is to test hypotheses of the project, including the validation of the idea and its innovativeness, differentiation from their nearest competitors and market size. Recommended draft concludes with the framework agreement and agrees to our conditions of cooperation (allocation of shares in the project in exchange for participation in attracting investment or alternative conditions).

5.3.2. Direct access to contacts, projects with private contact data is available only to partners and investors after conclusion of the contract with the investment platform "Startup.Network".

5.3.3. All promising projects get featured, they sign a contract and being careful intensive work to search for them investment proposals from the most interested and active groups of investors. Including recommended projects for regular events of the battle of Startups that are sent in a regular weekly newsletters for investors, recommended to the heads of different programmes and funds.

5.3.4. Upon receipt of applications for investment from the occasional concerned investor on projects with closed contacts negotiating the contract with the investor and the entrepreneur.

This measure is intended for careful selection and searching quality proposals for investors and entrepreneurs, to increase the interest in cooperation and the conclusion of the contract.

In each case a contract is made with exclusive conditions depending on the cooperation options.

5.4. The location of the project with false or distorted data, deliberately understated the amount of the project may cause a complete blocking of the project and an account in the system without the possibility of recovery.