Startup.Network is an professional network for participants on the venture market:  startups, private investors and professional consultants.

Which helps entrepreneurs quickly find the first round of investment for their startups.

Investors - to effectively invest.

Professional consultants - to capitalize on this process, according to these goals, and to build a work Startup.Network.

If you are an investor who is looking for profitable options of investing in promising young companies, we can help you.

1. Choose the best investment proposal according to your project search criteria. To do this, you will need to submit a search request in projects.

2. Develop a personal investment portfolio, which will provide the opportunity to develop several young companies at the same time, thereby helping to diversify your risk. To do this, you need to request a personal selection of projects.

3. Get all the information you need on the projects that are in the based investment projects  Startup.Network

If you are an entrepreneur, which seeks to develop its investment project or to sell the business, using Startup.Network you can:

1. Offer your investment project to hundreds of potential investors. To do this you must leave the search request investment.

2. Present the startup at the event Startup Battle before the Angel Investors and VCs. To get advice on marketing, finance, recruitment and other issues of highly qualified specialists.