The project rating is the cumulative estimate of all factors that could potentially indicate the quality of the project, and directly affect its place in the list when sorting by rating (by default).

* There is also always an alternative option in the filter to display the list of projects by the date of the project creation

What affects the rating?

* The rating of projects is calculated for each purpose separately

Application form

1) Filling in optional fields of the project questionnaire - a maximum of 100 points (each field gives 100/number of optional fields of the questionnaire)
2) Presence of the main video - 100 points
3) Presence of the presentation - 50 points
4) Presence of a patent - 25 points

People working on the project (questionnaire)

5) Member of the team - 20 points per person (maximum 100)
* points are counted only after confirmation. An invitation to register and confirm participation in the team is sent to the email
6) Mentors-advisors - 25 points for a person (maximum 50)
7) Lead-investor - 100 points
8) Investor in previous rounds - 50 points

Social Signals

9) Repost - 2 points (maximum 100)
10) Average rating (stars) - х10 points
11) Estimate from Startup.Network - a maximum of 100