B2B & B2C platform giving early access to trade show data.

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Idea is leveraging DB (Database) and VR (Virtual Realty) technology to capture data and provide early access to accurate, well mentained trade show information. CAPTUREXPO is helping trade show organizers to have better organization and to focus on their core competencies. Capturexpo is a SAAS platform that unlocks new markets, generates hot leads and gains more attention in trade show business.

Current Status

We have just launched our platform and have already first paying customers. Online users reash is growing constantly by having more than 5000 visitors per month at this moment. There are more than 150 companies already in our platform and we are converting them in paying customers.


The history of modern trade fair in Switzerland is one hundred years old. Today, the organizers are challenged by a changed leisure and consumer behavior. For example, with the retail trade, the fairs are also challenged by online shopping. The internet is a huge marketplace. By contrast, trade fair organizers rely on worlds of experience and on the original purpose, on the direct meeting of visitors with representatives of trade and industry.
St. Gallen Olma Director Nicolo Paganini says: "The immediate encounter is something extremely human. We believe that people want to meet physically. I even believe that there will be a counter trend-away from the digital desert to a personal experience. "
The industry association sees it that way. "Especially in the digital age, trade fairs and events are important marketing and communication tools. The personal conversation, the experience at the fair with perceptions of all senses and physical presentation of the range of services can not be replaced by digital communication. »
At we have made a magical cocktail of both parties: the conservative trade show business and advanced digital community. Our tools are helping customers to browse relevant information about trade shows fast and to get accurate results, while at the same time helping trade show organizers to “Spread the word” easily and to reach a worldwide audience.
Trade shows business in Switzerland continues to accelerate and the amount of money spent on trade shows and exhibitions shows no sign of decline.
The overall situation of the trade show industry is pleasing: the total turnover of the industry is growing, the same is growing number of employees.
This corresponds to international development, which is growth for most countries the live communication shows.
Digitization is unstoppable - it's already started. We have to actively follow them, go along and promote them with fresh ideas. The innovation wheel is turning incredibly fast.

Market research-Facts and figures

This is an impressive effect to the performance of the Swiss economy.
The sum of all realized sales of around CHF 7 billion by the participating industries. A total of 3.9 million m2 of hall space was sold on 1’581 occupancy days, or in other words: more than 4 trade fairs took place simultaneously on each day of the year and the available hall space was handled more than 8 times during the year.

Approximately 20 trade show organizers represent more than 90% of the Swiss trade fair industry.
Every year, the relevant key figures of the trade fair business are collected among the members and consolidated into the Swiss trade fair statistics.
There were 20 general public fairs throughout the year (B2C such as MUBA, BEA, OLMA, Züspa, LUGA etc.), 113 themed public fairs with topics such as holidays, living, health etc. and 62 professional trade fairs (B2B).
The Swiss exhibition centers together have an infrastructure of more than 463,000 m2 of hall space and approx. 264’000 m2 of open space on which temporary exhibition halls will be set up, especially during the major B2C consumer fairs.
In addition, the 7 largest exhibition venues (Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, St. Gallen, Zurich and Lucerne) provide around 100 congress rooms with a total of 41’000 seats.

Problem or Opportunity

No easy way exists to book a stand, buy a ticket or plan a visit to the trade show using single online location. Before, during and after the fair
information is not being distributed properly. Huge number of transactions is needed to generate new leads and to capture visitors attention. Therefore, data accuracy, data accessibility and convenience are main problems in trade show business today.

Solution (product or service) is striving to become the ultimate online solution for trade shows business while enhancing individual experiences before, during and after the trade show using our powerful digital tools.'s services streamline the entire trade shows business process both for trade show organizers and exhibitors. They allow trade show organizers to outsource a large part of their business, allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies and not get distracted with activities that consumes time and money with little return on that investment. enhances the overall image of the trade show business. Capturexpo is a SAAS platform which helps all participants in trade show business to:
Unlock new markets
Generate more leads
Gain more attention will:
Reduce capital expenditures of a company that uses their services
Increase customer service of the trade show
Increase sales opportunities
Increase revenues
Improve customer satisfaction
Make trade show available to the worldwide audience
Make trade show virtually accessible 365 days a year

Customers will benefit by using a convenient, easy way to access the trade show information using our interactive trade show tools.

Competitors - Established in 2016, 10% market share worldwide , 85% free subscription, 15% paid. Advantages:Low entry (free),Huge database, 3 years in business. Disadvantages: No interaction, no floor plan, no 3D Showcase, no valid data. - Established in 2015, 60% market share in Switzerland, 90% free subscriptions, 10% paid. Advantages: Low entry (free), Swiss based company, direct contact to expo organizers. Disadvantages: No floor plan, no 3D Showcase, no valid data. - Established in 2016, 35% market share worldwide, 70% free and 10% paid subscription, Low entry barrier, low price. Advantages: Huge database, 3 years in business. Disadvantages: No floor plan, no 3D Showcase, no valid data, no second language - Established in 2008, 55% market share worldwide, 60% free, 40% paid. Advantages: High quality service, good price, convenience,
International expo database, more than 10 years in the business, good business model. Disadvantages: No floor plan, no 3D Showcase, no valid data.

Advantages or differentiators

The main advantage we have against our competitors is that CAPTUREXPO is only platform offering Interactive floor plans and VR expo together with expo calendar in the world.


Pricing strategy: Recurring revenue model with in Platform purchase:

1. Floor Plan- Interactive, custom made floor plans for exhibitions with various communication tools and plugins.
Price per exibitor stand: CHF 25 (Charged per exhibitor on trade show).
2. VR Expo- Virtual electronic presentation of tradeshow or venue before or after execution using Matterport 3D camera.
Price per space: CHF 3/ m² (Recurring annual payment for scanning a trade show).
3. Expo calendar- Landing page in expo marketplace with all important data like date, time, ticket price etc.
Price per trade show: CHF 75.- /month (Recurring monthly payment for premium content).
Our goal is to have 20M + revenue in 5 years covering Switzerland, Germany and Austria as primary markets and other european countries. Global expansion is planned after that.

Business model offers a business-to-business and business-to-customer solutions to trade show organizers, service providers, venues, exhibitors and visitors. is offering a unique and simple tool for browsing upcoming or past trade shows. is leveraging DB (Database) and VR (Virtual Realty) technology to capture data and deliver properly maintained information to our users.
By providing early access to trade show information, we are helping organizers to have better organization and to focus on their core competencies.

Money will be spent on

1. Expanding the team to be ebale to respond to market demand.
2. Further product improvement

Offer for investor

We are announcing Seed-investment round where we are collecting CHF 1.5Mio (traditional convertible debt offering to be defined % of conversion with maturity period of 12 months ). Discount rate, valuation cap and interest rate will be presented at pitching.

Team or Management


1. Technology to trade show organizer employee gap
2. Mostly conservative leadership in trade show business
3. Slow market adoption period

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

BUSINESS GROWTH IN ICT-Top ICT trainers trained us to achieve our key missions:
Build a Performing Marketing Strategy
Professionalize our Sales Process
Operate our Startup Professionally
Grow Leadership and Management
Pitch and secure Funding for Growth

ICT entrepreneurs and experts helped us you to scale our ICT business with topics such as B2C acquisition strategy, growth scenarios and working with KPIs.


In process of preparing a patent on Interactive floor plan.


Photo 1 - B2B & B2C platform giving early access to trade show data.
Photo 2 - B2B & B2C platform giving early access to trade show data.
Photo 3 - B2B & B2C platform giving early access to trade show data.
Photo 4 - B2B & B2C platform giving early access to trade show data.
Photo 5 - B2B & B2C platform giving early access to trade show data.
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