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Date of last change: 12.08.2021
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PEZZIE is the world's first pet community platform that connects the entire pet world on a single platform.
We are creating the pet world`s “LinkedIn” with customized features designed for breeders, pet buyers, businesses and stakeholders.

Current Status

Pezzie Ltd Oy was established 09/2019.

The development of a social media platform is an extensive, ambitious and expensive project. From the outset, the system architecture has been specifically built for global scalability.

After 18 months of design and development work, testing of the MVP is underway with more than 1,000 breeders and dog owners from different EU countries. So far, we have not spent money on marketing.

Getting to this MVP point it took us over 80 person-months and investment of over 450k USD.

Although the international piloting (SE, UK, DE, IT, FR, SP) was a great success and the feedback we received exceed all our expectations, there is still some development work to be done before the official launch in Q4/2021-Q1/2022 in the US, Finland and Sweden.

The release and future development plan is ready to be implemented after funding round.

Because Pezzie is currently in the MVP release phase, we're only offering PRO account for free for trial use to breeders and pet owners gather user feedback and development ideas.


Pet market is growing rapidly even during Covid pandemic. People own pets more than ever before. The worldwide market potential is massive; with over 850M dogs and cats alone.
Our goal market is by far the United States, with 229.9 million pets and more than 84.6 million pet owners. Millenials own the most pets in the US.

The amount of money spent on pets in the U.S reached $103.6 billion in 2020.
In the EU over 85 million people in the EU own pets: France: 65,3 M, Italia 60,3 M, UK 58,8 M, Germany 34.9 M (Russian 70.7 M).

Target customers and value propositions:
- Centralize all communication and information related to your breeding work
- Build transparency and responsible breeding by reporting medical and
growth information
- Show/test/trial results
- Litter profiles: planned litters, born litters and transfer puppy/pet
profiles to new owner
- Interactive selling and reserve features
- Pets pedigrees with photos & videos

Pet fans and future owners:
- Participate in the pet community through the platform
- Get in touch with breeders
- Find information on pets
- Enjoy animal-related content

Pet owners:
- Network with other pet owners, hobbyists, and breeders
- Easy access to important pet services, organizations, and hobbies
- Get help for taking care of your pet and yourself through notifications, nutrition tips and exercise challenges

Responsible rescue dog organizations:
- Help rescue dogs find a new home in the pet community
- Help the pet community find trusted organizations and support rescue dog activities

Pet-world businesses, commerce partners, societies and other stakeholders
- Target the marketing and advertising to niche audience segments in the pet industry
- Pezzie commits to donate a part of its profits to charities selected by its users

Our main target group is the breeders and people who are looking and planning to have a pet and pet businesses.

Our mission is to create a worldwide trusted service for getting a pet and getting all the information you need to take care of your pet and easy access to pet-related services on a single platform.

Problem or Opportunity

Pets and animals play a significant role in bringing happiness and well-being to our everyday lives. More people own pets than ever before and most of the new pets are seen as family members and pet owners are willing to spend more money and time on their pets lives.
At the same time, we recognize the significance of social media and Internet in driving interaction and spreading legimitate information in the pet community today.
However, the help, services and contacts that are crucial for purchasing, owning, and breeding a pet are currently scattered around the Internet. Finding answers to important questions like who is reliable breeder to buy a pet, where and when to vaccinate my pet or how to market a kennel and puppies is difficult and too much time consuming.

Pezzie is the world's first social media service that connects the entire pet world on a single platform.
In other words, Pezzie is pet world´s "LinkedIn" that includes value-added features which are customized for breeders, pet owners, people who want pets, and pet businesses and stakeholders.
Pezzie works like any other social media platorm, where users can create their own profiles and post written and visual content whenever they want.
However, in Pezzie, users can also create customized profiles for their pets, which contain information for example on their health, family background and even show success. Using this information, the platform will synchronize and send important notifications to taking care of their pets, and help them access pet-related services.
They can also keep track of their pet’s health statistics and visualize family trees, which is especially useful for breeders and those who are looking to purchase pets.
In the breeder profile you can create a litter profile and even individual profiles for each puppy. The puppy profile can be transferred to a new owner. Both these profiles have growth curves what helps breeders to follow the puppies growth even in new homes.
With the pet profiles, users can also post content as their pets, which is a common phenomenon in the Internet and makes the experience fun and light-hearted.
What makes Pezzie very valuable is that it has both owner and pet data for well-targeted marketing. All the pet companies we have discussed with have been interested in hearing more about the different opportunities for the marketing and other cooperation.
Pezzie will offer it´s users a totally unique social media service with all necessary information needed when breeding, owning or getting a pet under a modern and easy to use interface on a single platform.
Pilot users feedback:
The private international MVP piloting (SE, UK, DE, IT, FR, SP) was a huge success and the feedback received exceed all our expectations. Every test users >1000 comments were positive especially breeders liked excisting litter, puppy profiles and growth curve features.
To mention pricing 15/20$ yearly fee was considered very affordable. Last but not least, users own their data and we do not sell it to third parties. This was highly appreciated by the most test and the pilot users.
During the pilot, we made all the necessary updates. In addition the future developments and the release plan has been done.
The official launch in the United States, Sweden and Finland is planned Q4/2021-Q1/2022.

Solution (product or service)

There are more pet owners than ever before but centralized platform is still missing.

Our mission is to create a single platform for all pets. We want to create a platform which has a customized and value-added features for breeders, pet owners, buyers, and pet businesses and partners.

One platform where you can find all the pet information you need quickly and easily. In addition, we even want to help with the well-being of pets and prevent related abuses such as puppy milling and unauthorized smuggling.

For businesses and partners we offer a customized company profiles and a built-in marketing tool for well-targeted marketing. Companies like a veterinarians, a insurance companies, a pet food manufacturers, a pet online store we have been talking with are very interested to know more about these features and collaboration opportunities.

We have presented the platform in several dog events/shows and the feedback and interest from dog owners and pet companies have exceeded all the expectations. In summary, this is something what has already been expected.

The features of the MVP phase are just the beginning and the development of the platform is an ongoing project and it want never be ready.

The attachments are images of unique and customized features.


Pezzie has only two competitors:

Working Dog:
A German company founded in 2005, which concentrates on service limited dog breeds (working dogs) and events.
First in the market, the most renowned online pet service, over 3+ million dog profiles, live streaming from events, paid service.
Expensive 92$/year

Is a digital community for pet parents, established in 2012 (like Instagram).
1.3M pet parent profiles, 8M sessions per year, 3 languages: French, English and Spanish. Mobile site and native iOS and Android applications

Advantages or differentiators

Pezzie’s competitive advantage vs Working-Dog:
Target audience narrowed to only working dog owners and enthusiasts, expensive yearly fee, an outdated user interface and visual look, poor customer service, pricing.
Lacks active system development, other pet profiles, business and societies profiles, litter profiles, growth curves and possibilities to transfer pet profiles and in-built marketing tool for well-targeted marketing.

Pezzie’s competitive advantage vs YummyPets:
Business idea very much like Instagram as is based on sharing photos and videos, target audience narrowed to mainly pet owners, no focused on breeders, very limited customized pet features if any, no customized breeder features, no business and societies profiles, no in-built marketing tool.


Our vision is to be number one planetwide pet community platform with over 5 million users and turnover of over $ 100 million latest in 2025.

Financial forecast 2021-2025
2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
Users 0 13k 236k 720k 2.6M 5.1M
Revenue($) 0 395k 5.7M 18M 59M 112M
Profit ($) -178k -260k 1.1M 9M 31M 59M
Funding ($) 450k (+350k loan)

Business model

Our business model is based on B2B2C, SaaS annual fee.

Users can sel ect between four different subscription plans:
1. BASIC (limited features) - Free - FOR PET OWNERS AND PET BUYERS
3. PRO – 20$ /yearly fee - FOR BREEDERS
5. BUILT-IN MARKETING TOOL: for companies and partners for precisely targeted marketing. In addition there are possibilities for other kind of marketing as banners, direct mailing campaigns, new product/product tests, weekly advertisements in a newsletter etc.

Pezzie`s pricing is very affordable: $15-99 a year for example versus LinkedIn Premium $ 348-1188 a year.
We want to keep our pricing affordable and gather as many breeders and pet owners as possible in the system. We also donate a part of the annual fee to charities selected by the community.

In addition, for those who have made a paid account, we offer special offers and discounts fr om our partners like vetenarians, insurance companies, petfood manufacturers etc. In other words, these customers earn more money than they have paid.

Money will be spent on

An investment of USD 450k (+ loan 350k Business Finland).

1. To reinforce our engineering team by hiring a Tech Lead and 3-4 developers + UI/UX designer, who will help us implement a further release development plan. This will assure and allow for Pezzie’s internationalization to begin (Q4/2021/Q1/2022) and will generate cash flow. Monthly cost approx. 40k$
2. In addition the funding allows also to our management and other team and start a recruiting according to go-to-market plan.
Monthly cost approx. 30k$
3. Official release marketing campaign <70k$. CAC 6-8.5$

This capital provides about a 10-month runway that will bring us to a public paid launch in Q4/2021-Q1/2022. to reach more than 5 million paying customers and revenue of more than $ 100 million in 2025.

Offer for investor

We offer 15% share for the investment of 450k$ / 375k€

Pezzie Ltd Oy (FI30207686) overwiew:
Founded: 09/2019
Ownership status: privately held
Investors: 6
Ground funding 2019: 450k$/375k€
Vpre: 3.0M$/2.5M€
PPS: 960$/800€
Ongoing funding round: 450k$/375k€
Employees: 2+ 3-5 outsourced IT department (partner/owner)
Primary industry: Social media platform, Saas, B2B, B2C
Primary office: Helsinki, Finland

Team or Management


Copy a business idea and platform.
To avoid this problem, our plan is to start internationalization roll-out from the US market and expand fast to European largest markets like UK, Germany, France, Italia and Spain.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

SUPERFINNS growth programme is for Finnish growth companies that
have a giant-size hunger for global growth.
Pezzie is one of the 29 selected companies, the program is on going and the winners will be chosen in October

2. Kasvupolku – KasvuOpen:
Pezzie is one of the 15 Helsinki Metropolitan area selected companies out of 105. Started at 1st of April, the program is on going, the winners will be chosen in October.

Won the competition and other awards

Not yet, but we’ll keep our fingers up for the SUPERFINNS contest.


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Photo 2 - PEZZIE - the planetwide pet community
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