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A hybrid Platform to universalize healthcare

Market: Internet and IT, Medicine, Blockchain, Mobile applications
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 26.04.2021
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TEEB is a LATAM located healthcare startup that uses a mix of high level technology such as Blockchain and Hyperledger with a "touch" of a unique personalization to not only Transform everyone's medical experience, but also to provide Data Governance, Traceability and Control.

TEEB its your "One Stop Shop" for primary and secondary healthcare services delocalizing services such as: booking, payments, EHR, on demand, SOS, Home Delivery, Smart Diagnosis, Digital Pharmacy...and more.

With TEEB, you don't need anything else but TEEB.

Current Status

TEEB its in its first marketable product (1 month ago) as BETA or v.1.0 in Mexico.

This phase is digitalizing medical practices and closing the gap between patients and doctors.

TEEB APP is live in iOS, Android and Huawei devices.

Also, the WEB version (BETA) for digitizing medical practices (doctors) is operational and starting testing with a controlled EAP environment with 50 doctors.

Currently testing premises, fixing bugs, changing flows and adding necessary functionalities. This will take around 3 months.

In a product development roadmap, we are building the DOCTOR APP, the "On Demand" services (medical care with no booking) and connecting our first 3 smart contracts for NFT's and EHR traceability.


We have 2 key players: patients and doctors.

From our patients universe (we call them TEEBERS), we divide them in 2 main categories: a) Patients that download the apps because their doctors told them too (age 20 to 55) and b) Patients that download the apps thru other channels that does not depend on their current doctors (age 20 to 50)

So, from this perspective, we can reach millions as any person in the planet needs to have a secure access to their information. However the trick is the "legal" barriers each country has as they are different. For this, we will universalize the EHR and the transaction with our unique token (this is not for now).

Globally there are more than 15M doctors, however this number is not 100% accurate and does not measure the new doctors (graduating every day), nurses, physicians, etc.

For TEEB, we are staring in phases and thru those phases and results we will scale:

Phase 1 (Mexico), we are targeting 9k doctors of the 380k doctors available. Each doctor will provide us a minimum of 500 patients (or EHR) + the patients we can channelize with other means + 50 monthly transactions.
Phase 2 we go to Colombia, Ecuador and Chile. Here we want to affiliate 150k Doctors that will relate to over 50 million patients.

Next phases: to be honest, we are not certain yet. This will be clear once we reach our first 2 phases.

In parallels, we have clinics, governments, veterinarians, hospitals, companies that we will sell as a SaaS or PaaS model. For this, we are still building the necessary aspects to aboard them, starting with companies as TEEB CONTIGO (similar to Amazon Care).

Problem or Opportunity

There are several problems in healthcare globally, particularly in mention a few:

In the patient side:

1. Millions of people does not receive immediate medical care and the ones that does its limited, not personalized and expensive.
2. There are 1 to 2 doctors for every 1,000 patient yet 60% of doctors are unemployed.
3. NO ONE (literally) in LATAM population has immediate access or control to their medical data (health records). This is CRITICAL.
4. Medical care is prioritized in second and third level: no preventive care and most auto-medicate.

In the Doctor side:

1. More than 90% of the medical practices are still in paper, don't have privacy data protocols, have no traceability of anything related to their patients and no secure platforms.
2. Extreme lack of security: no data disclaimers, no credential validations, no secure digital platforms, no interoperability.
3. 60% of doctors that just graduated are unemployed
4. 50% of doctors that graduate does not have a medical specialty
5. Most of doctors for primary care are underpaid

Solution (product or service)

TEEB at the end is digital infrastructure for the healthcare ecosystem. This means that we can create different solutions (business verticals) for different sectors. Currently, we have TEEB Health that is the main base line providing:

1. Control, Access and Governance of medical information. This means that we have build LATAM's first UNIVERSAL ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD platform using Blockchain Technology and a Permission based process.

2. On Demand healthcare. AI and Personalization to receive medical attention in less than 90 seconds in your back pockets: anywhere, anytime.

3. Digitalizing the traditional healthcare process with your doctors such as booking, payments, prescription, tele medicine and more.

4. Digital Farmacy. With TEEB PHARMA, all patients will be able to choose how, when and where they want to receive their medications.


In the market, there are hundreds of digital platforms that provides some kind of medical assistance and they are all competitors. However they all lack INTEROPERABILITY, SECURITY, CONTROL and DECENTRALIZATION. Here is where we come in and here is where we can "tackle them all" if we send the right message and provide them with CARE, not only TECHNOLOGY.

If need be, we can send you the competitor analysis in Comparative Matrixes and Gartner Quadrants. In the meantime, here are a few names:

-Medical Chain
-Patient Fusion
-Athena Health
-Dr. On Demand


Advantages or differentiators

For me personally (some partners see other values), its the UNIVERSALITY and ACCESS of it all.

With TEEB, we are not only providing healthcare access for everyone, but also a unique private interoperability using a hybrid infrastructure with Blockchain, Hyperledger and AI.

Also, for the first time, a 24/7 connected medical record system. This means that each update to the system will be updated in ALL systems in seconds from the same patient; Doctor A (in Mexico) will have same info as Doctor B (in Spain) and same info as Doctor C (in Colombia).

In short:

1. The centralization of services yet the decentralization of information.
2. The "pixar" related smart personalization of healthcare using a mix of Robots and 1:1 contact.
3. The technology
4. The traceability, transparency and security
5. Big Data: this is KEY.


Revenue Streams main indicators:

1. Number of monthly transactions each doctor has. This means number of patients that BOOKS a medical appointment. Here, TEEB gets a FEE.
2. Number of Telehealth and Home Delivery healthcare services a patient requests in TEEB. Here we charge directly what ever the service needed.
3. Number of TEEBERS that subscribe to On Demand services directly or thru third party alliances. We have 3 different packeges with different pricing.
4. Number of doctors affiliated at TEEB
5. SaaS for Doctors paying the premium digital practice software
6. Quantity of Medication TEEBERS purchase with TEEB (here we have subscription for chronical and marketplace for everything else)

Cost Structure
Each service has its own breakdown costs, however I can say that seeing as an "all-in" cost vs revenue, we are don't go over 40%.

In terms of sales, we will reach over 50Million USD in sales.

Business model

WE have a mix business model:

1. Transactional based model (connecting doctors with patients). We charge a FIX FEE, not a % for every time a patient PREPAY a medical consultation. In our economics, we have a target of a minimum 50 prepayment bookings each month for each doctor affiliated to TEEB. This represents 20% of the current bookings.

2. Subscription Based model (FREEMIUM) in a PaaS model (for on demand services). Here is a model like UBER. WE have our own drivers (doctors) and external drivers (doctors) with a 30/70 and 70/30 revenue model.

3. Marketplace and SaaS (for TEEB Pharma). Here we get a SPREAD of the meditation that we buy and the meditation that we sell.

4. Big Data and Analytics. This plays a KEY ROLE in TEEB and we are building infrastructure and technology to provide one of the first INMUTABLE ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS globally. This means that our DATA will be REAL DATA. This will not only be valuable for investors but also to the entire healthcare ecosystem as it will provide PREVENTION for all.

Money will be spent on

Currently, we had funded the startup with own resources and F&F so we have the minimum required resources to operate. Now, we are ready for VC funding and it will be allocated for all related business areas:

1. Development
2. Marketing
3. Sales
4. Operations

Offer for investor

Our economics are ready to be shared and also our Data ROOM and Pitch Deck.

We are open to discuss a hybrid share structure (Convertible and shares) and involvement on any potential investor, particularly investors that provides value to our company.

We have a USA based incorporation in Delaware and also a company (as subsidiary) in Mexico. Our business structure pretends to be similar as UBER and have independent (yet related) SPV's.

Team or Management


Three main things:

1. TECHNOLGY ADOPTION. In LATAM is very different than other part of the world like EUROPE and USA. So it will take us time to build a strong network and critical mass. Here FUNDING and MARKETING is key.

2. LACK OF FUNDING. TEEB is pretended to have a strong EXIT due to Big Data and Technology. This will take time and $$ to get it there.

3. COMPLIANCE. The law in LATAM is still very ambiguous and startups are FASTER than any law procedure. So this is a constant situation that we will need to deal with.

4. LACK OF SPEED. If we don't move fast and scale we might loose a big CHUNK of market share.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

No incubation/acceleration program.

Won the competition and other awards

TEEB was awarder as one of the 100PRO 2020. This is the biggest entrepreneurship recognition as one of the most promising and disruptive startups in Mexico.


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