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The art passport for the management and certification of art

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Date of last change: 14.06.2020
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Art Rights is the first platform to support the management and certification of artworks to protect artists, collectors and art players.
An international art community where users earn, confirming the truthfulness of the information on the works, thus creating a value chain and a real digital passport of the work of art, private and personal, but verifiable in complete privacy and security.
Thousands of art players are already creating the Art Rights Certificates, safe and not falsifiable, to demonstrate the authorship, origin and authenticity of their works of art, with Blockchain and AI.

Current Status

Art Rights is now on go to market in italy, with over 1.000 user, and have over 50 partner B2B inside of the platform fort Art Concierge Service
Have international partnership with HUAWEI for special project of culture and Art
We have 2 Doctorate (PhD) with the Law University of Sassari, about Art Rights and use the blockchain for art
We have a technical Partnership with GENERALI ARTE for insurance on art world
We have a tecnichal Partnership with ABINSULA & CRS4


The problem related to authentications and fake artworks regards a global market of $64B of which Europe has the biggest share with $20.5B (TEFAF AMP 2019).
In 2019 there were just over 310,400 businesses operating in the global art and antiques market with a combined employment of 2.9 mln. There were over 2.5 mln people employed worldwide in the
gallery and dealer sector in about 296,270 businesses. The auction sector was made up of 14,136 businesses in 2015, employing an estimated 326,228 people. The global art trade spent an estimated $17.8 B on a range of external support services directly linked to their businesses.
This supported a further 330,353 jobs (TEFAF Art Market Report 2017). As we said, since authentications and certifications are due also for legal purposes and at international levels, it is easy to identify the
potential users of our service and the related stakeholders, which belong to the entire industry of art:

Art Rights wants to become the Long Tail of the Art market, to support artists and collectors and give more trust in the art market.

Problem or Opportunity

One every two artworks placed on the market would be false, while in Italy amounts to over 218 million euros the value of the false works seized by the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage for the contemporary sector, which is continuously growing year by year.
Behind each exhibited work there is a story, a path that involves the artist, together with galleries, collectors, auction houses, fairs and museums involving as many professionals in the management and enhancement of the works.

Today all this information is forgotten, sometimes lost, even omitted, making the procedure for authenticating, attributing and evaluating works of art complex, also affecting their cultural and economic value.

Solution (product or service)

Art Rights supports artists and professionals in the sector, to protect their art and copyrights, giving the opportunity to earn from the release of the authentic, and creating a community that includes all the operators in the sector for the long tail of the Art Market.​​​​


There are currently more or less eight companies that are emerged to provide solutions regarding the certification of artworks through the blockchain technology and the subject has regarding the certification of artworks through the blockchain technology and the subject has attracted the interest of BAs and VCs that have already invested more than €4M in these companies.


Blockai is a copyright platform. It allows artists to immediately assert copyright on their work and show
them where it
is used. The authors believe that copyright is the most underrated category of investment in the world
and intend to
change this situation. Through a blockchain designed to allow the publication, registration and
monitoring of works
protected by copyright, Blockai helps artists to claim their copyright and protect them from counterfeiting
Verisart is launching a new path to certify and verify works of art and collector's pieces in real time.
Using the shared
register technology provided by the blockchain, Verisart aims to build a permanent, anonymous and
register of art and collectibles around the world. The first Verisart product is a free app for artists and
collectors, to
create certificates of authenticity in two simple steps. The app also allows its customers to verify
provenance in a
secure and real-time manner, provides a reliable platform for inventory management and protects their

The creators of digital works of all kinds in generating licenses for the commercial exploitation of their
works. Monegraph is developing an ecosystem that is located at the meeting point between the
and the media. The group is producing a series of tools that allow authors of creative works to work for
themselves, providing tools for the attribution, distribution, granting of right of use and sale, with the aim
transforming the means of communication in reliable tools that allow artists to get rich when they buy,
and grant licenses.

Polline Blockchain Mark is a public, permanent and immutable register that protects any digital artistic
content from plagiarism, counterfeiting and illicit diffusion. After uploading the work, or the project,
releases a certificate of deposit in the blockchain with ID of the transcription with a certain date. It is a
marking because it requires only two steps and it takes only 24 hours to receive the certificate of
deposit. It is
cheap, safe, legal and finally democratic as transparency and democracy are the strong points of the
register, whose functioning does not depend on any central body but on the interaction of thousands of
computers all over the world.


Art Rights goes beyond the certification, offering a complete management system linked to the
art world. To achieve this goal, an analysis was made of the world players that offer software for

the management of galleries and collections.

The Art Management System of Art Rights will therefore offer its users the opportunity to have a


management system that includes several possibilities at a price much more accessible than


In 2001, Managed Artwork created a complete and intuitive database for the management of art
galleries. He works
with galleries all over the world, of all types and sizes and provides a subscription package adapted to
the needs of
each gallery. The Artwork Manager TM is cloud-based, so you do not need to install any software on
your computer and
is available on any device anywhere in the world. You can catalog works of art, editions, contacts,
images, details on sales and deliveries, information on insurance coverage, in addition to the

management of the website, marketing, optimization of visibility on search engines and much more.
Since 1993, ArtBase has been a milestone in the professional life of gallery owners, curators,
collectors and
artists from all over the world. It simplifies invoices, advances, relationships with artists and stakeholders

makes even the most complex operations simple. ArtBase tracks, records and creates a cross-
reference for

any action, produces invoices, deliveries documents and loan forms, receipts and returns, catalogs and
price lists with just a few clicks. It allows you to transform your daily business activity into a treasure
trove of
organized, traceable and interconnected information, a powerful asset for the business. From the
captions to
the internet address, everything necessary to manage an art gallery is easy to open, exhibit and share.
Offers a link with QuickBook.

Masterpiece Manager is a functional, advanced and intuitive software for the management and
marketing of art
galleries, artists, antique dealers, collectors, artisans, shippers and museum bookshops. Masterpiece
leverages proven cloud-based technologies that have been tested at the highest level in other
industries. It has been
designed to manage the majority of companies in the art and shipping industries: point of sale, inventory
management, integrated payment systems, QuickBook compatibility, shipping payments, email and
online marketing.
It also provides the gallery with automated website solutions and offers website templates, online
auctions, detailed
presentations and an exclusive and free showcase for art, crafts and antiques in Masterpiece Online.

Artsystems Pro is a professional art management software. It virtually automates every IT process and
integrates and shares data with other applications and websites. It aims to save up to 90% of the time
in management. Artsystem Pro sites can be checked and updated in real time and independently. Just
sel ect
the work and information on exhibits already entered in Artsystems Pro or StudioPro database software,
publish. ProFile is an elegant application for art galleries and art collections - a presentation tool that
direct access to images of works of art and details fr om anywhere, online and offline. Import the works
groups, or add one at a time. The exclusive features include limited access to sensitive details of works

art, advanced research, synchronization of works with a website, greater control through a bilevel
and much more. Software installation is not required. Artsystem CloudSync Remote database access is
utility that stores all information locally and shares the database remotely.

ArtGalleria is a cloud-based art management software for artists, collectors and galleries. Giving to
and gallery owners, tools that are easy to use, intuitive and convenient, it helps to grow their
businesses, build
new relationships, and respond to the market more effectively. If you are an artist, you can share your
with a wider audience of careful art experts and buyers. It allows you to organize, show your work to art
buyers all over the world and give prestige to your career. Gallery owners can find a wider audience and
generate more sales for the talents they promote. The features are: secure and private cloud solution to
store and track your entire portfolio / manage deliveries, track and present artworks easily / easily
manage all
contacts and group them / access and view the porfolio with the free app for iPhone and iPad / no
installation or backup is required. Simply use internet browser.
Artlogic is a well-established art technology that works with hundreds of galleries, art dealers, artists,
curators and collectors all over the world. It created the world first internet-based art system since its
launch in 2006. It provides websites, a multi-purpose inventory management system, an iPhone and
app and a shipping system. Many of the products integrate seamlessly with each other, reducing the
entry of
repetitive data and ultimately giving owners more time to think creatively, to increase sales and to grow
business. Artlogic is developed online, so it is not necessary to install any device. As long as you have
access to the internet and access credentials you can access your data on every device, anywhere in

Arbutler was established in 2002 under the leadership of Dirk Herzer. A team of competent
consultants and designers and art lovers have created Artbutler Classic software and complete art
management solutions to administer the most important inventory data such as contacts, invoices,
of works and exhibitions and much more . Software users are art professionals, for example gallery
artists, studios and organizers of workshops, collectors or enthusiasts. Universities and other qualified

artists, studios and organizers of workshops, collectors or enthusiasts. Universities and other qualified
partners have contributed to the development of Artbutler. It allows you to manage all the detailed
information and data on what you collect, create and sell. The platform maintains a general framework
speeds up the daily operating procedures. Allows you to convert with just one click in any document
necessary for your daily work: invoices, offers, invitations, or lists of exposure in different formats.
Classic simplifies communication with collectors, artists and business partners. On the basis of contact
information, therefore, the interests of its customers can be recognized and addressed immediately.
the creation of individual contact groups, you will immediately get invitations and mailing lists.
In 2010, Artwork Archive created one of the first cloud-based art inventory systems. Serving
thousands of
artists in fifty different countries while keeping the program accessible and convenient. Create systems
help you organize and save time. Its simple but powerful tools allow you to efficiently manage a studio
activity, a gallery, an art collection and help digitize and organize your collection so you can manage,
document, and protect your investment . Artwork Archive guarantees that the collection is protected with
security at the enterprise level, daily backups and the highest level of encryption. Preserves and
the value of a collection by building a solid provenance for works of art, a register on value evaluation,
biography and contact information for artists.

Advantages or differentiators

These solutions differ from Art Rights in the way that they focus on certifying digital artworks, photographies/pictures published through the social media or the web or just classifying art pieces indiscriminately without any authenticity attribution or associated economic value.

Art Rights wants to offer a tool to Manage, Certify and Earn art pieces and collections. A work instrument, tutelary, affordable and functional with legal value for artists, archives, galleries and all the operators of the sector, integrated in a management system for the daily administration of the collection.


The Art Rights Platform is the core business of the company and the other two are functionally connected to increase the attraction of artists and collectors.

Today we have raised over 400k euro.

The 3years plan main goals are: 2,500 living artists + 200 galleries + 1,200 private collectors paying year subscriptions from 150 to 2,500 eur and requesting certifications on 80% of published artworks at an average price of 50 eur/certification in revenue sharing with the releasing user.

The revenues will be approximately €3.3M, which generate an EBITDA of approximately €0.3M.

The company already secured funding for the Art Righs project by Bas and started the first contacts with VCs for the second step, implying the international go-to-market (requiring €1.5M funding), for which will proceed through a fund-raising stage with corporate and institutional VCs, SME Instrument Phase 2 participation and other public grants.

Business model

Art Rights has three lines of business:

SUBSCRITPION: users make an annual subscription with automatic renewal, to access the art management software services and to certify their works according to different profiles and services included.

TRANSACTIONAL SERVICE: Users can purchase services internally (for example insurance and transport of works) and earn with a revenue share system, by their actions of confirmation and validation of authenticity information on the certificates of other users.

ADVERTISING: marketing actions towards users, big data, profiling and promotional initiatives with b2b or product launch partners.

Money will be spent on

The prize will be used in the fundraising plan that the company is going to face for the implementation of the internal technical and strategic team, the platform services and the stakeholders network.
Consequencely, this will strenghten the positioning in Italy, creating an effective base to expand the business into new nations (UK), through go to market strategies. Artrights aim to be worldwide known in order to raise awarness on art fakes supporting in that sense art in the best way ever

Offer for investor

We find a lead investor and strategical partner for go to market in other country.
We offer a convertible note of up to 500,000, plus equity and placed on the board of directors

Team or Management


Innovation in art is process, not technological.
The art market is regulated by a few powerful players that could be complex to involve in a change. This is why art rights operates in the long tail of the market, welcoming new players and offering new earning opportunities.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

Art Rights have incubation and acceleration program and shareholder with a certified Italian incubator The Net Value of Mario Mariani.

Won the competition and other awards

Art Rights have received a award Seal of Excellence of Europe Union like a quality and interesting project.


Art Rights is a registered Trademark of EUIPO, and the database is regirestered software in Italy at SIAE.

At present, Art Rights will operate as a private register and in doing so it will be allowed to operate through commercial contracts between privates, in full compliance with EU regulations. Italy is soon expected to start the procedures for the liberalization of copyright (and related), following the expected to start the procedures for the liberalization of copyright (and related), following the DIRECTIVE 2014/26/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL 26 February 2014 on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online use in the internal market. Currently the italian collecting market (copyright management) is a monopoly of the SIAE.

Our aim is to create and develop the basis for being able in the future to become the italian manager for the art sector. The entire platform has already been developed for future potential integrations necessary to become a public european collector.
The IPR matters (knowledge protection, privacy and copyright issues) relates mainly to the storage of the data on the platform, which has been addressed through privacy policies and technical security renforced by blockchain system.
Art Rights will define and implement privacy policies in all the target markets (knowledge protection, privacy and copyright).


Photo 1 - The art passport for the management and certification of art

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