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Streamlined food commodities from our home to your home

United Kingdom
Market: Food industry, Blockchain
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 05.01.2021
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Kodgav is an Ag-tech platform creating a new data driven food system by integrating African smallholder farmers into a global supply chain using Blockchain technology.

We streamline the supply chain of African organic food commodities, disrupting the international market at the intersection of food, health, and trade.

Current Status

• Inbound trade requests of $17.6 Million USD under 12 months. These include global named multinational brands such as Tridge & IPS Ingredis
• Grown to a team of 9 across two countries
• Control supply chain of 150 smallholder units
• Key member of executive team grew net worth of Roberts Metal Packaging LTD by over 75% within 3 years based on direct contributions securing new deals.
• Early adopters and validation from key customer segments.
• Minimum Viable Product
• Incorporation of both companies. Legal and compliance documentation
• Customer user story, from good creation to distribution depending on location


Our target market is the 26 Developed Market Economies (FTSE) - linked. By forming a team and headquarters in UK London we want to take advantage of sale of opportunities in the Europe. starting with a focus on the UK market valued at $3Billion (USD) with distribution and sales to the wider target market located in Asia, North America, and Oceania.

Our key customer segments are: food manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical companies, catering/food service distributors, and wholesalers.

Problem or Opportunity

The African agricultural supply chain is failing farmers because it is incomplete. inefficient, opaque, and saturated with low value-add commodities.

- Alternate sources of protein and increase in plant based protein.
- Global exposure to traceability and transparency
- Technology and the new normal of purchasing goods at the click of a button
- Lack of tech enabled ventures from production hub (Africa)
- Certified organic products continue to rise in value

Solution (product or service)

Our business is simplifying a complicated market entry channel for Agri-food commodities.
We are the first and only Agtech company to integrate Blockchain technology to boost transparency and sustainability along the food supply chain, while simplifying payment methods with the aim to disrupt the international market.

With our Headquarters in London handling negotiation and strategy, our business has the aim of bringing high quality food commodities to your business doorstep, at a lower market rate, from the click of a button.


1.Maviga: Maviga, an ED&F Man Company, headquartered in
Amsterdam, has offices and operations in Canada, Ghana,
Mozambique, Nigeria, Switzerland, Tanzania, UAE and USA
with Asian branches in China, and Vietnam.
Revenue: $300M( 2019)
Year founded: 1994

2.Olam: Olam control s a large percentage of Sesame Import s
into Europe via it s control of the Dutch ports. Olam sources
a wide range of commodities globally with offices in Nigeria,
other part s of West and East Africa, Asia, South America,
and Australia.
Revenue: $25B ( 2019)
Year founded: 1989

3. Syngenta
4. US Foods Inc
6. SunOpta
7. Dhaval Agri Ecports
8. Dipasa
10. Enkay-Indo Industries

Advantages or differentiators

Between all our competitors and existing alternatives, we are the only company ticking all boxes across the following areas
1.Digital Access
2. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
3. Social Enterprise
4. Renewable Energy Focus
5. Tracking Feature
6. Modern UI
7. Simple Supply Chain


- cost of raw inventory from farmers
- cost of logistics from farm to processing factory
- cost of production energy (per hour)
- cost of processing and value add (salaries)

- Average cost of production and processing per metric ton = $3250
- Sale price per metric ton - 25% mark-up to cost per ton = $4062.5

Business model

The mandate of Kodgav NG in the Consortium is as follows:
1. Oversee the production, processing (value-addition), and logistics to supply the Consortium’s product to Kodgav UK.

2. Distribute Kodgav products to all target countries within Asia, North America, The Pacific, and the Middle East.
[All target countries except Europe]

3. Acquire & Onboard users (farmers & processing companies) from West Africa unto the Consortium’s digital platform.

The mandate of Kodgav UK in the Consortium is as follows:
1. Distribute Kodgav products in the United Kingdom.
[Exclusive distributor rights in the Consortium]

2. Distribute Kodgav products to all target countries within Europe / The E.U.
[Exclusive distributor rights in the Consortium]

3. Acquire & Onboard (buyers) users from all of Europe into the Consortium's digital platform.

Our Best Performing Marketing Channels (2020)
- Paid Advertising – (Digital Marketing Pilot)
- Digital Platform (SEO) – (Large inbound Interest from farmers & buyers)
- High e-commerce performance

High Performing Buyer Persona (2020)
- Wholesalers & commodity brokers

65% of the Serviceable Available Market (SAM) for The Kodgav Consortium is located in Europe, the (SAM) value is $32 billion dollars. Seventeen of twenty-six (17/26) countries in our SAM are in Europe. The above figures do not consider untapped opportunities available
in our target market, which considers the difference between a country’s ‘actual import’ vs ‘import potential’ [More information on untapped opportunities in business plan]

Kodgav UK Ltd has the responsibility, and exclusive rights to capture market share in Europe by distributing The Consortium’s product within all (17) target countries in Europe.

The Consortium is projected to acquire a market share (SOM) of 36,000MT annually between 2023 – 2025. Kodgav UK is obligated to generate a combined revenue of ($146M = £109M) by 2023, equivalent to marketing & closing sales on 36,000MT over the course of three years.

Money will be spent on

Currently raising £750,000 Seed Fund
18 Months runway: funding infrastructure, food tech, contractors & staff salaries, marketing & PR, inventory, financial cushion.

• Foodtech | MachineryE: £250,000 (40%) (One time purchase lasting 5-10 years)
• Inventory & Product Improvement: £100,000
• Marketing & PR: £100,000
• Salaries & Expenses: £180,000 (18 Months - 24 People Nigeria | 6 people UK)
• Factory| Manufacturing Lease: £60,000 (18 Months – Nigeria| United Kingdom)
• Financial Cushion: £60,000

• Our Clients working with us feel part of a movement by working with a social enterprise. Besides providing additional and exceptional value, we help our Client’s look good in front of their Clients. This Unique advantage of being a social enterprise will make our customers partner with us for the long-term and draw the interest of reputable partners.
• This will ensure our B2B models succeed for the long-term.

• By being adaptable and constantly evolving, we will evolve with trends and quickly adapt to business environments that threaten to expose any areas of weakness.
• Food commodities will always be in demand by humans as we rely on them for survival. We are securing land, farm, and harvest assets for the long-term which will ensure our control over these assets and commodities for the long term.

• Untapped opportunities far greater than the current market of valuation of $70 Billion (USD), we have a validated strategy to capture and mobilize this untapped market.
• Running a business is a tough mental sport: The founding team have the resilience to push pass any unforeseen and challenging circumstance we will encounter.

Offer for investor

• We are offering 25% Equity at a Pre-money valuation of
£2.25m via a ‘SAS’ or ‘SAFE’ into ‘KODGAV UK’. The
Investment would qualify for S/EIS tax relief.

• We can also offer investors an opportunity to debt finance
‘KODGAV NG’ on a convertible note at 9% p.a with a
maturity date of 24 months.

Team or Management


1.) Environmental risk: i.e droughts, floods, pest invasion, climate change.
2.) Technological risk: i.e ransomware, hacks, data protection, server overload.
3.) Geo-political risk: i.e wars and political instability leading to forex risk, port closures, insurance hikes.
4.) Commercial risk: payment risk or failure from buyers, forex restrictions which may lead to breach of contract
5.) Quality, Health, & Safety risk: Disease and infection risk across large food supply chains.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

Participation in the seed ready pre-accelerator programme. (SEPT 2019)
Possible participation in Rockstart Agri-food programme.
Possible participation in SOSV accelerator programme
Possible participation in 500 start-ups accelerator.
Possible participation in Techstars London, 2021 cohort.

Won the competition and other awards



Photo 1 - Streamlined food commodities from our home to your home
Photo 2 - Streamlined food commodities from our home to your home
Photo 3 - Streamlined food commodities from our home to your home
Photo 4 - Streamlined food commodities from our home to your home
Photo 5 - Streamlined food commodities from our home to your home
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