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HelmDA Systems develops wearable technology

Market: Telecommunications, Services, Other, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 28.09.2021
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HelmDA Systems develops advanced technology in the fields of telecoms, PPE, home, AI Symbiosis, transport and space.

Current Status

We have been working on it since February 2020. Our Core system is already functional and individual modules are being created step by step while also testing the best fiting electronics equipment that will deliver the optimum performance to our customers. For example, the helmet's shell is done but we are testing different materials for endurance. We are testing different electronic circuits and sensors for performance and durability.

In regards to the software, different modules are being created and others are being experimented with in order to optimize time execution and portability. Additionally, we are testing different cloud services to understand which is most suitable for our SaaS.

Looking at the big picture, we are working out which Server services will be optimum in the sense of having a strong presence globally and at the same time keep a competitive cost in order for us to maximize our margins and keep costs low for our clients.


According to our research, our first customers will be companies and individuals from the Baltic countries, companies which we have already listed and are starting to be in touch with.
In parallel, we are working towards reaching companies in the USA

Our first users will be in the healthcare system and organizations dealing with hazardous materials, airline companies, logistics and transportation companies, security firms, and personal safety organizations.
Secondary and terciary customers will be those in the industry markets that have highest demand rates and our products upgraded to fit their needs.

Problem or Opportunity

We have considered three aspects in our current society that pose a problem for progress:
1) lack of productivity awareness,
2) unsafe commuting and environment, and
3) environment-dependent AI assistants.
The combination of these elements affect companies' level of productivity and individuals' lifestyle quality.

Solution (product or service)

Our solution is a system encased in a helmet that will provide Auxiliary Systems, AI Assistant (shadow AI), and Productivity and Safety Analytics. The integration of these modules both through hardware and software, will empower the user to carry out their activities more effectively and efficiently while helping keep the user in a safe environment


FEHER Helmets
VOZZ Helmets
Jarvish Helmets
C-Thru Helmets
Forcite Helmet

Our products are integrated with a unique Software-Hardware symbiosis that offer: the highest level of personal protection equipment, integration of the best telecoms systems, advanced internet-based services and a customizable array of sensors for the user's daily activities.
Additionally, we possess several competitive advantages: the clever system's designs, the rich experience of our human resources, the next level of cutting-edge in our products, a clear vision of what the world needs at the moment, the lack of hierarchy and bureaucracy in our organization, the location of our company in a country with economic and political stability, and a favorable taxation system.

For be protected we are creating alliances with our supply chain, carefully selecting companies and individuals with very specific skills and knowledge and deep experience that are hard to replicate or reach in a short term.
Secondly, we already possess a trademark and a couple of patent applications, which will make it impossible for someone to duplicate our products' features, legally speaking.
Thirdly, our business model is always forward-thinking and due to our organization composition we listen to all our staff for feedback to escalate innovation. Therefore, organizationally speaking, it is quite difficult, almost impossible, for long-standing corporations and companies to innovate their way of functioning.
Not less importantly, we are creating new standards in industries across the board: clothing, sports, traveling, entertainment, education, safety at work, etc.

Advantages or differentiators

Our helmet not only has a type of air conditioning but also air purification, plus telecoms, internet-based services and more.

We have a more advanced telecoms system. They have an additional peripheral/gadget necessary to interact with other users but in our case it is integrated. Their price is higher than ours.


Customer acquisition costs approximately 700k Euros during the first 3 years distributed in the following way:
- Marketing team 20%
- Sales team 20%
- Marketing campaign 50%
- Crowdfunding platform costs 10%

Distribution costs. Initially, the shipping will be paid by the customer in B2C. In B2B and B2G, it will be negotiated as per case.

Hosting. Cloud services will be provided for free to the customers on a limited basis. If customers want added benefits or features, they will pay for it. Basically, the hosting will be afforded by our customers as part of their SaaS services.

Business model

First-time Revenue: purchase of equipment.
Recurrent Revenue: (monthly) cloud services; consumables and upgrades.
One-time Revenue: pay-per-view events when users pay to see the streaming of other users.
B2B, B2G, B2C are all in our business model.

CATEGORY MANAGEMENT: Facilitate the consolidating, standardizing and streamlining
acquisitions for more consistent performance, cost savings and risk management. This
underlies the expanded use (and success) of “Best in Class” (BIC) contracts, which the
government is increasingly using for more commodity-oriented products, services and
E-COMMERCE: Our products and services will be readily available through various
eCommerce channels, thus making marketing research and acquisition easier for
government and business agencies.
RAPID CONTRACTING TOOLS: These are generally aimed at quick turnaround and
attracting “non-traditional” companies entering the federal marketplace, focusing evaluation on individual merit and not necessarily on price or past performance.
TRUSTED INFLUENCER: Trust signals include both dynamic, frequently-updated content
(social presence), and core asset inventory. It shows we are both quantitatively and
qualitatively demonstrated for both website readers and search engines.
CROWDFUND PLATFORMS: Indiegogo and similar platforms will be selected to place our product’s presentation and enable preorders.
SOCIAL MEDIA: Specific pages will be created for customer attraction on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
YOUTUBE: A select group of bloggers will be given our product for review in the fields of Tech, Biking, Safety, Health, etc.
ENDORSEMENT: A few Celebrities will be given a customized model to use and create

Money will be spent on

The money invested will be distributed in the following categories:
- Legal Services 3%
- Operations 48%
- Marketing 20%
- R&D 29%

Team or Management


Low acceptance of the product in the market at the beginning of the campaign.
Reason why we have prepared a COMICS magazine that will carry out two functions: motivate people to use the product and create a new pop-culture of COMICS.
The sales and RR of the COMICS would help keep the company stay in healthy numbers while creating more strategies to sell our product in a more appealing way to the market.
Additionally, we will make a strong impact on the market through social media influencers and bloggers who, through their solid presence and followers base, will help us acquire more customers in the target markets.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment


Won the competition and other awards



Patent No 008419188-0001
Trademark No 018334430


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Photo 2 - HelmDA Systems develops wearable technology
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