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Connecting pets with the right people and products

USA, New York
Market: Food industry, Power Engineering, Other, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile applications
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Date of last change: 07.09.2021
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The first all-in-one pet care ecosystem that provides a simplified adoption process & curated products to meet your animals needs based on aggregated data. To help animals get adopted faster, our adoption platform will connect shelters with the people and resources they need.

Current Status

• Formed a dynamic team of talented professionals
• Accumulating $50,000 in donations for shelters around the U.S.
• Letters of Intent Signed: 38 (# of Contracts In Pipeline: 183)
• DATA: 1000+ sheltered animals in need / 800+ products ready for our marketplace
• Strategic guidance from experienced advisors in the pet care and ecommerce industry
• Market research conducted and business model confirmed
• Crowdfunding campaign in progress | Wefunder
• Active social media campaigns that engage the pet care community


B2B | B2C

CAGR (compound annual growth rate) +5.3% | 2020-2025

TAM $36.5B - Global Natural Pet food, handmade/exclusive clothes & accessories Market
SAM $9.3B - LeoHome Use Cases within TAM Markets
SOM $186M - 5 Year Revenue Plan

$100bill - US pet industry
+35% pet adoption rate
+21% fresh pet food market

Problem or Opportunity

Many pet adoption platforms of today are more attractive to shelters than they are to potential pet parents. That's why 4.500 animals will be euthanized today only in the US

1) Adoption/Lives - 4.500 animals will be euthanized today only in the US + over 20% of animals returned after adoption. In 2020 US pet adoptions increased by a huge 35%! People want to find and take care of these animals, they just need some help in the process.
2) Health - over 70% of pets have issues with allergies, immune system, internal organs, and need special natural foods.
3) Money - natural pet foods and accessories cost more. Same time thousands of small manufacturers of fresh pet food (+21% in sales US/2020) handmade clothes and accessories (+14%/2020), who also really care about animals, every day trying to find their cheap audience and placement.
4) People often spend anywhere from one week to one month to adopt a pet (only 4-7 days for documents). Now breeding much faster.

Solution (product or service)

In our market research, we found that most shelters already accumulate lots of data on their pets. Often, this data is left untouched. With a lack of information about pets, legal processes, and pet care, people can be left disheartened and confused by the process. Today, adoption platforms struggle to make the customer journey appealing. We’re here to change that.

We aggregate the data from shelters & fosters (pets & their vet history, life history, food history, special needs), small local manufacturers of natural fresh pet food, handmade clothes/accessories & use LeoHome AI (based on ML then BD):
- to help find & adopt the most appropriate pets up to 30% faster;
- to redirect to the most suitable products (individually according to the Data) for their happy & healthy life, all at affordable prices.

Data-Driven Pet->Product Matching
LeoHome provides a 3-minute smart survey that matches people and pets based on compatibility. Answer questions relating to energy, confidence, focus, and independence - the four “Core Personality Quadrants”. The quiz assesses your personality, lifestyle and home as it relates to pet parenting. Adoptable pets are given a similar personality profile.

Your Ideal Pet
Using an algorithm similar to dating sites, results are tailored to match you with your ideal pet. The results include a description of your 'ideal pet' to help you understand what to look for in your next best friend.

Matching pets List
You will see a list of nearby canine or feline candidates who are in need of a forever home. Your pet list is automatically ranked based on overall match score. Further refine your pet list using filters for preferences, such as age, size, and breed.


• Current Competitors:
AllPaws, BarkBuddy, PawsLikeMe, WeRescue, Adopt-a-Pet, and Petfinder

• Potential Competitors:
Good Dog, PetMatch, Pet Konnect, AniMate

• Competition to overcome:
The collaboration between Adopt-a-pet and Chewy

Advantages or differentiators
1. 100% transparency & post-adoption support. We provide all the support and guidance people need to feel confident every step of their pet care journey .
2. LeoHome data-driven algorithm of deep pet matching
3. 30% faster adoption, 20% fewer pets returned
Game-friendly UX / UI, play motivation, game section. It's time to create game marketplaces, this is what Aliexpress has already started to do

- LeoHome provides more nuanced Q&A’s to both shelters and future pet-owners to allow for more reliable adoption matchmaking. Unlike our competitors, we provide relevant data-driven results that guarantee a better match between you and your newest friend.
- LeoHome’s marketplace offers a curated assortment of exclusive products from premium independent sellers to meet your pet’s needs. Save on high quality items and give your pets the special treatment they deserve with LeoHome.
- LeoHome is refining the traditional pet-adoption process in order to provide a more user-friendly service that guides both users and shelters through every step of the adoption journey. With consistency, data, and love, LeoHome brings more animals out of shelters and provides them with better homes.
- For all animal lovers and shelters, LeoHome is a reliable ecosystem that provides clarity and support from every angle.
- With clearer communication channels between shelters and future pet-owners, LeoHome strives to make the adoption process more transparent and intuitive for all parties involved.


◦ Potential for $186 million in revenue by 2025
◦ LTV/CAC rate 1/3

Business model

Commission based revenue model:

◦ 3-7% commission per donation (“PetSponsor” by Leo – subscription to regular monthly donations)
◦ 18-20% per each shelter compaign licting.

◦ 7-12% commission on each transaction (like Etsy)
◦ Listing fee of $1.00 per product for the first 3 months
◦ Renewal fee $0.90 per product after 3 months
◦ Advertisement revenue

Money will be spent on

8 key milestones for the next 15 months, including:
- Marketing boost: ADS, special & regular social media
- Q4 2021 - US Launch Mobile cross-platform
- Hire full/time community managers (shelters / sellers / animal lovers), CTO, PO, UX/UI
- DATA: collecting/costs/API keys

Offer for investor

$300k pre-seed / 15 mo runway / 2.4mill valuation / SAFE / 20% Discount (Ready reduce risks & start with 15% ($45k) to achieve nearest milestones & invest more
Wefunder crowdfunding:

In details:

Lead Investor on board - Keter Point New York:

Mentors & Advisors


​• Standard operating risk:
Operating costs can be greater than budgeted, or that the service cannot be provided at the projected costs.
• Legislative and Policy Risk:
The risk that legislative and policy changes will result in higher costs to the startup.
• Management risk:​
Starting a scalable company is a daunting task. This will challenge even the most experienced management team. The team’s success requires a complete understanding of the issues and risks it faces in its quest to succeed.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

• Techstars Iowa- Startup weekend
• Starta Ventures Batch 10 Company | New York
• Baltic Sandbox - Growth Week

Won the competition and other awards

• Top E-Commerce startup - New York 2021 | The Startup Pill
• Top 34 Best New York City Pet companies & startups 2021 |
• Most Innovative Global Pet Adoption Platform 2021 | LUXlife magazine award
• 10 The Most Promising Pet Adoption Resources |
• Top 100 unicorns-to-be | EMERGE report 2021


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Photo 2 - Connecting pets with the right people and products
Photo 3 - Connecting pets with the right people and products
Photo 4 - Connecting pets with the right people and products
Photo 5 - Connecting pets with the right people and products

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