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Market: Trade, Financial services, Mobile applications
Stage of the project: Operating business

Date of last change: 24.12.2020
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MPT PAY Ltd Digital Bank connect EU / Non EU business.
Opening bank accounts for residents and non-residents of the Euro Union within a few minutes.
DEPP (Dynamic Escrow Payment Protocol), and technology of generating a QR code for payment without data entry credit card in online stores, payment for receipts and steaming («one scan payment» for EU/ non EU customers - Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo, gaming, streaming, and payment at a distance of 1 meter from the merchant, for street vendors without terminals.

Current Status

the project operates under the sub-license of our partner from the Central Bank of Lithuania. We have already developed and implemented a system of preliminary compliance for business and its owners, regardless of the country of registration and residence, which made it possible to reduce the response time on the possibility of opening a bank account to several hours, in contrast to standard full checks of banks and financial institutions measured in weeks Now we are dealing with interfaces and our own protocols.
Number of B2B clients - 47 companies
Turnover> 1,000,000 euros / month
Profit> 10,000 euros / month
More details about our products and plans are available upon request.


We are focusing on EU and non EU small and medium e-commerce, export/ import, trade,
freelance companies, with turnover less than 1 million EUR per year. Market opportunity > EUR 621B per year. In 2020-2021 year the company plans to start work in the US, Canada market and also develop partnerships through major payment operators in other countries, opening operational accounts for them. These strategic partnerships allow accelerating the access of other fears to financial markets without attracting additional capital for licensing and marketing.
Distribution as a percentage of customers by EU and non-EU countries and business risk groups: 60% - the European Union, 40% - low risk, 40% - medium risk, 20% - high risk. 40% - not the European Union, 60% - low risk, 30% - medium risk, 10% - high risk.
The number of potential customers only in Europe alone is more than 270,000 SMEs in e-commerce.
Ecommerce in Europe is forecasted to be worth 621 billion euros by the end of 2019. This would mean an increase of 13.6 percent compared to the situation last year, when ecommerce was worth 547 billion euros. We do not stop only on the e-commerce market, but expand the boundaries of the provision of banking services by both residents and non-residents of the European Union, companies that conduct their financial activities in the following areas:
Banks, EMI, payment institution, MSO, PSP, Payment gateway, Trading companies, Holding, E
wallet, Resellers, Crypto companies, Industries (IT, Shipping, travel, export/ import companies, Gaming companies (casino, bet, etc).
We will get more than 1400 B2B users in 2020, 60% - EU B2B customers and 40% - non EU B2B customers.
Share of European consumers who shopped online
The share of consumers using the internet who shopped online in the last year varies per country. In Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Denmark it’s over 85 percent, while in countries such as Romania and Ukraine, less than 26 percent shopped online last year.
European e-commerce grows 13 percent
As said, the European business-to-consumer ecommerce turnover is forecasted to hit 621 billion euros this year. If this comes true, e-commerce in Europe continues to grow at over 13 percent. According to the Ecommerce Foundation, most e-commerce turnover is concentrated in Western Europe (66 percent). Eastern Europe however only accounts for 23 billion euros of the total of 547 billion euros.

Problem or Opportunity

93% - this is the percentage of refusal for a business (not from EU) to open a bank account in Europe.
97% - cannot open a bank account for their EU company, since UBO is not a citizen of EU.
The term for consideration of the application by banks and financial institutions lasts from 14 days to several months.

Solution (product or service)

Opening accounts for EU and non EU companies.
Unique pre-check system.
Fast compliance -24 hours.
Access to SEPA and SWIFT.
Financial ecosystem of companies.
New B2B experience.
A company that works with the countries of the European Union, for example, an export / import, trading company. To receive payment from our counterparties in Europe for the products / services supplied, we provide a European bank account and additional payment services. With European IBAN, business accepts and sends payments on SEPA, ten times faster with a transaction cost of a few euro cents, and between our clients all transactions in 150 currencies are free and instant.
For QR pay - «one scan payment»- The buyer, having scanned the merchant's QR code, indicates himself or the code already contains the amount to be paid, confirms the transaction to the store's address. After confirmation and successful transaction, the amount from the buyer's card will be transferred to the merchant's account. An electronic receipt is generated after a successful transaction and is available from the merchant and the buyer.


MPT PAY will compete in the digital banking market. This market has just begun to form and consists of private companies offering banking services such as:,, Transferwise, Monzo, Sumup, Starling Bank, Oaknorth etc. We conducted an in-depth analysis of more than 50 fintech companies and banks operating on a banking or EMI license.
Forming user-friendly interfaces and providing services, our competitors continue to use standard user verification methods, which does not allow opening accounts to non-residents of Europe for both private users and business. Therefore, they remain local providers of financial services or gateways to other payment institutions.
Competitive analysis allows us to draw conclusions about the demand for our services and the lack of market coverage.
The main competitive advantage will be the formation of the needs of the market and the filling of its users.
We see our direct competitors as partners, which allows us to offer them those services that they do not have under the guise of "white label" solutions, API integration, etc.
Our integrated products will provide enterprises with the best opportunities for growth and market promotion with much-needed customer support features that many firms lack. It is no secret that most enterprises do not implement a high-quality business plan or marketing plan. MPT PAY will offer a range of services designed for our industry. These products have all the features and capabilities that employees of very large corporations can use, while simplifying our products to speed up the execution of necessary tasks. Our other units will use, test and assist in the development of this technology.
In terms of competition, no other firm in our industry will actually have a similar product. By distributing such high-quality software for business and private users, we can present MPT PAY to all types of payments, perhaps opening doors for customers that we could not call otherwise. Distributing the latest prototyping products also introduces the company to the engineering departments, not the purchasing departments, which gives an additional opportunity to present all the MPT PAY divisions. In general, this division can be considered a specialized sales and marketing firm that uses our own technologies to develop our business.

Advantages or differentiators

1. Unique pre-compliance system for business, without uploading or providing a full package of documents.
2. Uploading documents and verification - online, without physical presence.
3. The center of the Bank of Lithuania was allowed to work with clients from medium and high risk groups.
4. Fast decision making on account opening.
5. DEPP (Dynamic Escrow Payment Protocol) protocol for replacing escrow and letter of credit for e-commerce and clients in the B2B model. QR code for payment without data entry credit card in online stores, payment for receipts and steaming («one scan payment» for EU/ non EU customers - Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo, gaming, streaming, and payment at a distance of 1 meter from the merchant, for street vendors.


The marginality of each sale is 40%
from transactions 30%
Detailed information on request in our P&L
Income structure:
account opening, maintenance
API call

Costs structure:

Business model

Channels of receiving clients: databases of companies by region and type of business activity, specialized Linkedin social networks with automation of receiving potential clients, connecting agents, partnerships with consulting and legal companies, using BigData from PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) collected by target groups and targeted specifically to potential customer.
Within 4 months after the launch of the project, we managed to connect more than 20 agents from the following countries: Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Hong Kong, China, the USA and Canada. Which provide interested clients in opening company bank accounts in 3 different risk categories.
The minimum number of leads from each Agent without using paid channels of attraction is 10 per month, successful account opening and connection of services at least 1 per month. The increase in the number of Agents and minimum connection plans will increase with brand recognition and expanding the range of services offered.
As of January 2020, we reached the mark of 130 potential customers per month. The time cycle for maintaining a client from the moment of registration to opening an account is 20-60 days, the percentage of successful openings completely depends on the speed of processing client data and deciding on the services available to him, which currently ranges from 24 hours to 7 days. We fully automate this process and reduce the decision-making time to 10 seconds per 1 client. This will reduce time and turn a potential lead into a client while he is still in the personal account of our banking system.
Industry type (our focus for 2020):
- Agriculture
- Export / Import
- E commerce
- Resellers
- Industries (IT, Shipping, travel, etc)
- Private Equity and Venture Capital Firm
- EMI, payment institution, MSO, PSP, Payment gateway, etc Industry type (expansion of business services):
- Arts and Entertainment
- charity
- Construction
- Consulting
- Crypto related sector
- Defense
- Education
- Financial and Insurance
- Gambling and Gaming
- Healthcare and Social Work
- Information and Communication
Average online shopper spending in Europe
Although in Western Europe, the highest share of the continent’s ecommerce turnover is generated, Northern Europe is the region with the highest spending per online shopper: 2.046 euros per year. The average online shopper spending in the whole of Europe was 1,346 euros last year and is forecasted to grow to 1,464 euros by the end of this year.
Internet penetration in Europe
In Europe, the internet penetration is at 82.5 percent, with Northern and Western Europe being the regions with the highest internet penetration (respectively 93.3 and 92.3 percent). There are still many big differences between European countries when it comes to this subject. For example, Iceland has an internet penetration of 99 percent, while in Ukraine just 64 percent of the population has access to the internet.

Money will be spent on

Depending on the closed round:
Round of 750,000 euro ​projection (Companies life cycle for next 6-12 month)
• Sub EMI License from our partner, EMI licence holder + Small EMI in UK (ready). Registration for two separate companies in England and Lithuania, which are part of the same holding (ready).
● Connect new UI/UIX, compliance process automatisation, transaction acquiring systems using debit cards - we are negotiating with leading global operators, the stage of signing a contract and agreeing on internal commissions.
● Begin the process of obtaining your own EMI license in the Central Bank of Lithuania. Deposit (minimum) 350,000 euros, lawyers 50,000 euros.
● Clients growth plan: An increase of the business clients up to 50 corporate clients per month (total increase of leads and requests will rise up to 200 business clients per month). Our projected clients growth is x2 per month. Planned marketing and sales price for 4-6 months - 50, 000 euros (marketing creation, channels and sales).
● Opening own correspondent accounts in banks: Asia, USA, Canada, Australia. The term is up to 12 months months, approval has been received, they have moved to the compliance stage.
● Change user interfaces and mobile app development. The contract is signed, work has begun, the period is 80 days. The process is not fully paid.
● EMI Team onboarding. 6-10 people orientation costs per month is 30 000 euros. We make a presumption, that in next 6-8 months we will be able to cover salary expenses from MRR. We plan to pay 50% of the salary fund with the received revenues from existing and new customers, 50% - with a gradual decrease to 0% within 6-8 months from attracted financing.
● Legal expenses: agreements with investors, option agreements with management team, agreements and contracts review with partners and legal consulting.
2 000 000 euros (What needs to be done in 12-24 months:)
○ Obtain your own EMI license.
○ Bank core
○ Develop an API and transfer to banks and partners for integration.
○ Complete development and testing of DEPP. QR payment tech code
○ Connect large corporate clients
3 000 000 euros (What needs to be done in 12 -36 months:)
○ DEPP, QR payment tech code (Pay&Go)
○ Principal membership in Visa and Mastercard.
○ Opening bank accounts for private users
○ Acquiring without intermediaries
○ Issue of debit cards, electronic cards
○ The use of artificial intelligence to determine the needs of the user from a
certain point
in time.
○ Partnership with banks and financial institutions for granting loans, opening
microcredit markets for 30-60 days.

Offer for investor

Let's discuss and build our collaboration and investment round strategy together.


Business model tested, paying customers received, scalability possible.
Possible risks are regulatory.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

InvestHorison 2020-2021
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