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Market: Internet and IT
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 10.06.2020
Min investment
$  500.000
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$ 1.000.000
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No One likes to waste their time in queues. Not in the pre pandemic world of ours and not presently either. With the current global dynamic especially, social distancing has become a necessity. Customers feel anxious, stressful, angry in queues and they need a solution. Queeme offers companies a new business type for their customers that need more time.

Current Status

Queeme is in the MVP stage now.


Easy B2B Flow
Companies have an easy way to join our community
Companies can Apply on our website to be a ‘Queeme Place’
We analyze their operation and location information then approve them to be a ‘Queeme Place’
Then they’re online for service in the Queeme App
The Queue starts and then the company reaps the benefits

Transportation, Retails, Shopping, Service & Call Center, Fast Food & Market ,Event and Organizations, New Product Launch.

Problem or Opportunity

Life is too short to wait in queues , No one likes to waste time in queues , People want to show that they’re different from the others. Being a priority is important for people. During the pandemic, social distancıng is a high priority. We'll plan to work with companies if they have a queue in their structure or service.

Solution (product or service)

We plan to expand our business globally. We plan to open six different locations; Istanbul, Berlin, New York, Dubai, Sydney and Singapore to manage our operations to grow . At each location; we plan to hire marketing departments and service departments. Our development team is based in the Istanbul office. We plan to grow all over the world and want to be a service provider for many prospective companies.


Finance Companies have que ticket service in their branches but they have not found a way to profit from this line of business and they also don't have a solution for integrating new customers. In airports some loyalty credit cards give some customers a chance to fast track services. If a customer has importance, they have a difficult time getting services without being loyalty card members. We provide prioritised services without one having to be a member.
These are alternative ways but they dont give their customer a solution for other areas like retail shopping, entertainment, fast food & market and other needs. Queeme gives solution for different businesses to properly manage their queues.

Advantages or differentiators

We provide a fast and efficient queue service on demand
Social distance management has quickly become important
We give people a way to spend less time in queues.
Loyalty programs are very expensive and we provide the same priority service for all.
We not only provide a service for the customer but for the companies as well. Statistics collected from Queeme will be beneficial to businesses by providing them with more information about their customer patterns and they can adjust their management and business styles accordingly and also by including feedback directly from the customers.


We have a revenue share and Pre-paid business model for companies,

First we gain money from the B2C model from customers. We also have a revenue share model for companies , society and foundations.

%50 for companies
%10 for foundations
%40 for Queeme.

If the company wants to use a pre-paid solution, they can select a different type of membership model.

Small Business
1000 Tickets
Monthly 49 $

Medium Business
5000 Tickets
Monthly 99 $

Large Business
20.000 Tickets
Monthly 199 $

Business model

We apply the B2B and B2C model in our strategy. We offer companies a way to profit and a way to be able to manage their queues.

Money will be spent on

The investment we receive will be spent on money for the MVP and our team needs; Including salaries and expenses. Each branch will have its own marketing and expenses budget.

Offer for investor

We need smart money, not just money.


According to polls that we conducted, about half of them are leaning towards the idea of queuing digitally and the other half is not. But most of them agree that they would use it if they don't have time for the queue or if they have urgent needs.

Another possibility Other businesses might see the success of our business and try to adopt our business model individually for themselves as competitors. However, the unlikeliness of their success is high. We already have the technology, the staff, and the foundation ready to provide a service with a complete business model aimed at positively increasing your customer service, statistically analysing consumer patterns and providing consulting points for prospective growth of the business. In addition to all that, a lot of is time needed for the development of the application and by the time any competitors come up we will have developed considerably.
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