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IRIS identification and analysis for COVID prescreening

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Date of last change: 14.05.2020
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A global digital identity blockchain network which uses AI based IRIS recognition for identification and analyzes the IRIS for COVID symptoms combined with body temperature measurements.

Current Status

We have completed the PoC for our health data exchange network using HyperLedger Blockchain. The blockchain platform exposes Rest APIs which we leveraged to develop an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). We have integrated IRIS recognition and the hardware device/sensors.
We have incorporated as a Delaware C Corp (courtesy US Department of State), signed a joint patent with University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and been accepted for the Ryerson University Innovation program in Niagara Falls, which will give us access to further investment and Niagara Health Foundation in Canada.


Our target market is hospitals, clinics and health systems manufacturers like Epic, Cerner etc which are relying on wristbands for patient identification.

The Global Healthcare Blockchain market is expected to, reach a value of $5.61 billion by 2025 grow at a CAGR of 63.85% from 2018 to 2025
The Global Healthcare Biometric market is expected to, reach a value of $14.5 billion by 2025 grow at a CAGR of 24.2% from 2017 to 2025
While the MENA Digital Health market is expected to, reach a value of $1.806 billion by 2023 grow at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2018 to 2023

Liber Health sits at the cross-section of these lucrative trends and is initially looking to capture market size of US$180 million in the MENA.

Problem or Opportunity

The COVID crises has radically changed the way we interact with technology, specially in healthcare settings.

It has rendered existing identification methods (like fingerprint and facial recognition) useless due to face masks and the risk of spreading the contagion with physical contact.

Additionally there is no cost effective and easy to access method for COVID prescreening.

Use Cases and Scenarios:
Airport Health Checks for COVID
Connecting passenger biometrics with health data (like COVID test results), automatically checking their temperature and analyzing IRIS for COVID symptoms.

Hospitals and Clinics
Allowing healthcare staff to be instantly identified and checked for Covid symptoms, preventing COVID outbreaks in hospitals.

Attendance system for Employees
Superior IRIS attendance which does not require physical contact and can even identify people wearing masks. Perfect for creating a safe environment for work staff.

Solution (product or service)

A global digital identity blockchain network which uses biometrics for identification, privacy and data linkage.

The solution captures the person's IRIS scans and their body temperature, provides a real-time online view of the staff members attendance and sends notifications if the person shows any signs of COVID symptoms.

Built with privacy-first approach, it is a plug-and-play solution perfect for identification, attendance and fever detection at hospitals, clinics and other organizations.
We specially empower healthcare professionals who can't stay home but need to be safe.


Since it is a fairly new market, we have competitors which resemble but are not our true competitors. These include EMPI companies (like NextGate) and blockchain solutions like Patientory.

Advantages or differentiators

Our solution is new because it doesn’t rely on ID cards or passport numbers but rather the physical characteristics of the person. Its sanitary and contactless unlike fingerprint identification and even works with face masks which makes it very effective in public places.
This combined with our AI based COVID prescreening makes us unique in every way!


Subscription charges for COVID are,
Base price with 50% discount (yearly):
$7500 per hospital
$3500 per clinic
(includes 2 sets of identification devices)

Monthly charges,
Only pay what you use!

Business model

Liber Health will have multiple revenue streams consisting of all the healthcare stakeholder (like payors,
providers and patients).
However, right now we are only focusing on healthcare providers like hospitals, government organizations and other organizations currently affected by COVID which rely on fingerprint attendance and need to operate from a physical location.
We currently offer licensing combined with a pay-as-you-go model.

Money will be spent on

Transferring partial operations to Canada and UAE
Integration with existing HMISs
Convert our provisional patent into final patent
Commence pilot runs with hospitals and clinics
Launch the Android and IOS patient mobile apps

Offer for investor

$250,000 for 12% equity
Or SAFE notes

Team or Management


Since its a very new technology, we need deploy in live projects to showcase its effectiveness.
Liber Health is HIPAA compliant, the platform uses
AES 256 (military grade) encryption to secure all health data Legals
We are being assisted by the GIST Network and US Department of State on legal issues
We have some competitors but they are using public blockchain which are not as secure as permissioned blockchain (like Liber Health).

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

We have recently been selected for the Ryerson University Innovation Hub in Niagara Falls, Canada, it is a 4 month program (starting Sept 2020) which will provide us with Startup Visas (permanent residences), access to capital and the opportunity to deploy our solution for Niagara Health Foundation and its hospitals in Canada.

Currently part of IBM inaugural accelerator program in North Carolina, USA

We have been part of GIST business incubation program organized by the US Department of State and were among the top three companies Nov 2019. participant-syed-abrar

Graduated from the Innovation Program at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) Oct 2019

We were incubated at NEST IO, a tech incubator in Karachi, managed by PASHA and funded by US
Consulate, Google and Samsung. Our incubation started from August and ended in November 2016.
You can check out our interview for Nest IO here,
We were also part of Draper University Winter '16 batch.

Won the competition and other awards

Among the TOP 6 for The Global Hack Challenge to combat COVID19.

Recently won the Unicorn Startup Battle in Prague 2020.

Won the Floating Pitch Challenge at In5 tech incubator and Step Conference Dubai Jan 2020.

Winner 2nd GIST Tech-I challenge and GEC 2019 in Bahrain.

Represented our startup at The Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Netherlands and won the Outstanding Entrepreneur from Emerging Economy Award Jun 2019!

Won Entrepreneurship World Cup National Finals Pakistan 2019


Signed a Joint Provisional Patent with Terrance Boult, El Pomar Prof of Innovation and Security at UCCS for our technology

Application number will be provided soon,


Photo 1 - IRIS identification and analysis for COVID prescreening
Photo 2 - IRIS identification and analysis for COVID prescreening
Photo 3 - IRIS identification and analysis for COVID prescreening
Photo 4 - IRIS identification and analysis for COVID prescreening
Photo 5 - IRIS identification and analysis for COVID prescreening

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