Photo - Platpick - B2B marketplace for outsource services

Platpick - B2B marketplace for outsource services

Market: Internet and IT
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 14.01.2020
Min investment
$  100.000
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Total required
$ 345.000
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We have created a platform enabling users to outsource their IT projects to verified reliable and dependable contractors. It’s user-friendly, your project completion and payments security are guaranteed. And you do it in a language of your choice!

Current Status

The first 100 companies are already online;
Working MVP;
Team of professional translators;
Language management architecture.


According to the Forrester Global Tech Industry 2018 Report

The IT market has been steadily growing on a year-on-year basis: Outsourcing: USD 537 bln Tech consulting and integration services: USD 637 bln Total USD 1,174 bln accounting for almost 36.5% of all the tech industries. The only faster growing sector is softwear.

Problem or Opportunity

In today’s universe of IT, outsourcing has become one of the principal MOs for customers and independent contractors. But finding each other is far from being fast and easy! Why?

Customer’s challenges:
1) Making competent choice is difficult
Many customers know little or nothing about the IT. They just want their project, as they see it, done. With no competence in the field and no transparent rating systems it’s almost a mission impossible!

2) Fear of deceit
Lack of guarantees, remote mode of interaction with the contractor and relatively long production cycle make customers weary and nervous.

3) Unrealistic expectations
Wrong perception of what is possible, incorrect assessment of the scope of work and risks not only complicate any project’s realization but often render it unfulfillable.

Contractors’ Challenges:
1) Inability to prove competence
Lack of transparent evaluation and rating systems in the industry often does not allow companies to prove their competence and professionalism which becomes an obstacle in their search of new customers.

2) International market penetration
Accessing new markets in the IT field is a costly and complicated endevour while lack of knowledge and awareness of market conditions, language and particular features in any specific foreign country creates additional barriers.

3) No hot leads
Processing a large number of cold leads hugely increases operational costs, duration of closing deals and makes it difficult to forecast financial feasibility and profitability.

Solution (product or service)

Step by step solution:

1. Sel ect a prevalidated company fr om a catalogue using our filters and rating feature in a language of your choice

2. Learn all the information about the company fr om a structured card which contains specific cases, reviews, categories, tech stack and stats on successfully finalized projects

3. Make your choice, negotiate terms and conditions, fill in the required data and make a payment via our platform.
- 3.1 To reduce uncertainty, our team can perform the entire discovery phase for you, recommend you relevant companies, and you will also be able to place your assignment on projects’ exchange.

4. The contractor gets an structured lead of interest.

5. Successful project implementation and completion.

Our Product

1) User-friendly choice options
The Catalogue is compiled along categories and industry branches and has a unique rating system.

2) Data template for contractors
Easy-to-use tool enabling to manage your card in all the languages and case builder.

3) Detailed information
Structured card with a unified and detailed portfolio, team information and customers’ reviews.

4) Trading tool
Convenient exchange of projects wh ere you can place your order with ease.

5) Safe payment and arbitrage
Payment guarantee upon project completion which contributes to customer’s LTV.

6) Agency Feature
We undertake to perform the discovery phase for you and then recommend you relevant companies allowing you to connect with them and to assess costs.


Upwork (for business)

Advantages or differentiators

1) Multilingual localization (Hebrew, English, Russian)
Nothing similar exists on the market

2) Language management architecture

3) Case builder feature
Enabling to create excellent presentable cases quickly and with ease - no similar platform offers this option

4) No freelancers
On our platform - dumping prevention

5) Fast scalability

6) Translation service

Business model

1) Payment for translation
Of personal cards and cases.

2) Subscription
Payment is charged for placements in more than 5 catalogues.

3) Limited number of bids
For contractors on the projects’ exchange.

4) Commission
On payments made via the platform.

5) Discovery phase

Money will be spent on

1. Feature Development
2. Marketing: 150-250k visitors per month
3. content generation

Duration: 7 months

Team or Management


Photo 1 - Platpick - B2B marketplace for outsource services
Photo 2 - Platpick - B2B marketplace for outsource services
Photo 3 - Platpick - B2B marketplace for outsource services
Photo 4 - Platpick - B2B marketplace for outsource services
Photo 5 - Platpick - B2B marketplace for outsource services
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