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We create user friendly technical solution to build personal medical card available in different languages anywhere. Your Medical Facebook. Connect with your doctor or other patients - your to-go platform when facing with health issues.

Current Status

We are start up on FFF stage raising money from Angel investors. Currently we are starting second iteration on MVP development out of 5 planned for this year. We have initial prove of concept from future users and pre-orders from customers.


HEALTHCLIP TAM is global healthcare market : 11 Trillion EUR, where our SAM is 224 Billion EUR and finally first targeted market is 0.4% of EU healthcare market which is EUR 47.2 Million.
To enter the market we are creating first the needed volume of users, which are using the platform services for free. The perfect user is middle aged expat, preferably woman with children. However, such user category is targeted during first phases of product development with further expansion to local population as well.
The customer is going the private medium sized clinic which has marketing and patient management departments. Such customer feels the pain point of personal medical documentation digitalized absence the most and has identified the need to invest into marketing ( e.i. private & medical tourism clinics ).

Problem or Opportunity

HealthClip has identified the problem on the market which is the patient healthcare data and history not unified in digital form accessible by the patients at any time at any place. By the time now governments and private organizations have created SAASs for healthcare institutions to store and administer the healthcare patient data, however such data can be accessed only by doctors at one particular clinic, maximum within one country and patients have still difficulties in accessing such data at one place across countries and treatment types. The smooth sharing of these data is absolutely crucial for the good functioning of healthcare services and patient safety. This delayed progress of big data technology in the healthcare sector is a little bit odd, considering an earlier prediction that the application of big data technology was inevitable and that the healthcare sector would be one of the sectors expected to be benefited the most from big data technology.
Due to lack of patient medical history there is lower diagnoses quality done by the doctors, especially if such patient is expat or immigrant with the medical history available only in different language. Due to high level of migration within EU countries such solution is due to be released in order to move EU and global healthcare towards higher healthcare quality.
Patients do not have technological solution which can automate & consolidate their personal medical data from any clinics or hospital across different countries and languages which influences quality of their day-to-day life. There is also no existing social platform where patients can have their medical space, connect with other patients with the same diagnoses and directly contact doctors. In order to store personal medical history patients need to manually collect the data given by the doctors and consolidate it on their devices such as computer or phone.
Due to absence of such platform clinics and doctors have to spend significant part of their budget to identify & reach out to potential patients. Even though there are several steps taken by the governments in EU towards creation and establishing digital archiving and storing of patient medical data, there is no solution for the patients to manage and control their medical data and history across the countries/healthcare institutions and treatment types which can be accessible anytime anywhere.

Solution (product or service)

Solution is to create Patient Online platform where all patient healthcare data can be stored in cloud and can be accessible by patients at any time anywhere in the world.
The HealthClip innovation will provide benefits for both, patients and healthcare institutions, such as:
1. Real time access to the medical data by patients and doctors anywhere and anytime
2. No lost medical data while travelling
3. Higher quality of diagnoses due to complete patient medical history across countries/clinics/treatment types
4. Patient management solution for healthcare institutions
5. Social patient online platform
6. Automatically uploaded and analized medical data , such as treatment results / tests / diagnoses which can be shared in real time among doctors and patients
7. Real time communication with doctors and clinics avoiding time loss and unnecessary physical presence
The innovation is going to change the rules of the game on the existing healthcare market.
The product will be free for patients and monthly subscription model for the healthcare institutions.


So far Healthclip project has indirect competitors and some of them are:
1. Athenahealth They are creating patient management softwares. The patient medical data is available by patients in their platform however it does not consist of patient medical data across countries and different healthcare institutions.
2. Apple:
Apple has created the healthcare application where patients can track their health statistics and it can be accessible by the doctors. However the application needs to be installed and can work only on Apple products as well as it misses the core features introduced in Healthclip such as instant Medical Scanner for patients medical results, accessible through web browser regardless the device type, build-in AI which can alert the possible health problems.
3. My Health My Data : . Blockchain and data storage cloud for patients. Can be accessed by different healthcare institutions across countries in EU. Do not has social aspect where patients can find their peers, doesn't enable patient to upload his/her documents by their-own.
4. Governments: Governments are actively searching and creating solutions for patient medical data digitization. However due to high bureaucracy level it takes too much time to launch and test the technological solution for the society.

Advantages or differentiators

The main differences of HEALTHCLIP form its competitors are:
1. medical data digitalization driven by power of patients


Use cases: 2019H1 - Operational costs: EUR 28 650 .
2019H2 - Operational costs: EUR 79 710.
2020H1 - Patient Platform is integrated to 100 clinics. Income: EUR 60 000, Operational costs: EUR 225 020;
2020H2 - Patient Platform is integrated to 250 clinic. Income: EUR 180 000; Operational costs: EUR 220 020;
2021 - Patient Platform is integrated to 500+ clinics. Income: EUR 960 000; Operational costs: EUR 504 080

Business model

1. MVP released to test on first targeted users which expats living in big European cities
2. Receive and analyze the feedback from the first users to improve the product quality and raise user experience;
3. Reach 100 000 users within 2019H2 - 2020H1 with LTV 40%;
4. 2019H2 is the start of the development of the technical services for the clinics & doctors;
5. 2020H1-H2 is the business activities implementation to engage customers on the platform. Sales department and customer support section is to be created.
Healthcare institutions will be proposed to have monthly-paid packages which will include:
Patient management solution for their business
Build-in chat box to reach their current and future patients
Booking system with synchronized calendars between clinics and patients
Patients forums where they can participate in medical discussions with the patients
Posting service on the medical news feed to educate users about their healthcare services;
As additional service clinics and doctors will have a possibility to run targeted advertisements.
1. Basic - EUR 100 per month. Under this package the clinic/doctor will:
have a possibility to connect with their patients online
review the patient's medical history after patients approval
use patient management tool with instant appointment booking system
automatically upload patients medical results and diagnoses which are synchronized with the patient's profile
Use case: 100 clinics will use the application under Basic plan for 1 year which will bring EUR 120 000 in revenues.
2. Plus - EUR 300 per month. In this package the clinic will have :
have a possibility to connect with their patients online
review the patient's medical history after patients approval
use patient management tool with instant appointment booking system
automatically upload patients medical results and diagnoses which are synchronized with the patient's profile
use chat box to communicate with patients outside of their patients database connection
participate in patients forums
Use case: 100 clinics will use the application under Plus plan for 1 year which will bring EUR 360 000 as a revenue.

Offer for investor

We give 10% of equity for EUR 150K. We search an investor who can support the business growth and propose the business connections and expertise needed to accelerate.

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