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The Ecostart project is aimed at solving environmental problems that are a challenge to all mankind. We propose to use blockchain technologies for the system of financing environmental projects.

Current Status

The EcoStart project went through the following stages:
Site development
Presentation development
Pre announcement of the project in social networks
Preparation of documents for ICO
Crew formation
Selection of advisers and consultants
Development of a smart contract and release of tokens of the Terraecotoken project (TER)
MVP project development
ICO is scheduled to be held from 01/28/2019 - 04/12/2019


The main users - consumers of this service are all active segments of the population and socially-oriented business circles, as well as municipal and regional authorities:
1.Municipal communities - on the one hand as subjects of pollution of nature, on the other hand, as "customers" of ecological (green) projects
2. Specially protected natural areas (reserves, national parks, etc.)
3. Ecological start-ups and companies implementing ecological projects
4. Socially responsible business (investors)
5. Non-profit organizations, environmental activists and environmental societies

Problem or Opportunity

a. Insufficient funding of environmental activities. This is another fundraising tool for financing environmental events, including global ones:
- problems of ecological pollution;
- problems of the greenhouse effect;
- destruction of the ozone layer
b. Increase mutual trust between the initiators of ecological projects and investors
c. Increase of ecological activity and society

Solution (product or service)

EcoStart includes the following modules:
 Marketplace uniting all participants of environmental communities (green business, investors, volunteers) with Fundraising application - service to create registered digital tokens as instruments for financing environmental (green) projects approved by Ecostart experts;
 TerraEcoCoin's own cryptocurrency with generation by POI (Proof-of-
Importance, proof of significance);
 Cryptomessenger based on P2P technology (peer-to-peer);
 EcoStart Fund’s Investment Environmental Fund (IEF) for financing of environmental projects further (IEF).
 System of expertise and recommendations (formation confidence ratings
of the platform participants).
 Open API for building applications by implementation and support of environmental projects.
 Space Surface Monitoring Application land
 The system of motivation (rewards) of the participants of the platform
 Ecological lottery,.


The most promising environmental projects, based on the principles of blockchain:
Green Earth
Earth Token
Eco Coin
The Earth Dollar
Carbon Coin
All these projects are designed for certain areas of environmental activities, do not look like the EcoStart project and competitors are not and competitors are in niche services. The uniqueness of EcoStart lies in the fact that the project will provide users with a huge variety of useful and necessary functions within one platform, while similar projects ensure the simultaneous availability of only some of them..

Advantages or differentiators

Key competitive advantages of our project over traditional investment institutions that finance environmental projects:
 Independence and efficiency in raising funds;
 Lack of dependence on government bodies and global financial groups;
 Lack of intermediaries;
 Involvement of all active participants and socially oriented business, including investors with small capital, in solving environmental problems;
 Transparent system to attract and control spending.
The results of each project will be publicly available, which will allow investors (charitable organizations, influential investors, small donors) to identify and help scale up environmental projects that are truly effective;
 Open API. The API will effectively solve at least two tasks of the project: its development and the development of new products and services, including third-party developers. As a result, we get the network effect.

Also, the advantages of the platform Ecostart include:
 Less resource consumption, which is necessary for transactions, protection platform and verification, as the system can fully work on low-power computers and do not require large compute or energy resources. In essence, green technology will be applied. Ecostart blockchain, in contrast to the bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain, which are extremely energy intensive. Billions of calculations absorb computer energy and electricity, often coal-fired and other fossil fuels.

 Creating a community of consumers who will buy goods with proven supply chain. This chain will show the environmentally safe extraction of natural resources by workers in safe conditions, the production of goods on green technologies, the supply of goods through fair trade agreements, and their transportation with low energy costs.

Thus, the Ecostart project is aimed at solving one of the acute problems - ecological - by using modern information technologies to create and operate a system of financing and implementing ecological measures and, as a consequence, to communicate to the ecological movement of the crypto community.


Key Financial Ratios

2 019 2 020 2 021 2 022
ROS (net income / revenue) 14% 38,90% 40,02%
ROA (net income / assets) 34% 64,78% 42,91%
ROE (net income / equity) 34% 64,78% 42,91%
AT (revenue / assets) 2,35 1,67 1,07
Assets / Capital 1,00 1,00 1,00
FL (liabilities / assets) 0% 0% 0%
Current Ratio (current assets / current liabilities) > 2 > 2 > 2
Capital / Cost of capital 28,6 81,3 142,4
Profit / Cost of capital 9,6 52,7 61,1

Business model

A global multi-functional platform for business support in green tones
Software as a Service
Marketplace Exchange
Open Source
Bit Vendor

Money will be spent on

- 45% for marketing and advertising needs: press releases and articles in crypto media and social networks, targeted advertising, SMM in 7 languages, online advertising and offline;
- 30% for software development, project source code, data structure development, smart contracts, server capacity payment, hosting and AntiDDOS protection, etc. Hiring first-class experts to maintain the competitive advantages of EcoStart, as well as the development of new services.
- 5% for legal services, incl. obtaining licenses and documents for work in the US and other countries, legal support for the project. Compliance with legal norms is the key to long-term success;
- 15% operating expenses: office rental, communications, internet, managerial salaries, other operating expenses.
- 5% insurance fund
The use of attracted funds is directed to ensure the profitability of EcoStart in the long term.
We strive to realize our goals in the interests of TER token owners

Offer for investor

- 50% discount to the cost of the token in the private sale of tokens
- Additional discount 10% for investors purchasing more than 500 ETH
- Participation in the capital of the company (shares, participation in the board of directors)

Team or Management


Weak sides
A significant investment is required
Minor spread blockchain technology

The emergence of a large number of fake ICO
Legal uncertainty of the cryptocurrency market around the world

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

In partnership with Russian Venture Company and ITMO University (St. Petersburg)
ACCELERATOR program "A sea of ideas on the seashore."
November 2016

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