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Saas and app which will revolutionalize tourism

Market: Tourism, sport
Stage of the project: Idea or something is already done

Date of last change: 20.06.2023
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Current Status

Traction and Current Status Update:

We're thrilled to share that our project has gained significant traction and is steadily progressing towards success. Here's a snapshot of our current status:

1. MVP (Minimum Viable Product): We have successfully developed and launched our MVP, showcasing the core functionalities and value proposition of our product. It demonstrates the potential of our solution and serves as a foundation for further development.

2. Business Plan: We have meticulously crafted a comprehensive business plan that outlines our vision, target market, monetization strategy, and growth projections. The plan highlights the scalability and profitability of our venture, setting a clear roadmap for future success.

3. Market Validation: Through extensive market research and user feedback, we have validated the demand for our solution. The positive response from early adopters and potential customers further strengthens our confidence in the viability and potential of our project.

4. Team and Partnerships: Our dedicated team of experts brings diverse skills and experiences to the table, ensuring a strong foundation for execution. We have also established strategic partnerships with key industry players to leverage their expertise, resources, and networks.

5. Growth Opportunities: We have identified promising growth opportunities within our target market and are actively pursuing them. These opportunities include expanding into new geographic regions, exploring strategic partnerships, and enhancing our product offerings based on user feedback and market trends.

With our MVP in place and a solid business plan, we are well-positioned to capitalize on the market opportunity and drive exponential growth.

Organizational form

Not incorporated(NDA protected)

Problem or Opportunity

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a groundbreaking business with limitless potential. The possibilities are endless, and the time to act is now.
Contact us today to explore this extraordinary opportunity further.
ability to generate substantial revenue, with a robust monetization strategy in place. The potential for exponential growth and recurring revenue streams makes this investment a truly lucrative opportunity.

Solution (product or service)

I have mentioned some of the info about project in the project presentation.Feel free to ask any questions.


No competition in this space.

Business model

Business Model:

Our business model revolves around providing a comprehensive and user-centric platform that caters to the needs of tourists and enhances their travel experiences. We generate revenue through the following channels:

1. App Downloads: Users can download our app for free, and we monetize through in-app purchases, premium subscriptions, and additional features that enhance their travel experience.

2. Commission-Based Partnerships: We establish partnerships with local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and transportation services. We earn a commission for driving customers to their establishments through our app.

3. Advertising: We offer targeted advertising opportunities within the app to relevant businesses looking to reach our user base. We generate revenue through ad impressions, clicks, or sponsored content.


1. Mobile App: Our primary channel is our mobile application, available for download on iOS and Android devices. The app serves as the central hub for users to access a wide range of travel-related features and services.

2. Website: We complement our mobile app with a user-friendly website that provides information, updates, and support for our users. It serves as an additional channel for user acquisition and engagement.


To measure the success and effectiveness of our app, we track and analyze various key metrics, including:

1. User Acquisition: We monitor the number of app downloads, new user registrations, and user demographics to assess our reach and growth.

2. User Engagement: We track user activity within the app, including session duration, frequency of app usage, and engagement with various features to gauge user satisfaction and involvement.

3. Revenue Generation: We analyze revenue metrics, such as average revenue per user (ARPU), in-app purchases, and advertising revenue, to evaluate the financial performance of our business.

4. Retention Rate: We measure user retention by analyzing the percentage of users who continue to use our app over time. This metric helps us assess the effectiveness of our retention strategies and user loyalty.

5. Customer Satisfaction: We gather user feedback, ratings, and reviews to gauge customer satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.

By closely monitoring these metrics, we can make data-driven decisions, optimize our business model, and continually improve our app to meet the needs of our users and drive sustainable growth.

Reason for sale

I have no money to work on this project further!


Revenue Streams:

1. Product Sales: Generate revenue through the sale of our core product or service. This can include one-time purchases, subscription fees, or licensing fees.

2. In-App Purchases: Offer additional features, premium content, or virtual goods within the app for users to purchase, creating a recurring revenue stream.

3. Advertising: Partner with brands and advertisers to display targeted ads within the app, earning revenue through impressions, clicks, or ad placements.

4. Affiliate Marketing: Collaborate with relevant businesses and earn a commission for promoting their products or services through affiliate links within the app.

5. Data Monetization: Aggregate and anonymize user data to provide valuable insights to third-party companies, generating revenue through data licensing or analytics services.

Cost Structure:

1. Development Costs: Invest in software development, app design, and infrastructure to build and maintain the app's functionality and user experience.

2. Operational Expenses: Cover day-to-day operational costs, such as hosting, server maintenance, customer support, and staff salaries.

3. Marketing and Advertising: Allocate a budget for marketing campaigns, advertising initiatives, and user acquisition strategies to promote the app and attract a larger user base.

4. Research and Development: Continuously invest in research and development efforts to enhance the app's features, improve user experience, and stay ahead of competitors.

5. Licensing and Legal: Acquire necessary licenses, patents, or intellectual property rights, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks to protect the app and its operations.

6. Infrastructure Costs: Include expenses related to hosting services, cloud storage, and security measures to maintain a robust and secure app infrastructure.

By carefully managing our revenue streams and cost structure, we aim to ensure a sustainable and profitable business model, driving long-term growth and success.

Team or Management


The only risk will be investing huge amounts in advertising.


Photo 1 - Saas and app which will revolutionalize tourism
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