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Market: Blockchain, Crypto currency, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Mobile applications
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Idea - Real Estate Simulation Mobile Game with Blockchain, AR, AI

“Worldopoly” is the world’s first mobile game that includes Augmented Reality, Geopositioning, Blockchain & Artificial intelligence within an engaging economic simulation and strategic multiplayer game. Players can buy real streets in real cities and actually see their game progress using the AR extension. The game offers three types of cryptocurrencies: WPT, Worldopoly Coins and Building resource, the latter two are not monetized.

Current Status

“Worldopoly” is currently at an Alpha Stage of Development, with the main features such as the game engine, Blockchain, AR and AI already implemented. The future development of the game depends on the funds raised during the ICO.

2013 - Initial game idea & concept released.

2014 - A team of 6 programmers started working on the software architecture, developing and completing the game engine from scratch.

2016 - The game engine testing began, as did the development of the frontend prototype on React Native. The project also started attracting interests from early investors.

2017 - Blockchain / DAG Technology became suitable for the game, work on the ICO & economic system of the game started. The Financial Model + Investor Business plan was composed.

2018 - Launch of ICO, Worldopoly Token Sale, new in-game objects and auction for their sale will begin.

Organizational form

Privately held

Problem or Opportunity

Our Mission:
We strive to create a memorable, fun, interactive game that engages, delights experienced and new gamers worldwide. A game that allows players to learn how cryptocurrencies work in a safe environment, with the option to invest and earn real money. We also aim to add value to the gaming community and our backers in a way that extends beyond mobile gaming by sharing our ICO journey, entrepreneurial successes, learning curve and insights.

“Worldopoly” is the world’s first mobile game to combine Augmented Reality, Geo-positioning, Blockchain and Artificial intelligence within an engaging economic simulation and strategic multiplayer game. Players can buy real streets in real cities and actually see the progress by using the AR extension. Our game includes different ways of player interaction e.g. The buying and selling of properties between players using the built-in cryptocurrency WPT, players can utilise in-game implements such as Molotov Cocktails to impair each other’s properties to lessen the value or join clans to finance large and unique projects together. Every technology is used under our principle of “meaningful implementation”. Meaning that each element has a specific purpose within the game.

Solution (product or service)


Worldopoly is the world’s first mobile game combining AR, AI, Geolocation and Blockchain-technology. Players can buy streets, build houses, customize their properties and interact with other players. Furthermore, implementing Blockchain in compelling gameplay with strong mainstream appeal provides an ideal environment to learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in a risk-free manner. The best thing: after 4 years of development is that we have a working prototype.

RTS + AR + AI + geolocation = endless opportunities

Players are finally freed from the limitations of the screens on their mobile devises. The use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Geolocation makes it possible to actually “see” one’s in-game progress and interact with other players in real life. The introduction of a dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes positioning of large objects more precise than ever before.


By using google maps as the base of the game world, players have access to streets worldwide. The introduction of its own cryptocurrency WPT as well as a platform to trade properties, makes Worldopoly also a complex economic simulation. Finally, players can earn real money while playing.


Players can form or join clans, finance unique projects together, raid other players, trade their properties, buy streets, houses, item from other players. More than 150 different features make Worldopoly unique in mobile gaming.


Thanks to blockchain the game’s economy allows you to use your virtual achievements like real things, transparently monitoring who owns what and all while not having to care about security or transparency issues. Obtaining WPT in the game can be compared to mining in the real world, as an alternative to virtual proof of work.


As previously stated, the gaming industry is only now starting to adopt Blockchain / DAG.
Nevertheless there some interesting games on the market that can provide valuable insights.
• “Lordmancer II” is the first online game with internal crypto currency. Moreover, the features of the gameplay allow you to earn a crypto currency.
• “Privateers life” is a multiplayer online game placed into pirate setting and based on Blockchain / DAG technology. The internal crypto currency is the one of the ways of payment inside the game.
• “Prospectors” is another crypto currency based game, but crypto currency here can be used only in game. There’s no way to exchange it to real money.

Analyzing the adaptation of Blockchain / DAG in these games shows that it is possible to implement the technology into games in a significant way. The MMORPG genre is especially interesting because traditionally these types of games were the trend setters for modern technology such as
Online Multiplayer. But MMORPGs are a niche market, that can be used as a proof of concept, while the RTS genre has a wider mainstream appeal. The success of CryptoKitties, while not relevant for the RTS genre, shows that people are willing to invest in games with build in cryptocurrencies.

Advantages or differentiators

Main advantages in comparison to the competitors:
• All other Blockchain / DAG based games provide very little in engaging gameplay. Either they are targeting very specific niche markets (MMORPG), basic casino games or simple item collecting games (CryptoKitties). Right now there are no games on the market that cater to the mainstream audience of casual players.
• The unique utilization of cutting edge technologies (AR, Blockchain / DAG, geopositioning) in a way that enriches the gameplay experience instead of providing placeholders.
• Instead of creating a new gaming model that has to be learned, Worldopoly provides the player with an easy to understand real world economic simulation. This has numerous advantages among them providing an easy entry point for people who want to understand Blockchain / DAG and cryptocurrencies in a risk free environment.


All the information you can find in our Whitepaper

We will provide you with more specific information directly to your email.

Business model

Worldopoly combines exciting multiplayer strategy gaming with the possibility to earn real money.

During the next 3 years the game will receive more than 150 new features to expand the gameworld
and keep players invested.

All features under the following principles:
• preventing “pay2win aversion” by casual gamers
• game mechanics that keep the players involved
• a clear and rewarding progression system
• the inclusion of a social component

But Worldopoly is not only interesting for its gameplay, but also for the financial component. As each player operates with real money emitted to cryptocurrency. This Worldopoly Token (WPT) can be exchanged for real money later, so players can literally earn money while playing our game. By providing a cryptocurrency with market linked fluctuation Worldopoly has the heat factor that comes with it. As WPTs changes price it affects the in-game player interaction such as buying and selling of properties.

In short, we provide an engaging multiplayer economic simulation with its own exchangeable cryptocurrency.

New advertising channels
The combination of AR and geopositioning in Pokémon Go has proven to be an effective tool to mobilize large crowds of players. As advertisers struggle to find new, effective ways to reach large audiences Worldopoly can provide interesting opportunities beside the established advertising channels.

Our plans include the following game elements, which of course can be expanded:
AR events: advertisers can utilize the AR capabilities of Worldopoly in order to promote their business e.g. „Somewhere in Central Park there are 100 free hamburgers, use the AR-extension to find them and enjoy a free hamburger for each AR-hamburger found.“

Offering in-game rewards for item purchases e.g. „Buy a hamburger and scan the code on your receipt and get N coins!“

Providing players with the option of purchasing limited edition game items e.g. “Get a limited edition premium Ice-cream shop from the N-brand!”

Early Investors benefit from a wide range of investment opportunities, such as classic advantages of ICOs: special token deals and lower prices on WPTs. Furthermore they can use the early entry into Worldopoly to obtain streets and buildings that can be sold later for a profit.


We are aiming Worldwide, but prefer to start with Asia, Europe and North America markets.

Team or Management


All the information you can find in our Whitepaper


Yes, we have.


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