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Time vs. Chaos in an Epic Cosmic Battle Arena

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Date of last change: 07.01.2024
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'Eternal Nexus' is a MOBA where heroes from across time and space clash in an arena shaped by cosmic forces. Players engage in strategic battles that blend the precision of time with the unpredictability of chaos, embodying the eternal struggle for balance in a universe teetering on the brink of order and entropy. This game offers a unique twist to the genre with a narrative that explores the interconnectedness of fate and the consequences of power within the ever-unfolding cosmos.

Current Status

'Eternal Nexus' is fully conceptualized, with a robust foundation of game mechanics, lore, character models, and world-building elements meticulously crafted. Our pre-production phase has yielded a comprehensive suite of designs, detailed character models, and a dynamic gameplay prototype that showcases the potential of this cosmic MOBA. We've reached a pivotal moment where the game's vision is clear, the high-level concepts are tested, and the groundwork is laid out.

At present, we are poised for the next significant phase of development. We seek investment to assemble a dedicated team capable of bringing this vivid universe to life. The investment will also support a strategic marketing campaign to generate buzz, build a community, and position 'Eternal Nexus' as a formidable contender in the gaming market. Our goal is to transition smoothly from pre-production to full-scale development and to ensure that 'Eternal Nexus' reaches its intended audience with the impact it deserves.


Target Demographic:

Age Group: Primarily targeting gamers aged 18-35, but also appealing to a broader range of ages due to its narrative depth.
Location: Global reach, with a focus on regions with high MOBA popularity such as North America, East Asia, and Europe.
Characteristics: Tech-savvy individuals who enjoy strategic gaming and are also drawn to immersive storylines. They likely have experience with MOBAs or RPGs and are active in online gaming communities.
Interests: Apart from gaming, they might have interests in fantasy/sci-fi genres, esports, and digital storytelling.
Market Size and Value:

Global Market: The global MOBA market is substantial and growing, with a projected value of several billion dollars. Games like 'League of Legends' and 'Dota 2' have millions of active players worldwide.
Local Markets: In regions like North America and East Asia, MOBAs are particularly popular, contributing significantly to the global market value. European markets also show strong engagement with MOBAs.
Market Trends: The MOBA genre is expanding, with a rising interest in games that offer more than just competitive play. Narrative-rich and strategically deep games are gaining popularity.
Future Market Estimation:

Given the increasing demand for games that combine immersive storytelling with competitive gameplay, 'Eternal Nexus' is poised to capture a unique segment within the broader MOBA market.
The potential market size can be estimated by examining the current user base of MOBAs and narrative-driven games. If, for instance, 'Eternal Nexus' captures even a small percentage of this combined user base, it could translate into a substantial number of players.
The trend towards more story-driven gaming experiences, especially in the context of online multiplayer games, suggests that the market for a game like 'Eternal Nexus' is likely to grow.
In conclusion, 'Eternal Nexus' aims to cater to a substantial and growing segment of gamers who seek a fusion of deep narrative with strategic gameplay. Its market potential is significant, considering the existing popularity of MOBAs and the emerging trend of narrative integration in gaming. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, 'Eternal Nexus' is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends and attract a dedicated player base.

Problem or Opportunity

Our client is the modern competitive gamer who craves not only the thrill of battle but also a rich narrative experience. This demographic is continually seeking fresh, innovative games that offer depth, strategy, and a compelling universe. They are discerning consumers who value quality and are willing to invest in games that provide a unique blend of story and competitive gameplay.

The Problem:
The market is saturated with MOBA games that focus heavily on mechanics with often repetitive themes and minimal narrative engagement. Players are looking for something that stands out, a game that not only challenges their strategic skills but also immerses them in a lore-rich universe.

Our Solution:
'Eternal Nexus' addresses this gap by offering a game that fuses deep lore with intense, strategic gameplay. Our game introduces a narrative-driven approach to the MOBA genre, where the story unfolds with the player's progress, keeping them engaged and invested. The unique concept of a cosmic battleground where time and chaos collide introduces a fresh twist to the competitive scene, promising a new level of tactical play.

The Attraction:
We have validated the problem through forums, surveys, and community interactions. There is a clear demand for a MOBA that elevates storytelling to the same level of importance as gameplay. Our early development work has received positive feedback from focus groups, indicating a strong willingness to pay for the final product.

Players are ready to invest in 'Eternal Nexus' for its innovative approach to blending story with gameplay, providing a fresh take on a familiar genre. The game's unique selling points—such as the integration of cosmic forces into the gameplay and the dynamic battle arena influenced by the players' choices—make 'Eternal Nexus' an attractive new entrant in the market. With strategic marketing and continued community engagement, we are confident that 'Eternal Nexus' will not only attract players but also retain them, creating a dedicated and paying user base for our high-quality gaming experience.

Solution (product or service)

'Eternal Nexus' is an innovative MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that blends intense strategic gameplay with a deep, evolving narrative. Set in a richly crafted universe, the game features a unique concept of time and chaos colliding, providing a fresh perspective in the MOBA genre.

Key Features:

Rich Narrative Universe: Unlike typical MOBAs, 'Eternal Nexus' is built around a compelling story, deeply integrated into the gameplay. It unfolds the eternal conflict between the Chrono Conclave (guardians of order) and the Entropy Syndicate (agents of chaos), offering players a storyline that evolves with their in-game progress.

Diverse Character Roster: The game boasts a diverse range of characters, each with unique backstories and abilities, drawn fr om various timelines and dimensions. This diversity enriches the gameplay with numerous strategies and playstyles.

Dynamic Battlefields: The arenas in 'Eternal Nexus' are more than static battlegrounds; they are influenced by players' actions, introducing a dynamic element that impacts the strategy and outcome of battles.

Cosmic Forces Mechanics: A distinctive feature wh ere players can manipulate cosmic forces, adding a layer of unpredictability and depth to the strategy, challenging players to adapt and strategize in real-time.

Engaging Community Features: Regular updates, community events, and opportunities for player-driven content creation, ensuring a continually fresh and engaging gaming experience.

Problem Solving:
'Eternal Nexus' addresses the gap in the MOBA market for a game that balances competitive gameplay with narrative depth. It caters to players who seek more than just tactical play; they desire a game with story elements and evolving lore that enhances their gaming experience.

Benefits to Target Clients:

Provides a more narrative-driven MOBA experience, appealing to gamers who value story as much as strategy.
Offers innovative gameplay mechanics that challenge conventional MOBA tactics.
Creates a dynamic gaming environment that responds and evolves based on player choices and actions.


Direct Competitors of 'Eternal Nexus':

League of Legends (Riot Games):

Market Share: One of the largest in the MOBA genre, with a massive global player base.
Key Features: Known for its diverse champion roster and deep strategic gameplay.
How 'Eternal Nexus' Differentiates: While 'League of Legends' focuses on competitive play, 'Eternal Nexus' integrates a rich narrative aspect, offering a more story-driven experience.
Dota 2 (Valve Corporation):

Market Share: Highly popular, especially in the eSports scene.
Key Features: Complex gameplay mechanics and high skill ceiling.
How 'Eternal Nexus' Differentiates: 'Eternal Nexus' offers a unique cosmic theme and dynamic battlefields that change in response to player actions, differing from Dota 2's more static gameplay environment.

Advantages or differentiators

Indisputable Advantages and Differentiators of 'Eternal Nexus':

Integration of Deep Narrative with MOBA Gameplay:

Indisputable Advantage: The seamless weaving of a rich, evolving storyline into the fabric of a competitive MOBA is a unique feature of 'Eternal Nexus'. This level of narrative integration in a MOBA setting is unparalleled and offers players a more immersive experience.
Difficulty to Copy: Crafting a compelling story that evolves with gameplay requires significant creative effort and storytelling expertise, making it challenging for competitors to replicate effectively.
Dynamic Battlefields Influenced by Player Actions:

Differentiator: Unlike static arenas in traditional MOBAs, 'Eternal Nexus' features dynamic battlefields that change in real-time based on players' decisions and actions. This adds a layer of strategy and ensures that no two games are the same.
Innovative Aspect: The concept of an ever-changing arena directly influenced by gameplay is a novel approach in the MOBA genre, providing a fresh experience for players.
Cosmic Forces Mechanic:

Indisputable Advantage: The unique mechanic where players can manipulate cosmic forces (representing time and chaos) during battles adds an unpredictable strategic element. This mechanic is distinct to 'Eternal Nexus' and is not found in other MOBAs.
Unique Selling Point: This feature not only enhances gameplay complexity but also ties directly into the game's core theme, offering an experience that is both thematic and strategic.
Character Diversity Across Time and Space:

Differentiator: Characters in 'Eternal Nexus' are drawn from various eras and dimensions, each with unique backstories and abilities. This diverse character roster adds depth to the game's universe and allows for a wide range of strategic possibilities.
Creative Design: The diversity and design of characters are rooted in the game’s cosmic lore, providing a unique aesthetic and gameplay experience compared to competitors.
Community Engagement and Player-Driven Content:

Differentiator: Emphasizing community engagement and encouraging player-driven content creation is a cornerstone of 'Eternal Nexus'. This approach fosters a strong community and keeps the game fresh and evolving.
Engagement Strategy: Involving players in the game's evolution ensures continued interest and loyalty, a strategy that is not as prominently emphasized in other MOBAs.
These advantages and differentiators position 'Eternal Nexus' uniquely in the MOBA market, offering features and experiences that are not only distinct but also challenging for competitors to mimic or replicate. The game’s focus on narrative, dynamic gameplay, unique mechanics, character diversity, and community engagement sets it apart, promising players a unique and engaging experience.


Pricing Strategy:

'Eternal Nexus' will be marketed as a free-to-play game with in-game purchases. These purchases include cosmetic items, character skins, and possibly special abilities or characters.
The average price for in-game items will range from $1.99 for smaller items to $19.99 for premium packages.
Revenue Streams:

In-Game Purchases: Primary source of revenue, including skins, characters, and special items.
Season Passes: Offering seasonal content at a fixed price.
Sponsorships and Advertisements: Partnerships with brands relevant to the gaming audience.
Merchandising: Sale of game-related merchandise.
Sales Expectations:

Year 1: Focus on building a player base, with modest revenue expectations. Estimated revenue: $100,000 - $500,000.
Year 2-3: Growth phase with increased marketing efforts and expanded player base. Expected annual revenue growth of 20-30%.
Year 4-5: Maturity stage with a stable player base and revenue from new and recurring players. Exploring expansion packs and sequels. Projected annual revenue: $1M - $5M.
Market Penetration and User Acquisition:

The initial focus will be on acquiring users through digital marketing, community engagement, and participation in gaming expos.
The goal is to acquire at least 100,000 active players in the first year, with a growth target of 10-15% in active users year-over-year.
Cost Structure:

Development Costs: Including salaries for developers, artists, and other staff.
Marketing and Promotion: Budget for advertising, community management, and promotional events.
Operational Expenses: Day-to-day running costs including office space, utilities, and administrative expenses.
Profitability Forecast:

Breakeven is expected in Year 3, with profitability increasing as the player base grows and stabilizes.
Long-term profitability will be driven by continuous content updates, community engagement, and expansion into new markets.
This financial model is subject to adjustments based on market response, user acquisition costs, and the evolving landscape of the gaming industry. The focus will be on sustainable growth, ensuring a steady increase in the player base and revenue, while maintaining high-quality content and engaging gameplay.

Business model

Core Framework:
'Eternal Nexus' operates on a free-to-play (F2P) model, a popular approach in the gaming industry, particularly for MOBAs. This model allows for broad accessibility, encouraging a large player base by removing the barrier of upfront costs.

Key Components of the Business Model:

In-Game Purchases:

The primary revenue stream will be through in-game purchases. These include cosmetic items, character skins, special abilities, and other virtual goods that enhance the gaming experience without giving players an unfair advantage (to maintain gameplay balance).
Seasonal Content and Battle Passes:

Regularly released seasonal content will keep the game fresh and engaging. Players can purchase battle passes that unlock exclusive content, rewards, and challenges for each season.
Sponsorships and Partnerships:

Collaborations with brands and companies for in-game sponsorships, events, and promotions. These partnerships can be a significant revenue stream, especially as the game grows in popularity.

Sale of physical merchandise based on the game's characters, lore, and universe. This can include apparel, action figures, posters, and other collectibles.
Community Engagement:

Hosting tournaments and events to engage the community and attract sponsorships and media attention. These events can also drive in-game sales and player retention.

While maintaining a user-friendly experience, selective and non-intrusive in-game advertising can be an additional revenue stream, especially for a F2P game.
User Acquisition and Growth:

Digital marketing, community building, and engagement strategies are critical for user acquisition.
Leveraging social media, streaming platforms, and influencer partnerships to reach a wider audience.
Providing a high-quality gaming experience to encourage word-of-mouth referrals.
Sustainability and Expansion:

Continuous development of new content, features, and updates to keep the game relevant and engaging.
Exploring potential expansion into esports and competitive gaming as the player base grows.
Regular analysis of player feedback and market trends to adapt and evolve the game.
The business model for 'Eternal Nexus' is designed to balance revenue generation with player satisfaction, ensuring the game is accessible, engaging, and continually evolving. The focus is on building a strong, active community around the game, which is crucial for the long-term success of any F2P title.

Money will be spent on

Investment Requirements for 'Eternal Nexus':

1. Development Team Expansion:

Objective: To hire skilled professionals, including game designers, developers, artists, and narrative writers. This expansion is essential to transform 'Eternal Nexus' from a concept into a polished, market-ready product.
Estimated Cost: $2,000

2. Technology and Infrastructure:

Objective: To acquire or upgrade software, hardware, and other necessary technology to support advanced game development and testing.
Estimated Cost: $5,000

3. Marketing and Promotion:

Objective: To launch a comprehensive marketing campaign, including digital advertising, social media promotion, participation in gaming expos, and community-building initiatives. This is crucial for generating buzz and attracting a strong player base from the outset.
Estimated Cost: $2,000

4. Testing and Quality Assurance:

Objective: To ensure a smooth, bug-free gaming experience by investing in thorough testing and quality assurance processes.
Estimated Cost: $1,000

Offer for investor

As the founder of 'Eternal Nexus', I am prepared to offer a significant equity stake in the company in exchange for the required investment. The exact percentage of equity offered will depend on the valuation of the company and the amount of funding secured. However, I am open to negotiating a fair and mutually beneficial share that reflects the investor's contribution and the potential growth prospects of 'Eternal Nexus'.

For instance, if the investment covers a substantial portion of the development and launch costs, I am considering offering between 5% to 15% of the company's equity. This range is designed to provide a meaningful stake to the investor, acknowledging their crucial role in bringing 'Eternal Nexus' to the market and sharing in the success of the game.

The equity share offered will include voting rights and a proportionate share of the company's profits. I am committed to transparency and collaboration with our investors, ensuring that they are kept informed and involved in major decisions regarding the game's development and business strategy.

I look forward to discussing this further with interested investors to finalize an agreement that aligns with our mutual goals and the vision for 'Eternal Nexus'.

Team or Management


Intense Competition:

The gaming industry, particularly the MOBA segment, is highly competitive. Established giants like 'League of Legends' and 'Dota 2' dominate the market, making it challenging for new entrants to capture significant market share.
Risk Mitigation: Differentiate 'Eternal Nexus' with unique features (narrative depth, cosmic themes, dynamic arenas) and aggressive marketing strategies.
Changing Player Preferences:

The gaming community's preferences can shift rapidly. A trend or feature popular today may become obsolete tomorrow.
Risk Mitigation: Stay adaptable and continuously gather player feedback to evolve the game according to current trends and preferences.
Technological Advancements:

Rapid advancements in gaming technology, including hardware and software, can render existing games outdated if they fail to keep up.
Risk Mitigation: Invest in regular technology updates and be open to adopting emerging gaming technologies (like VR/AR, advanced AI).
Economic Downturns:

Global economic crises can impact discretionary spending, affecting the gaming industry.
Risk Mitigation: Maintain a lean operation and diversify revenue streams to withstand economic downturns.
Market Saturation:

The MOBA market might become saturated, making it hard for 'Eternal Nexus' to stand out or maintain profitability.
Risk Mitigation: Focus on unique selling propositions and explore untapped markets or segments.
Dependence on Continuous Content Development:

The need for constant content updates and new features to keep players engaged can be resource-intensive.
Risk Mitigation: Plan a sustainable content roadmap and establish an efficient development cycle.
Cybersecurity Threats:

Online games are susceptible to cybersecurity threats, which can compromise user data and trust.
Risk Mitigation: Invest in robust cybersecurity measures and regularly update security protocols.
Regulatory Risks:

Changing regulations in different countries regarding online gaming, microtransactions, and digital content can pose compliance challenges.
Risk Mitigation: Stay informed about international regulations and adapt business practices accordingly.
Understanding and planning for these risks is crucial for the longevity and success of 'Eternal Nexus'. Proactive risk management, adaptability, and a keen understanding of the gaming market will be key in navigating these potential challenges.


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