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Business project «Ossnova»

New investment fund

Russia, Moscow region
Market: Trade, Financial services
Stage of the project: Operating business

Date of last change: 15.12.2021
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The purpose of the fund is to make a profit of $150 million over 5 years. And to reach the level of 1
billion dollars under the management for 5-7 years. According to the results of 5 years, get into the TOP100 investment fund of the world.
The main profitability of the fund will be based on proper capital management. There are mechanisms
to manage the risk and annual return of the fund.

Current Status

ROI 168,78%
MAX DrowDown 28,85%
Profit Factor 1,85
Recovery Factor 13,52
Total trade 195
% Profit Trade 57,14%
Year 4

Problem or Opportunity

The implementation of the project requires significant investments, which will increase the
profitability of both the investor and the founders of the company.

Solution (product or service)

The advantage of this type of business is an unlimited number of investors, both in terms of the
volume of assets and in terms of their number. The policy and strategy of the project are fully aimed at
firmly securing the reputation of a high-quality company representing services at an exclusive level.


According to the results of 5 years, get into the TOP100 investment fund of the world.

Advantages or differentiators

We have eight years of experience in financial management and exchange trading and more than 20
years of business experience, we offer our trading concept, which is the quintessential of our many years
of professional activity now. Our trading systems are based on the understanding of logic, practical
application of the trading platform VOLFIX (volume analysis of the market).
In our work we use author 's indicators of the state and direction of the market, financial astrology,
hedging of part of the portfolio through option strategies, classic and non-standard methods of market
valuation. Good management of trading positions and trade risks allows us to set the limit of losses from 1
to 2% of investments.


The strategy implements a capital management method that allows income to be generated at
regulated risks. The use of options allows you to earn both growth and reduction in favorable market
situations. Fund traders will trade futures, CFDs, ETFs, bitcoin, eth, cryptocurrency, crypto tokens, forex,
and options. The main annual yield we will achieve with more trading accounts and less annual yield.

Money will be spent on

The project will require the opening of 200 trading accounts in well-known American, European, and
offshore brokers, including brokers licensed by banks of Russia and the Republic of Belarus. It is possible
to open more trading accounts, but with additional funding, technical capability, and an increase in the
number of traders.
200 accounts are necessary to diversify risks, by creating 20 or more trading pools, to trade only one
stock exchange asset. 200 accounts will be opened with 10 different brokers. 200 accounts will be invested
with different payment methods, banks, cryptocurrency, payment systems.

Offer for investor

Without investors, there will be no fund. The investor should understand and agree that it makes no
sense to withdraw funds from the business earlier than 3 years. The investor is obliged to justify the origin
of the funds, as any broker has an AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedure.
It is possible to attract investors for the creation and monthly functioning of the fund, on means of investments
for 3 years, in the sum from $602,300 to $20,302,300. It is possible to receive money from an investor in BTC, ETH,
USDT, WebMoney, cash, bank transaction.
After 3 years, the investor receives all invested funds back plus a profit of 44% of the company's net
ETH: 0x2d8F70708eD279a331d3d836603effEB0F8D3cC9
BTC: bc1qa2qm2vpm3kd6ewk9q36mtpsglrse69rf5m4jfe
DOGE: DEP3rg16A2W9oVNHtz9i4AwxuB7T9oD1jq
Tether USD (USDT): 0x96752a6ed9F5c38fcE76dBA2C7cD93027834e771
WebMoney Z337149683601 (WMID 207636709018)
It is also relevant to consider issues with the attraction of borrowed funds at 10% per year, but without
participation in obtaining the total profit of the project.
It is also necessary to understand that such high profit can be shown only as a small fund, with the
growth of the fund, profitability will fall, as the fund itself will form market movements, and there will be
an increasing shortage of liquidity. And the obvious fact remains that the investor should discharge
psychologically himself and us, diversifying his personal capital.


Financial risks
Operational risks, risks of fall of basic assets, technical risks, are limited to a minimum - it is the
essence of the fund.
The main advantages of the future fund are in a non-standard way of doing business. We diversify all
possible risks and minimize initial and subsequent costs, which positively affects the profitability of the
project and the fund.
Now our trading system gives 3% of weekly income. In this way we reduce trade risks by several
times, reducing the yield to 0.5% -1.5% per week.
There are major risks that can affect the withdrawal of funds from brokers accounts:
1. Bankruptcy of a broker or payment system.
Broker’s bankruptcy is no longer uncommon anymore. Initially, the project includes a minimum of
10 brokers in different jurisdictions. This is done to ensure that the bankruptcy of one of the brokers does
not affect the work of the whole project. Payment system bankruptcy is also a risk. The payment system
itself is an intermediary in financial transactions. Initially, more than 5-7 payment systems will be used to
minimize risks and optimize withdrawal limits.
2. The broker 's reluctance to give away trading profits.
The broker 's reluctance to give profits in most cases is due to the grey schemes of the broker himself
(B-book). We offer to work with the top 10 brokers of the world, thus reducing the risks of manipulation
by the broker.
3. Federal legislation 115 "Legalization of proceeds of crime" (relevant to the Russian Federation).
Russian banks block accounts of residents of the Russian Federation, in case of receipt of funds
dollars (115-FL). Such senders include all offshore and European brokers. I propose to work in Russian
brokers only under the license of the Central Bank of Russia and the Republic of Belarus. When working
with such brokers, all trading and banking transactions will be carried out in the national currency.
4. Force majeure (wars, cataclysms, covid19).
5 The human factor is health, risk of managers' accident.
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