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Backed by Funkhaus Berlin, Black One is realizing the ultimate, plug & play one-stop entertainment ecosystem for top talent in music & the first modern fully integrated entertainment company in the West, like they have so far only existed in Asia.

Dubbed by insiders as a future potential "Rocket Internet for Music", Black One is ready to make a dent into the severely inefficient, fragmented, unfair $56B/year music industry.

Current Status

- In the first 16 months: 600.000 visits on our website from more than 50 countries in the world (no paid marketing), 18.000+ talent applications, 1700+ registered users on the online academy, growing day-by-day faster and so far 100% organically since we never ever spent a cent on online / paid marketing
- Gathered excellent, diverse and experienced team with 75+ years in experience and vast global network: with former Chief Design / Product officer from JYP Entertainment (>$1B market cap in Korea), Chief Marketing Officer (former Head of Growth at Native Instruments, 2x exited entrepreneur)
- Wide brand recognition already in the field of music/entertainment, especially among generation Y and millennials
- About to create first revenues with digital and physical co-product with vocal coach with 1M+ subscribers on Youtube, goal 250-500K+ Euro in first 18 months after launch
- Black One X: internal marketing agency about to create 150-200K+ in revenues this year
- Granted IBB Gründungsbonus (50K) + Invest Zuschuss Angel BAFA granted
- 2.5M+ Euro Space for Equity deal with the biggest music centre in the world Funkhaus Berlin in pipeline
- Partnership with Dan Pearlman Group for execution and realization of campus
- Growing interest also from established artists with high existing revenue streams
- First external round fundraising has started in May (1M total size, 100K Euro (10%) already committed by one angel), private funds will be leveraged with German government kickback programs which turn 1M Euro to close 1.5M Euro

Problem or Opportunity

The music industry is underserving top talent. Finding the next big star has never been more expensive. Major labels alone are spending over $4.5+ billion a year to find and sign new artists. Yet, even once signed, 9 out of 10 of these artists still fail. Why is this happening?

Today’s hyper-connected world has changed how we discover rising stars and consume content. Yet, the market still doesn’t provide the development opportunities and dynamic environment modern artists need to succeed.
Artists need to figure it all out themselves. Creating a constant stream of high-quality content remains one of the biggest challenges artists face. Big stars remain at the top because of the multi-million dollar teams they create. At Black One, we can model this process and effect for a fraction of the cost.

Solution (product or service)

- Black One Audition: online audition and discovery platform (will be built into a micro-social network, also with machine learning filtering after funding)
- Black One Academy: Online + Offline Products with Coaches, online audition platform (validated demand)
- Black One Music: music + digital content (evergreen market and music is the Killer content number 1 among all content categories)
- Black One Ventures: to-be, one integrated world of products, brands and experiences (please refer to business model slide), billion-dollar markets, where influence and reach is everything for high sales, first venture Black One X (In-House Agency) and


Competitors: to a certain extent major labels, but strong differentiation in our USP and Degree of Innovation and also in "Positioning" as a modern integrated entertainment business.

Our benchmarks are these kind of modern integrated entertainment companies like they only exist in Asia and South Korea, please have a look in finance how well they are working.

Overall, also no comparable entertainment companies from (central) Europe, the UK, North- or South Americas. We are the first with such an approach in the Western hemisphere and are thus getting so much validation and rave reactions.

Advantages or differentiators

1. Adaptation of entertainment / content / media / marketing / distribution best practices fr om Far East & West and transfer of competitive sports, startup management and development principles to the music world and in the long run to other creative fields, all summed up in the Black One Approach (300+ pages)

2. Accelerating & Building Tracks: We offer two tracks: a) Accelerating for more established artists with an existing follower base of 500K-3M b) But in the long term, "building" and shaping talent at an early age fr om 14-16+ becomes the core business. And no one offers an “incubating track” for young talent in the Western world

3. Strong Digital & Data-Driven Production, Marketing, and Distribution Approach: good network to social media and marketing talent, therefore with relatively little capital investment large audience and large reach can be generated. We leave nothing to chance; after all, "stars" are not just born, but systematically "made".

4. Growth Hacking, Talent Pool & Cost Efficiency: our production can be much more cost-efficient and faster than e.g. major labels because in-house and in cooperation with freelancers and above all a perfect location for the company has already been acquired: Space / Infrastructure for Equity Deal with Funkhaus Berlin with a total area 200.000sqm+, 50.000sqm+ floor space; planned independent space for Black One with 3000sqm+ office, production, academy, event space. Berlin offers the perfect starting position within Europe.

5. Special Market Access and Know-how for the Asian markets (Korea, Japan, China, Southeast Asia): we will also establish strategic marketing, distribution or even JV partnerships with local power players there. These also have an interest in becoming even bigger in Europe. Our DNA and also team is hybrid (Far East and West), e.g. thus we will also cast and build up multicultural groups that specifically also are able to speak the languages of these target markets. In addition, another huge opportunity has just arisen, we can

6. Technology Approach & Startup DNA: Entertainment / Content must use the latest technologies to remain relevant. The CEO Klaus Wilch has a large network into the tech world and we are looking for early cooperation with music-, media- and tech companies and the final goal is to integrate them into our ecosystem, see more in the business model.

7. CULTURE, CULTURE, CULTURE: We are the ultimate one stop platform for true 360 degree development, building and accelerating through collaborative production and access to technology, resources in marketing, branding, business etc. but the most important asset is our culture from the Funkhaus Berlin, which enables us to attract and retain talent and fend off competition, because it is almost impossible to copy a “cool” working culture 1:1.

8. TIMING has never been better!: talent from all over the world is looking in the West for a company offering similar things to what a modern K-Pop company offers, and they find us. And that kind of holistic co-building approach will not attract young but also established talent (huge names in music!)

9. “Content is King”: and the “content wars” just have started with all relevant players in tech trying to acquire new forms of content and vice versa e.g. Tencent investing into Universal Music, William Morris Endeavor buying other brands and investing into tech startups, wh ere content meets tech, magic happens, and to be the original content provider is wh ere the true power lies in the future

10. FINAL GOAL – ONE WORLD OF CONTENT, PRODUCTS, LIFESTYLE, MUSIC & MEDIA TECH ECOSYSTEM: Dynamic content, especially music content is "King" to build a massive audience and fanbase. This audience is then systematically monetized and bound into this world.

Summing up, in essence, "culture, “physical space” as well “systems/frameworks” are the most important asset for defending against competition and are very difficult to close to impossible to copy. Plus we do not even have to do the extreme unfair 90% to 10% contracts that major labels like to do, and everyone complains about. That alone is enough for talent to switch sides.

Money will be spent on

30% Team
45% Talent & Product Developemnt
25% Black One Campus
In total 3 years runway to create massive proof-of-concept (revenues + profit)

Offer for investor

Please inquire.

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