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Clinics annd Hospitals integrated patient services

Market: Medicine
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Date of last change: 27.04.2020
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CHIPS is a trusted cloud-based practice management system that will bring the medical healthcare practice to a new measure.
CHIPS is a fully automated medical solution designed to provide healthcare entities with the required tools for e-Managing medical practice that will maximize patient satisfaction, save time per patient, and hence increase profit.
CHIPS provide easy interfaces, 24/7 Accessibility, and integrates easily with other vendors.

Current Status

We already achieving sales over than 1000 successful transaction we are serving Saudi German Hospital in Cairo, Ganzori hospital, etc and few small clients.


Our Market Segmentation is based mainly on demographic factors leaving us into these criteria:
Common Criteria
- Physicians, Clinic owner,
- 29 to 65 years old,
- Male, Female,
- Have personal computers in clinics or willing to have.
- Works in Hospitals, Poly clinics, Clinics.
Different Criteria
1. Governmental sectors who have private clinics
2. Governmental sectors who works in poly clinic
3. Private sector Who have private clinics
4. Private sector who works in poly clinics
5. Private sector who own or run poly clinic and hospitals.
3.3 Target Market Segment Strategy

Targeting Criteria Types 1,3,4&5.
Type 1 is not recommended due to unavailability or apply the system in governmental hospitals or for those who work in it and doesn’t have their own private clinics. While the other types are supposed to have clinic, poly clinic, hospital who got the ability to apply the system on it and to adapt new technologies on it.
However, in our targeting strategy we are not targeting physicians only but also decision makers executive officers and hospital managers who might be not a physician.
3.4 Positioning
Targeting the physicians, health care providers who are in need to digitalize their process, to have higher patient service quality, seeking to compete in the new trend of measuring higher patient satisfaction and more compliance.
3.5 Current Size
Market in egypt now has 25000 Physicians in private sector, with 98000 Physicians in the governmental sector and 1100 Private hospitals.
3.6 Growth Potential
Each year new fifteen 15 private hospitals added to the market and around 5000 to 7000 physicians per year.

Problem or Opportunity

To summarize the problem:
1- Trend moving towards paperless organization due to quality calibers.
2- Patients moving towards reservation to secure their roll before step in.
3- Patients want to know their position clear and declared.
4- Physicians wants to organize and access their patients’ medical files.
5- Physicians seek to connect all their devices to one hub that collect them all.
6- Physicians feel the market trend adjustment and begin to focus on improve their quality of services.
7- Physicians and owners have lack of information and analysis about their business.
8- Telemedcine is a must during corona virus outbreak.

Solution (product or service)

Applying CHIPS is not a theory or a hypothesis to be tested in market. Actually, the solution J-technology created is alive and applied in many places.
CHIPS bypassed testing stages and implementing stages and now we are in maturity phase for it is functionality and ability to apply the concepts required to do so it is an ultimate valid solution that covers all the problem health care privier faces like Reservation , Electronic Medical record ,Billing system , inventory management , Queuing system and Evaluation System


The market is still in early development and still open for many opportunities, However the main concern regarding our direct competitors that’s why we mainly focus on financial fund so we can outstand our current work and move towards market player then market leader in a very short time putting in consideration that none of the direct competitors have more than 100 Client leaving the market wide open to new opportunities and leaving us in a good position to fight for it.
Regarding indirect competitors they are the market leaders now and our main concern if they switched their orientation towards our business trend leaving us exposed due their power in clients and financial coverage in market , however when indirect competitors tried to this before like Vezeeta when produced dr bridge it became unsuitable and un demandable for the trend as it lacks a lot of features and benefit our systems can provide leaving them in a critical spot that the declined their work on dr bridge and concentrated more on Vezeeta system.
Our indirect competitors are a good opportunity for us to make an alliance with them as their main job is to generate leads to the clients and our main job is to organize and take care of those leads. Hence working together will be a great opportunity to create a new environment and new culture with higher business quality systems that serve the health care providers and patients.
3.13 Direct Competitors:
Easy Clinic
Softex Clinics Manager online
Doctor Bridge
Compu Medical
3.14 In Direct Competitors:

My Clinic

Advantages or differentiators

Our Competitive advantage mainly focused on our experience in managing Mega hospitals like SGH Cairo etc. leaving us in a complete understanding sector of the health care system. Also, the concept of customization is our ally in all our ways of developing to enable flexibility of CHIPS to all our clients. Nevertheless, the many features we provide that aligned with the market and override it as well.


5.1 Revenue/Sales Forecast

Our dew point is expected to be achieved after 20 months from having our fund and having a growth formula according to the following:
In first year, our expected net profit margin is: -556%
Second Year: -11%
Third Year: 71%
First year Profit margin is low due to fixed and variable costs included in calculation.
Sales Forecasting As the following:
First Year: 200 Contract
Second Year: 2000 Contract
Third Year: 5700 Contract
Based on monthly subscription for the first slide only meaning the higher package if included as well it will increase net profit margin with less cost consequently.

Business model

MOnthly Subscription .

Money will be spent on

COSTS Estimated
Fixed Costs
Basic Website EGP 70,000 ← Design and creation of a basic website
Office Rent Down Payment EGP 200,000 ← Down payment for the office rent
Machines & Equipment EGP 200,000 ← Printers, Finger print, etc.
Network Equipment EGP 100,000 ← Switches, Rack, UPS, Access points, etc.
Telephone system EGP 300,000 ← Open Source PBX for call management
Security System Installation EGP 100,000 ← Purchase and installation of a security system including cameras and access points
Kitchen Appliances / Cafeteria EGP 100,000 ← Kitchen Appliances
Computer Hardware/Software EGP 200,000 ← Computers, Windows, and Headphones
Offices Furniture EGP 500,000 ← Cubicles, desks, chairs, storage racks
Location Construction / Outfit EGP 300,000 ← Required office construction
Total Fixed Costs EGP 2,070,000
Average Monthly Costs
Employee Salaries and Commissions EGP 150,000 ← Including employee benefits
Staff Health Insurance EGP 5,000 ← Employee Health insurance
Internet Connection (Leased line) EGP 3,000 ← Fee for having an internet connection
Miscellaneous Expenses EGP 5,000 ← Other miscellaneous costs associated
Rent EGP 30,000 ← Office rent
Required software licenses EGP 1,000 ← PMS license and other required software license
Administrative / Training Expenses EGP 5,000 ← Training team, Quality team, HR team, Secretary, office boys, etc.
Advertising and Marketing EGP 100,000 ← Marketing Monthly Budget
Public Utilities EGP 5,000 ← Water, gas, electricity, telephone
Total Monthly Costs EGP 304,000

Offer for investor

CHIPS is promising, innovative, core for next generation of medical management software. We expect that within the next 4 years to put our company in IPOs.
With 300,000 $ fund the investor would take credit notes equity for 20% of the total company equity.
Join us now and take the advantage to grow with us. The investor is welcomed to come and look over each detail in action in any of our current clients to see our work.

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