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Digital worldwide trip planning platform

Market: Tourism, sport
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 21.02.2020
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Our innovative platform offers the travelers free, all in one space to : search, choose, plan, optimize and book their beloved trip.
all the trustworthy tourism giants that gained the trust of the people for many years are now in one space, partnering with our company.
We make trip planning process incredibly easy, flexible and pleasant. Combining on one page tourism giants and their services like: airbnb,, tripadvisor, Omio, skyscanner and much more...

Current Status

The product need 6 months to reach its final MVP, that means launching the product will be in
the second half of the year. The team will negotiate to gain investment for global market acquisition, which will
increase the impact.
The market acquisition is diversified in different regions of the world. The targeted area is
based on the statistics and analytics of growing amount of tourists in different regions. Our aim is
to connect Asia to Europe and America and vice versa.

Throughout the year of working
together, the team has reached its goals. We can proudly say that our tech team has created the
product prototype from scratch.


The tourism sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. In this
section of our investment proposal we’d like to describe overall statistics &
the trend of global tourism.
For 2019-2020, UNWTO forecasts a 3-4% increase, in line with the historical
growth trend.
International tourist arrivals grew 6% in 2018, 1.4 billion according to the
“Digitalization, new business models, more affordable travel and societal
changes are expected to continue shaping our sector, so both destinations
and companies need to adapt if they want to remain competitive, `` says Zurab
The perceivable demand for the product is high, with already existing market demand, The total
addressable market is 1.5 billion tourists in 2020 which increases to 1.9 Billion tourists in the year
2024. The share of tourists who use Web and mobile for tour planning is 62.5 % which equals to
948 Million tourists, which will reach 1.3 billion, which equals 67.5 % of total tourists in the year

Targeting of the product is towards tourists who travel not only from country to country but as
well the people who travel inside the country. The platform offers an opportunity to build in-
country travel tours based on our algorithm and traveler needs. With our product all the interests
are met, the people with disabilities have special filters to have more accessible locations,
business travelers have special offers from the partners, budget travelers have the best and the
cheapest deals for them.
The only barrier which is possible to overcome with a large marketing campaign is an outreach
to the people, the brand of must be as known as possible.

Problem or Opportunity

When we talk about digital tourism services that travelers need for trip planning, we mean going
through tons of websites, wasting time and additional money paying tourist agencies to avoid all
the discomfort.

Our startup is oriented on customer needs and comfort. We are creating a platform where the
biggest online tourist company services will be connected to our platform, such as flight tickets,
hotels, car rental, restaurants, museums, sightseeing and many other services that travelers need
to get during their trip. There is a large amount of information on the internet and it’s hard to
manage all of it and make the right decision for a person who is on a budget not only money, but
time and energy wise too. Avoiding this discomfort brings the customers to the travel agencies,
where the companies sell pre-planned trips, which are not even close to being exclusive.
According to our research, not a single online platform has the kind of service to offer to the
customers, that we do.

Solution (product or service) is a one-pager, the most user-friendly platform, which travelers
will have their hands on. We offer smartest and the most time-efficient way of trip planning that
has yet entered the market.
We combine unique features with our main page user experience, based on the interests and
a budget of the traveler - with just one click, our smart generator will plan one’s desired trip.
We tried to be different and innovative, yet relevant. Analyzing the weaknesses of the
competitors, lack of user experience and unsophisticated algorithms, was the main reason for us
to create the platform. Our platform plans trips for business and leisure travelers and not only
them but for people with disabilities too. This means that trip can be fitted to any person’s needs.


There are a couple of companies that are generating revenue based on the product. There
also are big companies considered as indirect competitors who we will partner up with. These are
the companies which offer trip planning system with other services, but their user-experience is
unsophisticated, meaning the traveler has to do basically everything manually, which leaves the
goal unachieved both for the company and the customer. The companies which are listed below
are representing the competitive market in which we are entering our unique product. These
companies are already operating globally. Most of them do not have the features like us: No
optimization algorithm, no cross-device, only partially time estimation, no money/spending
prediction, have no transportation offer, are not all in one-page planners and have no flight price
comparison. The companies are :
Tripit, Inspirock, TripifyApp-Spain, Portugal and South America, TravelHobo - India.

Advantages or differentiators

The startup has optimization algorithm, is cross-device, has full estimations, has money/spending prediction, has transportation offer, is all in one-page planners and has flight comparison algorithms.

The advantage is that since the company is an aggregator of the leads, the large companies are happy to partner with us.


The financial model is based on cashback from an affiliate program - the approximate amount is 13 dollars per person net.

Business model

The business model considers in itself Affiliate cashback from the partner websites based on the number of successful bookings that were made by the user. The cashback model gives you up to 50 percent of net income from single booking-redirect.

Money will be spent on

The money will be spent on the development process of an MVP which will take 4 months, as well as the maintenance fees, SEO and management expenses. The spendings are already managed throughout the year and is discussable with an investor and interested person on demand.

Offer for investor

Note : is a virtual zone company which is free of VAT 18% lifelong


Technological risk , Milestone risks, Partner and coworker risks, Procurement risks, Budget risks.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment


Won the competition and other awards

Welcome challenge 2018 : 3rd place
Get in the ring Tbilisi : Half finalist


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Photo 5 - Digital worldwide trip planning platform
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