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100% insurance of investors deposits in the Forex market

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The essence of the work lies in the popular mechanism of investing Forex Copy. Investors automatically copy the transaction while making a profit or incurring losses. The difference between similar projects selling signals is that investors' deposits are 100% insured, and in case of losses by the end of the month all funds will be returned to the accounts.

Current Status

The project is at the development stage and needs seed investments.
-Developed business model
-Developed Brand and Marketing Policy
-Developed and tested: trading strategy, insurance mechanism, inequality and the proportion of break-even.
-The simulation of 1000 different development scenarios from the worst, to the best, in any of them the project brings profit.
-Installation of an agreement on cooperation with Forex broker.


The daily turnover of the Forex market as of 2017 is 4 trillion dollars, of which almost 65% of the funds are invested in trust management.
If we talk about the real target segment of demand, then it is measured by 4-5 billion dollars, since the lion's share of investors' capital is in the management of private managers working individually for one investor.
Our target segment is investors with low and medium capital.

Problem or Opportunity

The Forex market repels serious investors with a high degree of risk. There are 4 serious companies around the world that provide market signals to investors, but none of them guarantees anything.

Solution (product or service)

We offer 100% insurance of the funds that investors will connect to our transaction copying system, which will not imply additional costs on the part of the investor. The insurance service is completely free, and is an optional option.


There is no direct competition with the project as such, there are only aggregators of traders who act as intermediaries between individual traders and investors. Among examples of more or less seriously organized platforms: Zulutrade and MyDigiTrade. Their main problem is that anyone can offer their services as a trader, which means that there is a great risk of getting on an inexperienced trader who after several months of successful trading can seriously damage the investor's deposit. And responsibility for this will not be borne. Investors invest money at their own peril and risk, but nevertheless these two platforms in total managed to gain several tens of millions of dollars of investor capital.

Advantages or differentiators

In addition to the already mentioned 100% insurance, InvIns has the following competitive advantages.
-Profitability. The strategy of opening trading positions is time-proved, and shows high average profit figures - 10.5% of the deposit per month, at 1% risk.
-Variativity. The investor can independently choose the degree of risk, instead of 1% you can set a maximum value of 10% per transaction and earn 10 times more. In any case, with a loss, the deposit is 100% insured.
-Low commissions. Our commission is only 10% of the profit received by the client, at a market average of 35%.
Referral system. Investors have the opportunity to earn more in partnership with us, receiving 10% of the deposit of their client, monthly.


The following is the minimum and maximum simulated financial results for 5 years (we have developed a financial results calculator under different conditions in Excel format, and we are ready to provide it for making a decision about investing):
1. Profit without attracted customers, with the worst results of trading:
1 year - 8460 $
2 year - 8460 $
3 year - 8460 $
4 year - 8460 $
5 years - 8460 $

2. Profit without attracted customers, with the best trading results:
1 year - 32460
2 year - 32460
3 years - 32460
4 year - 32460
5 years - 32460

3. Profit at attracting 100,000 $ annually of the capital of investors at an average risk of 5%, the worst results of trading.
1 year - 371460 $
2 year - 734460 $
3 year - 1097460 $
4 year - 1460460 $
5 year - 1823460 $

4. Profit by attracting annually 100000 $ of investors' capital at an average risk of 5%, the best results of trading.
1 year - 1055460 $
2 year - 2078460 $
3 year - 3101460 $
4 year - 4124460 $
5 year - $ 5147460

Business model

The business model of the project, in the presentation, you can find in the attached files.

Money will be spent on

Seed investment and Basic deposit, which is the basis for the company's operations.

Offer for investor

When collecting the funds necessary for start-up, 50% of the company is placed, which will be distributed in accordance with the deposit. royalty payments monthly.


-Change legislation of the country of legal registration of the company (Republic of Moldova), in the field of a license for exchange activities.
-The precedent of creating an insurance mechanism in the Forex market will provoke the research activity of our indirect competitors in the field of creating an analog.
-Disclosure of information about the trading strategy. The formula and mechanism can be made public, and this will not be dangerous, since the necessary proportion of break-even is out of reach for most traders to date.


* For the first time, inequality is formulated and the minimum proportion for making a profit, even with the maximum amount of insurance payments.
* Unique financial mechanism of insurance, which has no analogues in the market
* Author's trading strategy, which allows you to achieve the highest possible level of proportions of profits / insurance reimbursements, which is realized within 1% of the risk.
(Unfortunately, all of the above, such as formulas or financial mechanisms can not be subject to copyright, so it is impossible to obtain patents, but the trade strategy is a well-protected trade secret, and it does not even seem to investors)


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