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Sovereign Digital Identity & Privacy Platform

Market: Financial services, Blockchain, Crypto currency, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile applications
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Date of last change: 15.05.2021
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$  300.000
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40 % a year
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$ 6.000.000
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Blockchain-based digital identity network where you are safe from scams and identity thefts, with secure privacy and data protection. Individuals, corporations and governments operating as a safe and cohesive network, improving services and empowering users.

Current Status

Our product is ready to be developed once we secure funding. AVID's CTO, Mark Solomon, has a proven track record and expertise in blockchain architecture.

Estonia developed a National Identity blockchain system in 2012 with multiple features that simplified governance and services with great success. AVID will transform the digital infrastructure with unparalleled security. In line with our vision and goals, we want to create a network that is safe, ethical, efficient and sustainable.

We have had highly positive reviews from industry peers and are in funding talks with retail and institutional investors.


Our first targeted customer base would be 5.19 billion global mobile users, from the age group of 13 to 54. Younger users are receptive to quality new digital products and places emphasis on product design attractiveness, social involvement and community building. Older users want ease of use, high productivity, security and privacy.

In the global market, blockchain apps have replaced centralized apps by $3.9 billion in 2020, and will hit $23.3 billion by 2024. Fraud and identity thefts cost world industries $42 billion in 2020 and both markets are rising due to needs that has to be addressed by newer technologies.

Following on, the next customer base will be SMEs (400 million in 2020) and corporations (40,000 in 2020). Efficient solutions for advertising, human resource and accounting, to name a few, saves time, effort and money. As our world progress digitally, the demand for great products will increase, along with value.

The last customer base are governments wh ere we provide solutions to digital governance features (tax returns, voting, vaccination cards, monies disbursement etc.), immigration and infrastructure upgrade (traffic systems, toll booths etc.).

Problem or Opportunity

In the ever-growing digital landscape, users have been subjected to scams, identity thefts, security and privacy issues. Processes and services relying on physical identification are slow and inefficient.

Besides VPN service subscriptions, we can only place faith and trust in organizations that collects and sells our data. Users comprehend the problem but have no alternatives to switch platforms.

The creation of an ecosystem that values privacy, security and trust between all entities will bring forth positive changes, from the smallest elements to the biggest impacts.


We have no direct competitors in the market we are pursuing. The existing alternative products are from Google, Facebook and other social media apps, Binance and other exchanges.

Advantages or differentiators

The key advantages are:

- sovereign digital identity and data privacy
- safer security protocols (decentralized as opposed to centralized)
- data inter-connectivity for speed and efficiency
- improve services and offerings tied to existing identification process
- a safer ecosystem equals community well-being, thereby driving efficiency
- a global community means more business opportunity co-operations especially during bad times


Avid SaaS (Consumers)
- Average revenue per subscriber (monthly) - $2.99
- Gross margin - 80%
- CAC - $1.20
- MoM growth rate - 27%
- Reactivation rate - 2%
- Churn - 5%

Customers - 250 million (FY 2026)
Revenue - $750 million (FY 2026)
Marketing Spend - $75 million (FY 2026)

Avid PaaS (SMEs)
- Average revenue per subscriber (monthly plan) - $129
- Average revenue per subscriber (yearly plan) - $100
- Gross margin - 70%
- CAC - $40
- Growth rate in new subscribers (monthly plan) - 18%
- Growth rate in new subscribers (yearly plan) - 20%
- Reactivation rate (monthly & yearly) - 2%
- Churn (monthly plan) - 8%
- Churn (yearly plan) - 5%

- Customers - 9.2 million (FY 2027)
- Revenue - $993 million (FY 2027)
- Net profit - $629 million (FY 2027)

Our expectations would be in line with the financial model as the pandemic has hasten the progress of digital economy.

Loan terms

18 months

Interest rate, %


Business model

Avid SaaS
- monthly and yearly subscription revenue
- digital payments, transfers, financial services, FX, international transfers
- advertising revenue

Avid PaaS
- Monthly and yearly subscription revenue
- Digital payments, transfers, financial services, FX, international transfers
- Advertising revenue
- Software design and implementation

Crypto Exchange
- Spreads and commissions
- Listing fees
- Market Making
- Fund collection for IEO/ICO/STO

Solution (product or service)

AVID's key product feature is the digital identity SaaS platform. This product serves as the authentication intermediary on the blockchain main net. The dApp will be a super app that integrates products and services under it.

Businesses and enterprises will be able to subscribe to our PaaS/IaaS platform for analytics, advertising and cloud services in an efficient B2B2C cycle, and saving cost for in-house hardware.

From end-consumers to enterprises, AVID's solutions offers ease and efficiency in a cohesive ecosystem.

Team or Management


The reason why our business might not work will be due to public's lack of awareness towards security and data protection, with the mindset of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". This can be overcome with education in the form of creative advertising and marketing.

We see the risk of regulatory curbs on cryptocurrencies, therefore impacting the value of our network tokens. Competitors will rival with improvements to their products upon seeing growth in this market. Therefore it is imperative that our company delivers outstanding products and solutions for acceptance.


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