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Date of last change: 25.02.2021
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For individuals: A must-have personal safety and emergency
mobile app powered by the Heroes community.
For organizations: A complete solution for managing and
organizing help packed with the best personal safety mobile
app on the market and powerful web-based app for managing
and control of the operations.

Current Status

The Heroes Nearby mobile and web application (Global model) is completely developed and launched on Google Play and Apple stores. The pilot project has been tested and proven in the City of Rijeka, Croatia and partly in Johannesburg, South Africa and has received words of praise and support from the local community.
After 6 months of numerous project presentations and interviews in Croatia with the National Red Cross, associations that help various groups of people, police, firefighters, doctors, and based on their feedback, we decided to further develop and enhance the system but also to pivot our business model. At that point, we actually stopped all marketing activities until we finish this phase.
Now we are at the very end of the development process of the enhanced platform.
Traction is low. There are about 1500 users and 200 heroes at the moment.


- Individuals - Parents and children, chronic patients, the elderly, disabled and their caretakers, students and young people, citizens, tourists, professionals in the field and anyone who wants to feel safer.
- Organizations that help people, associations, groups and teams of all sizes
- Cities and local authorities, emergency services, insurance companies

Market and timing
When the Heroes Nearby project was started, the team has analyzed security trends in the EU and the world and estimated that the need for personal safety will be a key need in the coming challenging times. So far, the estimate has proved to be correct and unsafe situations have escalated in the meantime. As an example, the Covid-19 pandemic situation has shaken the world and the constant riots and situations in the USA have affected a large number of America’s population. We are unfortunately safe to assume that the situation will be even more challenging in the near future. At this point, the feeling of insecurity is on the rise as well as the crime rate. Some circumstances like the migrant crisis in Europe, tensions in the US and the Middle East, terrorism, pandemics etc. are part of it, but we think that the main problem is the inadequate presence of the basic human principles of humanity, goodness, empathy, and selflessness. Also, the lack of connection in local communities and alienation has created a social moment in which personal safety and a sense of security are deeply threatened.

Problem or Opportunity

There are many safety challenges at a personal and family level (kids and family safety, injuries, elderly problems, chronic patients issues, violent incidents, all sorts of threats, family violence, bullying, car accidents, etc.) as well as at the city and local community level (natural disasters, terrorism, etc.) where more people are affected at the same time. Our Heroes Nearby team has developed an innovative and very flexible web and mobile solution that covers all mentioned life situations and over-performs all technical solutions on the market today.

Solution (product or service)

Heroes Nearby mobile app for families and individuals
The Heroes Nearby emergency app is a must-have and acts as a precautionary measure, gets you help quickly, and gives you peace of mind and a greater sense of security.
Our emergency app also allows professionals and individuals to be true Heroes of their community and help fellow citizens, neighbors and loved ones in any situation.

Helpdrome - A powerful platform for managing and organizing help that allows our clients (organizations, groups and teams of all sizes) to create and run their own independent network of helpers and help-seekers.
Helpdrome is a complete solution for managing and organizing help packed with the best personal safety mobile app on the market, a smart panic button (optional), and a powerful web-based app for managing and control of the operations.

How does the concept work?
The Heroes Nearby software enables the possibility of addressing any type of unsafe situation with just one button press inside the application or with pressing a wearable smart button that is connected to the application via Bluetooth. With every SOS call, the user can attach all types of multimedia files like photographs, videos and audio recordings that may provide information of utmost importance to the responding emergency services and Heroes. The application has several built-in SOS templates that the user can modify according to one’s needs. Additionally, the software supports the creation of an unlimited number of custom SOS templates that enables the user to create customized personal templates according to his/her life circumstances.

Who exactly are the Heroes?
The Heroes can be Members of State and local services, doctors and nurses, police and firefighters, associations that help women, children, and the elderly, sports clubs, businesses who want to give back to the community and individuals – parents and teachers, professionals, sportsmen, all open-hearted men and women.

In order to better understand the concept, we find it imperative to include a couple of examples of the application’s use:
• Covid-19 pandemic: For people in self-isolation, a custom SOS created can be used for the user’s family or neighbours to bring necessary medication or groceries. In the organizational level, the GPS tracing could have been used by the local authorities to quickly respond to potential medical emergencies and to check the self-isolation violation.
• Healthcare systems: The application can be used by chronic patients in home-care so they can be connected to their doctors all the time, and can receive help more quickly. A chronic patient can prepare one SOS template that will upon activation alert the patient’s doctor, family and friends but also all nearby Heroes that may be the closest to help.
• Ideal for families and senior citizens: A parent can prepare a template on his/hers child’s phone for all kinds of situations that may require fast action, coming safely fr om school, bullying, etc. Senior citizens and their caretakers can use the application in everyday life, from sudden household tasks, to life-threatening situations.
• Mass incidents, e.g. earthquake: The application can be a useful tool for connecting all professionals in the field including medical staff, police officers, firefighters, etc. with civil protection services in order to disburden the system and have clearer communication. With this in mind, the application supports multimedia files that can help in describing the situation and provide more comprehensive information about the incident.
• Street and family violence: The application is especially useful in the prevention of street and family violence wh ere victims can seek help and support from emergency services and professionals, family and friends, as well as the Heroes located nearby the incident. In these types of situations, the application enhances the possibility of receiving immediate assistance from nearby people ready to help. The application also supports incident reports that can be used for witnessing violent situations.

Furthermore, one of the main objectives of this project is education about human values and humanity. By encouraging people to help other people in need, the application will help develop compassion and humanity and reconnect citizens and local communities to act as a whole and bring people closer together.


The most highlighted competitor’s applications are Life360, Namola, B-Safe, and Baxta. All of the mentioned applications do not have the option to include the local community as heroes and are generally focused on getting help and/or tracking your friends and family, plus they do not have an integrational web application. Considering that the Heroes Nearby has a web application and engages the citizens to act and help strangers in need, it surpasses the competitors by having a comprehensive set for personal safety features. Furthermore, the mere number of safety applications available indicates the high interest in personal security tools. For example, the Life360 application has more than 50 million downloads, which also shows the market potential. Another application we find worth mentioning is Google’s Personal Safety application that is designed to be used only on Pixel phones which shows that powerful stakeholders have detected the potential of personal safety applications need and potential markets.

Advantages or differentiators

As far as we know, the Heroes Nearby mobile and web applications is the only platform in the EU and in the world that is envisioned to help people and the community by connecting the community with local Heroes.
For organizations, the Heroes Nearby application provides an innovative and one-of-a-kind solution on the market in terms of people management and field operations.
Considering the application’s possibilities and flexibility, the Heroes Nearby system and mobile application by far surpass all current personal safety applications on the market.
In terms of impact on society and education, we believe that the whole Heroes Nearby project is one of a kind and has multiple uses for local communities in the world.


Revenue streams
- 280.000 active users in 10 bigger cities (in a 2 year’s period)
- The company is projected to obtain 162.700 € in two years’ time from sponsorship/partner agreements
- Helpdrome SaaS platform - 405.000€ for 1000 paying customers in a 2 year’s period (mostly in a 2nd year)
- The FLIC Button sale commission in 2 years’ time is projected to amount to 27.300 €
- The Mobile App premium feature is projected to bring revenues from the second year on. The expected revenue for the 2nd year is 102.300 €.

The project envisages an annual cost of 250,000 Euros. In a slightly slower pace (smaller team) costs can be reduced to 150,000 Euros per year.

Once the ecosystem is complete, the costs are expected to grow by 10%, but the net income should grow from 25-30 % each year.

Business model

• Heroes Nearby Global - a pool of partners in the project
with sponsorship option
• Helpdrome - software-as-a-service model with
monthly payments on pay per use base
• FLIC button sale commission

• Subscription model - B2B direct sales & marketing AI
powered solution
• Subscription model - B2C in-app premium features

Money will be spent on

The project needs funding for strengthening the team, finishing the server part of the platform, marketing the platform, creating the user base, reaching higher user acquisition rates and being able to continue to develop the project and the application. With the funding, the project will become sustainable by hitting a target number of 200.00 users within 2 years.

Offer for investor

We are open to discuss the investing models in the process of negotiation.


Despite the big potential market, the biggest risk lies in the number of users and organizations that will take part in the Heroes Nearby initiative. Despite the application’s potential to be used inclusively by friends and family, the major challenge is to build Heroes Nearby communities around the globe since the full potential lies with broader application use in the community.
Another potential risk that applies to all software solutions, is the possibility of security breechings. The Heroes Nearby mitigates this risk by using the most advanced systems and protocols for data protection and data management, including encryption. All parts of the ecosystem are GDPR compliant, the application follows the GDPR requirements

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment


Won the competition and other awards

In December 2020, we were awarded the Seal of Excellence for project quality by a very competitive EU tender (SME instrument, Horizon2020).


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