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An end-to-end recruitment and on-boarding platform

Market: Internet and IT, Services, Another
Stage of the project: Prototype or product is ready

Date of last change: 01.04.2020
Min investment
$  50.000
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Total required
$ 600.000
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It's a cliche but still gold that getting the right people in the bus is every single founders mission. It can't be always based on your guts especially once a team is involved in. You need a help to standardize, atomate it and manage the whole process seamlessly and collaboratively.

QPage is a smart way to automate your recruitment and on-boarding process. AI came to play a help role on shortlisting, JD and many more.

Current Status

- The product is in public beta launching phase got more than 300 regidtred accounts.
- We are in the stage to make few improvements on flow, UX and bring up subscriptions, integrations and payment gateway up.

- The company is incorporated recently and we are in the stage to open a business bank account.


Buyer Persona
Harry, The Cost-Cutting VP of HR at an exponential Startup

Harry’s Story:
Harry is the VP of HR at an exponential startup headquarters in London, where He’s been a HR leader for years. He used to work as a HR Director at Retail Industry.

Harry is having trouble finding right solution to get rid of overwhelming complexity on using different solutions and reduce operation of manual works in his team while looking forward to an enjoyable self-service solution for company and its employees with a reasonable cost.

He earned few diplomas in people management besides her MBA in human resource management and now striving to find a seamless more automated method to integrate his processes in selection and retention process, performance management, LMS and G&A where he can cut 50% of annual cost and allocate it to design new employee’s perks to bring up the company’s attraction for talent.

A Real Quote:
“My goal is to reduce employee churn by 20% next year, fix our exit interview process, and find a new way to cut another 50% in selection process while finding a new payroll and benefits management system that will cut down our department’s manual data entry and support time.”

Problem or Opportunity

Managing the entire recruitment and on-boarding has been a hassle and is getting more crucial to tech companies to attract, select, hire and on-board them at scale or properly.

Companies which started the HR tech revolution some time ago are now finding it difficult to maintain the abundance of systems in one company. Having an app for everything is a blessing in disguise. An average company uses four to five HR systems, which makes information workflow and controlling it a lot harder and more time-consuming. There’s a real demand for “one-stop-shop” platforms built individually for business’ needs.

Using current solutions with the need of integrating other solution into one is big pain for recruiters, while lacking automation, ustomization and AI make them ready to find a better and comprehensive service for recruitment and on-boarding.

Solution (product or service)

QPage aims to help SMEs especially Tech Startups to overcome an overwhelming complexity of tons
of HRtech SaaS services by offering a total solution powered by AI/ML, great UX/UI and gamification
starting with Selection process automation (ATS and On-Boarding modules) automating JD,
Assessments, Shortlisting, semi-crowdsourced interviews, dynamic workflow, organizational charts,
new joiners on-boarding and engagement system, company internal communication channel, scoring
system and tribe inside communication.


- Workable with over 10 k subscriber is among top players though the most users are in US market. Their product is on top in compare with other competitor
- with 5k
- and recruitee with over 2k monthly subscriber.

The market is still untapped to be served while an estiation of 30 M SMEs are in growth stage

Advantages or differentiators

The first one is the philosophy of customer when we have designed a multi sided platform to not just serve recruiters but also employess, applicants and other stakeholders such as management level
- Another factor is the seamless experience a user can have in the platform inclusing smooth design, automations, collaborative way of recruitment we provided and built-in solutions


Unlike other global competitors who offers $ 99 per job vacancy limitation on subscription and limited user access model with 14 days of trial on ATS or $6.19 per employee per month for the “Essentials package” and $8.25 per employee per month for the “Advantage package” on their simple ATS platforms, QPage will offer an unlimited user access lifelong basic feature free on each modules separately, however we offer "Gold subscription plan" by €499 monthly/annual basis which enables advanced features and integration as well. We plan to offer a "Platinium Plan" with no limitation by € 999 monthly including built-in paid partners integrations.
The pricing model with unlimited user access will let us acquire employees to be a common languagein the company, empower our AI and ML algos accuracy and penetrate into other markets by referrals.

Business model

- Customer Value Proposition:
Saving employer’s time, costs and energy in recruitment and on-boarding process
- Target Customer
SMEs and especially Start-ups in growth stage
- Jobs to be done
To solve the historical yet today world problem of a integrated Selection and
Retention integrated process.

- Revenue Streams:
Selling Subscriptions and advertising

- Key Resources:
People are the main assets as the company is a tech company
People: Tech and IT team, Business Development, Sales, Marketing in digital and offline, HR, Customer satisfaction

Money will be spent on

It mainly goes to find talents in Tech, AI and Data, Sales and Marketing departments while we need to set up a small account management, customer support as well.
Another big chunck will go to marketing budget mainly on content, HR summits, adwords/pixel and road shows.

Offer for investor

We have no idea on what would be a fair valuation.
Given you must have a sense of our general valuation, how do you feel the market is pricing rounds like ours these days? After all — we only raise once every 1–2 years!

Team or Management


1. Barriers to entry

High production costs
Brand recognition challenges
High marketing costs
Talent Acquisition and need for specialized technology in AI and ML

2. Threats and opportunities

Changes in technology such as technology stacks, basic requirements shifts on new advanced technologies
Legal and Regulation unfamiliarity
Changes in the economy such as recession can impact severely on SMEs spending and HR services
Changes in industry such as a rapid shift on workforce management

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

We not participated in any program yet.

Won the competition and other awards

- First Rank Award and Trophy for Best performance of an electronics biz. to over passed stretch goals thru innovation and TDR project. Best business performance 2012
- Best Employee of the year 2010 in LG Electronics


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