Healthy meat processing and packaging

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We aim to qualitatively process and package a healthy and holistic meat product for the Nigeria market.

Current Status

We have already procured a permanent site for the abattoir in an area in kaduna south with low population density and free of noise. And we are able to sell only processed chicken meat product at the moment to a couple of meat whole-sellers.


Our target market are middle and high income earners as well as elderly people. According to the data of the Nigerian population commission of 2006, it shows that the state a fast growing middle class young population of between 60-70% of the total population. So we estimated at 30% the economically viable members of this populace which is about 6.5million so 30% of that is 1,950,000. Hence based on our envisaged production capacity and distribution network we can target 15% of this market. On the average a kilogram of our processed and packaged meat product sells for $3.8, hence our Total
Addressable Market(TAM) is $1,111,500, this is a potential revenue estimates and typically our costs take a 30% chunk of revenues.
And furthermore Our customers can mainly be grouped based on demographics of income level and education such as the middle and high income earners and young adults. And based on the benefits of the products e.g. personalization like low fat white meat of grass-cutter and chicken for elderly people and its quality such that restaurant resellers and eateries would have a product that is not only qualitative but also more for same(i.e more quality but same price they are used to)

Problem or Opportunity

In Nigeria, we normally say "disease no dey kill African man" i.e. disease doesn't kill an African, whereas diarrheal disease alone is the fourth leading cause of death in the continent and the third in Nigeria, As in a state like Kaduna The third largest in Nigeria with a population of 6.5million people as at 2006, there is no standard abattoir yet that meets basic health standards with the attendant diseases risks because unhealthily processed meat products is a veritable source of disease transmission, such as cholera, typhoid and diarrhea.

Solution (product or service)

Our aim is to establish a standard abattoir to process and package meat products healthily in Kaduna .The procurement of a standard abattoir cannot be overstated. With an increasingly enlightened populace and working based on minimum health requirements for establishing an abattoir set by the state ministry of health, with advisory support from the veterinary council of Nigeria and an in-house veterinary doctor to properly and healthily process and package the most staple meat products for consumption. (including goat, cows, sheep, turkey, chicken and grass-cutter meat products)We are also favorably disposed to creating an app known as “nama" (meaning meat in the local Hausa parlance), so our customers could just be a click away from getting their favorite meat parts and products, and this service is to cover our state of business So basically, we shall buy the raw materials(live animals) and fatten if the need arises to meet the desired weight, then slaughter and package healthily for sales.


Central Abattoir, Zango, Tudun Wada, Kaduna; Familiarity with the customers, Variety of product. Unhealthy environment and low standard of processing and packaging.
Barnawa market abattoir, Barnawa, Kaduna; Easily accessible, Variety of product, Unhealthy environment and low standard of processing and packaging
Dala Farms(Gbaitatu, kamazou Kaduna); Variety of product, Inflexible delivery and supply pattern and not easily accessible.

Above are our top three competitors with their strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages or differentiators

Our secret sauce of quality processing and packaging and we provide a holistic product that meets health needs in an eco-friendly way making use of natural grass and soya-bean in our animal fattening procedures. Our in–house and qualified veterinary doctor formulates the feed. We satisfy our customers by giving them a meat product that is healthily processed and packaged for optimum enjoyment using inert gasses such as nitrogen gas as a preservative. Whilst striving to meet all regulatory requirements. Like that of NAFDAC(National Agency for food and drug, administration and control)And we customize healthy protein extracts and white meat from chicken and grass-cutter for those customers who are prone to risks of high Cholesterol and cancer like elderly people.


All in dollars($)
Annual Projected production capacity = 40 tons
Fixed costs include; raw materials, i.e. the live animals purchase = 25,000 salaries and wages = 2,500, operations costs = 52,115 maintenance of facility and disposables = 300, Tax and levies = 150, cost of sales = 476 .

Variable costs include; feeding and medications = 3,000 marketing costs = 500, fuel, distribution van and power = 1000
Break even point = Average price of each product = 3.4/kg Average cost of making each product = 2,
Fixed monthly/ yearly cost =11,295/75,541. Percentage profit = 40%
Sales needed to break even = 22000kg at 6th month of operations

Business model

Our operations cost is the most important cost factor in our processing(i.e. buying the live animals and fattening naturally to meet desired eight, slaughtering and packaging). Salaries, cost of sales and maintenance costs(especially fuel costs, cold room, and power) as well are taken into consideration importantly in relation to our revenue. Our costs take a 30% chunk.
By selling our products. We receive payment mainly in cash after the processed and packaged meat products are supplied,(including processed and packaged goat, cow, chicken, sheep, turkey and grass-cutter meat products) however bank transfers occurs with our major dealers(i.e. resellers). And also through consultancy services on animal fattening and care

Money will be spent on

Capital needed in dollars; 35,000 to be used in procuring the raw materials(live animals = 25,000), to buy a distribution vehicle(5500), A cold room = 1500 And to remodel the facility to meet basic standards = 3000

Offer for investor

We can confidently offer 30% share of our business to investors because we believe the profit margin will be high base on dealings on a smaller scale.


Basic infrastructure problems like power supply and bad roads.
Breakout of diseases
Security threats(theft)
Increase Human population density and activities.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

Accelerate labs, the future project supported by Microsoft
Adansonia Online Entrepreneurship training programme by Bocconi University, Milan.


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