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Description of Services

The main idea of using an MVP first is to test the market with a bare-bones version of your product. This MVP version could be quite simple.
But it must contain the core feature on which your great idea centres and upon which you stake your future.
An MVP contains one core feature set you want to present to the world. One.

The Life cycles of the MVP

Create an idea
Develop a MVP for testing
Get feedback from users
Draw conclusions
Make business decisions

Main rules for your MVP
Easy scalable architecture
In the shortest possible time
Easy and intuitive design
Obligatory testing
Effective management
Variants of reward:
financial reward
Travellers streaming Mobile Application


This project developed for the users who would like to watch real-time tours as hosted by real people and influencers. This application also allows you to become a streamer and share your experience with the audience.
Application was built with React Native technology utilizing most relevant P2P technologies such as Agora and WebRTC.
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Site development
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Description of Services
In the process of working toward a result we follow Scrum methodology, assuring a development workflow that is resource-effective and time-sensitive.

Modern Technologies
Variants of reward:
financial reward

Ground-breaking Healthcare Software Development

We are influencing the digital transformation in the healthcare industry with custom software development. Koitechs is your reliable and innovative technology partner, and together we can improve medical services through technological innovations and ensure the best patient outcomes possible.

Key features for your healthcare project
Appointment scheduling
Online bill payment
Real-time chat for doctors and patients
Remote monitoring

Sport and Fitness Software Solutions

People have been and will always be interested in sports. So much so that Polaris Market Research predicts the Sport App Market Size Worth $ 15.59 Billion by 2028

Therefore, the business owners operating in the sports industry should expect high profits, given a proper business strategy, planning, and management.

So, why don’t you enter the market using one of the most innovative approaches - developing your own custom mobile app or website and launching it for your customers?

No doubts, this idea is not just good, it is sound. Yet, you need to think through the feature list of your future app very thoroughly.

Ideas That You Need to Know
Team management

This type of app can help coaches, trainers, or instructors to manage their team, decide their training time, and keep a record of their performance during different matches. You can also add an in-app messenger so that the coaches can connect and communicate with the team members of a sport.

For attracting more fans, especially millennials, who love watching live matches but don’t like going out so much, you can build a sports video streaming app. Aside from live broadcasts, users appreciate these apps for personalized content based on location and preferences.

Booking app (sports facilities, stadiums, golf tee time etc)

This type of app can help the sports organizers to find a suitable sport facility to organize cricket, basketball, tennis, and other matches across the world. They don’t have to deal with the third-parties to book that facility. Both the facility owners and the organizers can connect and communicate through this platform.

Sports news

For the ardent fans of golf, basketball, football, tennis, and other sports, you can think of developing a dedicated sports news application. Making such an app will keep the sports lover updated with what’s new in the sports world.

Key features for your project

User Account
Payment Gateway
Ticket Sale
Offline mode
Social Media Integration
Live Streaming


E-learning app development has shown promising opportunities even before the Covid-19 thing. This online education niche was expected to reach $350 Billion by 2025.
E-learning web apps improve students’ academic progress. It has surpassed the barriers of space and time and made the students, teachers, and parents stay connected from anywhere in and around the world.

Online education has experienced an excellent transformation with the advent of e-learning web apps. Keep reading and by the end, you will understand the importance of e-learning web apps for your online classroom.

Types of E-learning Platforms
Student Management Systems
Learning Management System
Virtual Classroom Software
Video Conferencing Software
Online Tutoring Platform
Must-have Features of an E-learning Web App

Online Admissions/Signing up
Reporting and Data Analysis
Student Information Management
Quality Content
Quick User Integration
Easy Payment Methods
Online Communities and Social Engagement
The Tests and Quizzes

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