SiFi Acceleration program
SiFi Acceleration program
Acceleration Program for startups that want to apply to the best world acceleration programs.

If you need support to further develop your startup and successfully raise your next investment rounds, apply to this program.

Region of program action:
Global (world)


SiFi is a special program by Startup.Network that provides the best startups with the opportunity to get funding and support so drastically improving their chances to successfully raise their next investment round. This target is achieved through financing, mentoring (US-based mentors), and training to further improve the Startup’s product, team, marketing, and financial efficiency.

What you get

$40,000 investment into the startup which includes:
$10,000 worth program;
$30,000 in cash.

Program services include:
Registration of Company in Delaware (if not yet);
3-month acceleration program based on Silicon Valley Expertise. Three Month membership gives you access to the Silicon Valley in Your Pocket online startup accelerator course, complete with eight training modules geared toward investor readiness and focused on:
1. Building a Market Presence
2. Go-to-Market
3. Competitive Analysis of Finance & KPI’s
4. Leadership & Team
5. Partnership Strategies
6. Fundraising
7. Pitch Preparation

Additionally, the program includes weekly live group office hours, Deal Room set-up for investor due diligence, tools, templates, checklists, and more!

Educational Media Content. We give access to an online platform where Startups can access the expertise, resources, and networks needed to support their growth. We also provide access to an ecosystem that connects entrepreneurs, major corporations, investors, and academic institutions through innovation centers located in Silicon Valley.

Terms of completing

The Program is applicable for Startups that:
- Have two or more founders with a minimum 10% equity each;
- Founders: speak English, and reside or are ready to relocate to the US;
- Have a solution that innovatively addresses a ubiquitous problem with a potential for global scaling, with the solution’s MVP ready or almost ready, client base and existing revenue is an advantage.
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Artem Yurchenko
Send us an e-mail about Your program, we are looking for investors and ready to began a program with a presentation online
Tintin Dossou
],good evening at, we can accompany you in your project, if you are interested please contact the email:
Andrey Tokmakov
Ищу займ или инвестора до 5000$
Ugochukwu Daniel Ejekwu
Applied, keeping fingers crossed.

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