Meet the founder of Raccoon.Recovery - equipment for remote physical rehabilitation (Eng)

Дата: 28.04.2020 - 28.04.2020  | 16:00
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Raccoon.Recovery is a tool used for remote physical rehabilitation after an injury or a neurological disease, which provides better results for patients and saves time for therapists.

The best rehabilitation results are achieved by:

  • gamification;

  • tracking patient progress;

  • remote monitoring capabilities.

Raccoon.Recovery is holding a Bridge Round to close the costs. The syndicate check is $150k. Network VC Syndicate Fund has invested $30k which leaves $70k available for investment. You can enter a transaction with a minimum check of $10k.

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Rehabilitation problems

  •  275 million patients with long-term physiotherapy worldwide annually. 

  • 7 out of 10 patients do not recover. Patients drop out because treatment is ineffective, uncontrolled, and rather boring.

  • Due to a long expensive education and low salaries, physiotherapists are in the TOP-3 specialists whose lack is observed in the market

  • EU and US rehabilitation centers lose 21 billion euros each year


  • A personalized solution for rehabilitation after injuries and neurological diseases, created on the basis of Machine Learning and Big Data, using existing video games

  • Physiotherapists optimize time

  • Patients gain access to timely and effective physiotherapy

Business Model and Scaling

Pricing: One-time payment 249€ to buy devices + monthly subscription for clinic 400€ + 20€ per each patient account.

Customers are rehab centers with scaling government agencies (DVG in Germany) and an insurance company (PZU in Poland).

Collaboration and work with:

  • German Olympic Committee rehabilitation center network

  • Charite and Max Planck institutes, Germany - a pilot solution based on artificial intelligence

health insurance companies in Germany (AOK and TC)


  • public and private physical rehabilitation centers in the EU

  • insurance and government programs

  • directly to end-users (B2C)

About the project in numbers

  • Design Concept - December 2017

  • Product launch - August 2019

  • Revenue in 2019 - €112k

  • Forecast for 2020 - €700k

  • LTV 24 months

  • IPO entry in 3-4 years


  • 16 employees: (8 - full time, 8 - partial)

  • Offices: Berlin, Kiev

  • Production: Kiev

Raccoon.Recovery Achievements

  • Graduate of startup school Y Combinator

  • Accelerator graduate Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin

  • Winner of Startup World Cup Ukraine

  • Finalist of the Startup World Cup

  • TOP 12 companies in TeleRehabilitation by Fortune 100

  • TOP 40 European Startups in Healthcare

  • TOP 35 best world startups by Startup World Cup 2019 (out of 30 000 participants)

  • granted by Horizon2020

  • Supported by World Health - Organization and German Olympic Committee

Register for the presentation webinar with the project founder Svetlana Malevanna. You will find out why we decided to invest in this startup, and you can also ask interesting questions.

The meeting will be held in the format of the presentation + questions and answers.

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