Партнерская программа

Наша партнерская программа объединяет VC инвесторов для заключения лучших сделок.
Теперь мы приглашаем предпринимателей стать частью партнерского соглашения.

Region of program action:
Global (world)

About the program

HACKT partnership helps successful global founders get a brain share of Silicon Valley, even remotely.

We make introductions to your potential partners and clients in Silicon Valley, so you can get traction and have investors chase you, not the other way around.

More info: hackt.com

What does entrepreneur get

— A Dedicated Hacker Assistant
A dedicated hacker on our team will make introductions to people in the network of 17,000 partners, corporation execs, entrepreneurs, clients and experts, offer online support and help you take the most out of the partnership.

— 12 Sessions With Mentors
Choose relevant mentors from our ever-growing networking of experts to work one-on-one with you on your business challenges. These experts might only need 5 minutes to solve a problem that would take you months. And if you’re good, you get to carry on these relationships beyond the program.

— 1-Year Access to Physical Infrastructure
You get a mailbox, 30 hours/month of remarkable meeting space (impress your partners & potential investors), and discounted accommodations at our co-living space in the heart of San Francisco

— A Prestigious ZIP Code
Show your Silicon Valley presence to customers, partners and investors with the 94133 ZIP code, which says “San Francisco center” to anyone reading your official documents or business cards.

— HACKT Academy
Choose one of the four quarterly “Hack Silicon Valley” programs — 10 days of intensive in-person training on the foundations of startups at HACK Temple in San Francisco. In addition to the 10-day program, attend private in-person and online workshops with some of the top experts in Silicon Valley.

— Club Membership
Join a private Facebook community of founders and mentors, connect with HACKT network of professionals and experts, attend our private and public events, and pitch at our demo days.

Terms of completing a program

Apply through Startup.Network and we'll schedule a call to connect with you.

The partnership costs $6,000 per year. We don't take equity in your startup.

HACKT headquarters are located in San Francisco, CA. You DON'T have to be physically present in San Francisco for the duration of the partnership — you can take advantage of most of the benefits remotely (and most of our startups do).

If and when you decide to come to Silicon Valley, you'll have access to our meeting space, discounts for co-living space right next to our headquarters, and invites to our private events in San Francisco.


Startups that went through our partnership won TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battle, found mentors, partners, and clients. Read about them here: hackt.com/category/case-study/

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About the program
What does entrepreneur get
Terms of completing a program
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