Seed Syndicate I  - Ready-made investment portfolio in 3 startups
Seed Syndicate I - Ready-made investment portfolio in 3 startups
Startup pitch

Network VC Syndicate Fund Raises New “Seed Syndicate I” Investments in Earlier Startups by check from $ 10K, packaged in 3 startups.

Region of program action:
Global (world)

Start date

27.07.2021 18:00:00

End date

27.07.2021 19:00:00


Managing partners of Network VC Alexander Soroka and Vasily Nikolaev, as well as leading analyst Vitaly Gnatenko will talk about a new portfolio investment opportunity for members of the syndicate club on July 27.

What you get

Meeting format: 

  • Presentations by portfolio startups: 10 min. presentation + 10 min questions and answers.

  • Speech by Managing Partners of Network VC: Alexander Soroka and Vasily Nikolaev.

  • Analyst's speech: Vitaly Gnatenko - criteria for selecting startups for investment.

Startups  “Seed Syndicate I” syndicates have unique solutions, registered in the US. These startups have good growth prospects if they receive additional investment. 

Network VC Syndicate Fund invites investors to join “Seed Syndicate I” with a minimum check of $ 10K, the round closes on August 8th.

Terms of completing


  • Size syndicate deal:  $500K;

  • Investor's minimum check of $ 10K - $ 250K;

  • Round size “Seed Syndicate I”: $350К - $500К;

  • Places in the  Syndicate - 20 members.


  • "Wizart" - AR visualizer for DIY online stores to increase sales. Wizart enables real-time visualization of finishing materials in DIY shoppers’ homes while preserving a photorealistic perspective, scale and shadows. Confident customers buy more, faster and return purchased goods less.


  • "" - Online platform (marketplace) for booking individual (or for small groups) author tours (private independent guides). They were launched in 2018.The main advantage is the convenience of the platform for users and guides, the algorithm for the selection of tours. 


  • “VoiceScript” - VoiceScript is leading the modernization of the $3.5B US court reporting market by combining its own proprietary state-of-the-art speech and crowdsource technologies with highly specialized and efficient gig-worker production methodologies. This solution reduces the cost of translating voice into text during legal proceedings by about 4 times (from ~ $ 4 to ~ $ 1 per page of text). The term of work is reduced by 2-3 times.




  • A working startup model solves the problem with the potential for global scaling, there is a customer base and initial income;

  • Deep Tech/AI industry;

  • US (Delaware) registration;

  • Startup already has investors (not necessarily a VC);

  • Possibly controversial idea (e.g. Clubhouse).


  • Alexander Soroka - CEO, Startup.Network;

  • Vasily Nikolaev - Managing Partner, Network.VC;

  • Anna Fedorova - CEO, Unicorn Cup;

  • Sasha Johnson - CEO, VC. House, Partner of DFJ VTB Capital Aurora, President of the Global Technology Symposium;

  • Andrey Moroz - Managing Director of;

  • Vitaly Gnatenko - COO, SiFi.


  • Sudhir Kadam - Venture Partner at FYDA Growth

  • Keith Herman - Founder, CEO, Advisor, Author & Keynote Speaker;

  • Jordan Wahbeh - SV Venture group Managing Partner, Vp at Scorpion Capital, and X-MP at Bay Angels';

  • Brett Noyes - CEO | General Partner, UnVentures, INC

How does the business process work

Our international SVSY.Club gives an opportunity for private investors and business angels from all over the world to invest with a check of $10к together with experienced VCs into the best startups that we are able to find via our ecosystem.

  1. Analysts of Network VC Syndicate Fund are carefully selecting startups from the funnel of Network.VC. (Our funnel consists of Unicorn Cup, Startup Network and - 1500 startups per month.

  1. We select 2-3 startups per month for investment through our club and conduct meetings with the founders of startups to find out the investment interest. 

  2. Club Members decide to invest or not invest and how much to invest.

  3. We accumulate funds on our account and transfer them to the startup.

The meeting will take place at:

✅  10: 00 AM New York

✅  03: 00 PM London

✅  04: 00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

✅  05: 00 PM Kiev, Helsinki, Athens

✅  05: 00 PM Moscow, Minsk

✅  06: 00 PM Dubai

✅  08: 00 PM Nur Sultan


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