Bridge round of startup Volumetric - 3D bioprinters that print human tissue
Bridge round of startup Volumetric - 3D bioprinters that print human tissue
Startup pitch

Volumetric startup (Houston, Texas) has provided investors of our SVSY Club with an additional quota for a short bridge round until the end of September. Volumetric startup - production of biomaterials and technologies for high-speed 3D-bioprinting of various human tissues.

Region of program action:
Global (world)

Start date

17.09.2020 18:00:00

End date

17.09.2020 19:00:00


The startup technology allows you to combine different types of biological tissue and build a network of blood vessels for their nutrition. Volumetric\'s high-speed biotissue printing cuts production time from 3 weeks to 3 days and allows pharmaceutical companies to obtain human tissue for drug testing.

The startup is successfully selling its technologies and has already earned more than $ 1.5M in 2 years.

A Volumetric startup is conducting an additional bridge round.

The investment goal of the round is to conduct research and prove the convergence of natural and artificial tissue for testing and drug development. This will bring the startup into a large drug testing and development market.

What you get

- donor search for a patient;
- suppression of the immune system;
- donor organ compatibility and engraftment;
- animal drug testing;
- some of the human organs have no analogs in the animal world.

Growing cells for organs has already entered our life and many laboratories can do it, but only Volumetric technology allows you to grow an entire organ.

High-speed Volumetric bioprinters reduce the production time of biological tissue by hundreds of times, allow you to print various types of tissue based on the patient\'s biomaterial, combine biological tissues and build a circulatory system that supplies them.

The global 3D bioprinting market size was valued at USD 1.2 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.4% from 2020 to 2027. The growth of this market is attributed to a limited number of organ donors, and an increasingly aging population with chronic respiratory diseases.

Terms of completing

- Already raised $ 2.7M;
- The last round of investing is May 26, 2020;
- Key investors: Methuselah Foundation (Founding Investors), Methuselah Fund, TMC Venture Fund, SandHill Angels, Y Combinator, Social Starts, Joyance Partners, Liquid 2 Ventures, Social Starts, Joyance Partners, Kingsley Advani.

- 3D printers use proprietary bioinks;
- Materials, process, and compositions are patent-pending;
- Distributed and sold worldwide by a distributor of CELLINK AB;
- Sold 120 printers since Summer 2019.

- Setting up developmental contracts with top 20 pharma for initial validation studies:
- Duration 18 months;
- $ 1 - $ 1,5M each;
- Opportunities over $20M.


- Founders Bagrat Grigoryan, Jordan Miller;
- A team with over 35 years of experience in biotechnology;
- 3 engineers - developers of printers and microfluidics;
- 2 laboratory scientists - generate tissue check data;
- 1 biomaterial engineer - synthesis of materials;
- 1 BD - Tissue Growth and Acceptance in Pharmaceuticals.

Strategic advisors
- Kevin Coker - CEO of ProximaCRO;
- Sergio Ruiz - Managing Director Methuselah Fund.

Scientific advisory board:
- Elsa Arribas, MD - Associate Professor Department of Diagnostic Radiology The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center;
- William E. Cohn, MD - Vice President for J&J Medical Devices Companies Executive Director, J&J Center for Device Innovation;
- Victor Ankoma-Sey, MD - Director, Liver Transplant Program Sherri & Alan Conover Center for Liver Diseases and Transplantation Houston Methodist;
- Hayden Taylor, PhD - Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering University of California, Berkeley.

- Founded in 2018;
- Revenue 2019 $ 1.5M;
- 2 trademarks registered;
- Assembly, quality assurance done in-house in 5,000 sq ft facility in Houston

- Distributor CELLINK AB - World Leader in Bioprinting;
- Publication in the journal Science in 2019 - Graduate Y Combinator;
- Forbes Magazine Publications

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