Closing a startup deal with Raccoon.Recovery - Equipment for remote physical rehabilitation
Closing a startup deal with Raccoon.Recovery - Equipment for remote physical rehabilitation
Startup pitch

At this webinar, startup founder Svetlana Malevannaya will answer questions from investors deciding to join the deal.
Raccoon.Recovery solves the problem of access to timely rehabilitation and monitoring the correctness of exercises, which saves on the cost to clinics and for insurance. The solution is available by subscription.

Region of program action:
Global (world)

Start date

25.06.2020 16:00:00

End date

25.06.2020 17:00:00


Raccoon.Recovery is an online platform for physical rehabilitation after injuries and neurological diseases that provides access to remote rehabilitation from anywhere in the world, saves therapists time and helps patients quickly achieve rehabilitation goals.

Raccoon.Recovery makes it possible to conduct a digital examination, maintain patient cards, build a rehabilitation course, perform exercises while playing games, watch video lessons, monitor patient progress remotely, and there is also a built-in messenger for communication between the patient and the therapist. To control the correctness of the exercises, patients can use sensors or install an application for tracking movements on their phones.

Raccoon.Recovery is holding a Bridge Round to close this round. The syndicate check is
$150K. Network VC Syndicate Fund invests $30K and $70K is available for investment. You can enter a deal with a minimum check of $10K.

What you get

According to WHO, every year more than 275 million people need long-term physical therapy. According to the World Confederation of Physiotherapy, there are 700 patients per physician per year, with a maximum of 300 served. This means that at least 150 million people a year do not receive proper physical therapy. Patients often do not understand the effectiveness of the exercises performed at home and therefore drop out. At the same time, delayed rehabilitation requires more time, effort and money.

Raccoon.Recovery offers
• the possibility of remote physiotherapy,
• saving time during examination, patient motivation and preparation of reports,
• understandable rehabilitation process, the presence of indicators of achievement of goals and video lessons,
• motivation to perform exercises by integrating the course with video games. Computer games are controlled by movements that are necessary for rehabilitation.

Terms of completing

Raccoon.Recovery is available by subscription. Depending on the functionality, a monthly subscription for one user costs 9.99 / 19.99 / 49.99 euros. Our clients are state and private rehabilitation centers and hospitals (outpatient and inpatient facilities for 50+ beds).

Our target markets are divided into two groups: markets with a developed insurance system and markets where patients pay out of pocket. For the first group of markets, sales are made through insurance companies, government programs, and associations, and for the second group, distributors and digital marketing are the best channels.
Target countries in 2020: Germany, Poland, India, and Italy.

We cooperate with:
• Insurance company PZU Group - a joint pilot for telerehabilitation and solution implementation in outpatient rehabilitation centers in Poland,
• A network of rehabilitation centers under the German Olympic Committee,
• Max Planck Medical Institute in Germany - a joint pilot project to implement the solution in a hospital rehabilitation centers,
• Insurance companies that cover medical services in Germany (AOK and TK),
Now we are also preparing documents for the insurance reimbursement program in Germany, according to the Digital Health Act (DVG), which will make it possible to be fully covered by insurance in the German market.


About the project in numbers
• Design Concept - December 2017
• Launching a hand rehab solution - August 2019
• Full Body Solution Launch - April 2020
• Revenue in 2019 - € 112K
• Income forecast for 2020 - € 700K
• LTV 24 months
• IPO entry in 3-4 years
• Clients for April - May 2020 - +41 clinics and +280 patients

• 16 employees (8 full-time, 8 part-time)
• Production - Poland
• Development - Ukraine

Achievements of the Raccoon.Recovery team
• Graduate of startup school Y Combinator
• Accelerator graduate Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin
• TOP 12 companies in tele-rehabilitation from Fortune 100
• TOP 40 European healthcare startups
• Grand Horizon2020

What stages of projects are accepted

Operating business

What countries of management's location are accepted

All countries

What industries are accepted

Medicine / Telecommunications / Gadgets

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