Equipment for remote physical rehabilitation
Equipment for remote physical rehabilitation
Startup pitch

Raccoon.Recovery is a tool used for remote physical rehabilitation after an injury or a neurological disease, which provides better results for patients and saves time for therapists.

Region of program action:
Global (world)

Start date

01.04.2020 16:00:00

End date

01.04.2020 17:00:00


Rehabilitation problems
- 275 million patients with long-term physiotherapy worldwide annually.
- 7 out of 10 patients do not recover. Patients drop out because treatment is ineffective, uncontrolled, and rather boring.
- Due to a long expensive education and low salaries, physiotherapists are in the TOP-3 specialists whose lack is observed in the market
- EU and US rehabilitation centers lose 21 billion euros each year

- A personalized solution for rehabilitation after injuries and neurological diseases, created on the basis of Machine Learning and Big Data, using existing video games
- Physiotherapists optimize time
- Patients gain access to timely and effective physiotherapy

What you get

Business Model and Scaling
Pricing: One-time payment 249€ to buy devices + monthly subscription for clinic 400€ + 20€ per each patient account.
Customers are rehab centers with scaling government agencies (DVG in Germany) and an insurance company (PZU in Poland).

Collaboration and work with:
- German Olympic Committee rehabilitation center network
Charite and Max Planck institutes, Germany - a pilot solution based on artificial intelligence
- health insurance companies in Germany (AOK and TC)

- public and private physical rehabilitation centers in the EU
- insurance and government programs
- directly to end users (B2C)

Terms of completing

Raccoon.Recovery Achievements
- Graduate of startup school Y Combinator
- Accelerator graduate Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin
- Member of European Connected Health Alliance
- TOP 12 companies in TeleRehabilitation by Fortune 100
- TOP 40 European Startups in Healthcare
- TOP 35 best world startups by Startup World Cup 2019 (out of 30 000 participants)
- granted by Horizon2020
- Supported by World Health - Organization and German Olympic Committee


About the project in numbers
- Design Concept - December 2017
- Product launch - August 2019
- Revenue - €112k
- Forecast for 2020 - €700k
- LTV 24 months
- IPO entry in 3-4 years

- 16 employees: (8 - full time, 8 - partial)
- Offices: Berlin, Kiev
- Production: Kiev


What stages of projects are accepted

Operating business

What countries of management's location are accepted

All countries

What industries are accepted

Medicine / Telecommunications / Gadgets

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