Silicon.Finance COVID-19 Investment & Support Program
Silicon.Finance COVID-19 Investment & Support Program
Acceleration program

Do you know how to protect or cure people of COVID-19? Is your major restriction the lack of resources or related expertise? Then let us help you bring the solution to those who need it.

Region of program action:
Global (world)


Silicon.Finance COVID-19 is a special program by Startup.Network that supports the startups knowing how to help humankind fight COVID-19 epidemic to bring their solution to the customers as soon as possible. This Program provides financing, mentoring and training to enforce the Startup’s product, team, and financial efficiency. You have a chance to leverage funds and expertise of US investors and experts to make your solution widespread for social benefit.

What you get

Upon evaluation of the project, the Startup gets funding from Network.VC and the world\'s leading Investors and support from profound experts to make the solution produced and available worldwide as soon as possible.

Terms of completing

The Program is applicable for Startups that have a solution that innovatively addresses the problems that people face during COVID-19 pandemic. The solution should have a potential for global scaling with a prototype being ready or almost ready to prove the concept\'s viability.

What stages of projects are accepted

Prototype or product is ready / Idea or something is already done / Operating business

What countries of management's location are accepted

All countries

What industries are accepted

Auto Maintenance / Appliances / Woodworking / Internet and IT / Information and media / Computers, office equipment / Consulting / Culture and art / Light industry / Logging / Logistics and warehouses / Mechanical engineering / Medicine / Metallurgy / Real estate / Petroleum refining / Education, training / Public catering / Food industry / Polygraphy / Production / Entertainment / Farming / Insurance / Building / Telecommunications / Trade / Transport / Tourism, sport / Services / Pharmacology / Financial services / Franchising / Chemistry / Paper / Electronics / Power Engineering / Other / Robotics / Drones / Gadgets / Blockchain / Crypto currency / Artificial Intelligence / Virtual and Augmented Reality / Mobile applications
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