Unicorn Battles ® - is The Largest Global Pitch Contest in 2020!

The 2020 has brought us a lot of surprises but the news that we had managed to reach out to almost any country of the world where startup and VC communities exist by our Unicorn Battles  - was a not a surprise but a long-awaited reward for a great team work and highly-professional approach of everyone at Startup.Network ** 

This season we had done 45 battles already and there are 2 more to go before the Finals - Unicorn CUP at the end of July. On July 28,29 and 30 the best startups - winners of preliminary Unicorn Battles from all over the world will meet top international VCs to find out which ecosystem is the most solid and what country gave birth to the first winner of the Unicorn CUP!

Starting the end of December last year we had screened more than 2000 startups from 125 countries of the world and only the extraordinary ones had a chance to pitch live. Our Unicorn Battles were broadcasted to 67 world regions and reached the 105k audience all over the world. Our VC and angel-investor’s community has grown to many thousands of active users who we welcome at our every battle.

Famous VC Funds and international investors are always on our Expert Board playing the role of esteemed judges during our pitch competitions, choosing the winner. 

Startups from Germany, the USA, Italy, Brazil, Japan, India, Australia, the UK, Singapore and many-many others will be pitching live and participating in EXPO during the 3-day online finals that you simply cannot afford to miss!

We had been doing Battles for 11 years already and are proud to say that our winners had raised over USD120 million altogether through our network that keeps expanding thanks to our partners and sponsors.

Special gratitude goes to ICU Ventures and Network VC California Seed Fund for all of us for great help and support during this season!  

Join us for the Unicorn CUP - the finals of the Largest pitch contest in 2020 !

*by geography and the number of events held in 2020.

** Startup.Network is a professional ecosystem for the venture market participants that allows entrepreneurs post their ideas, startups or business projects to search for investments and gives an opportunity for investors to contact entrepreneurs directly.

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Date of publication: 19.07.2020

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