SIBB e.V. is the Partner of the 175 Unicorn Battle, Berlin

We are excited to introduce 
SIBB e.V.  - ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin & Brandenburg, is the Partner of the 175 Unicorn Battle, Berlin 

What is the SIBB?

  • Connecting for success

  • Creating the best knowledge exchange environment

  • Supporting international digital business models

  • Being a scientific partner for progressive research projects

  • Integrating sustainability and an open-minded approach into our core model

Led by these motives, the SIBB ensures an active exchange far beyond the limits of the digital economy. In the age of comprehensive digitization of economic processes, the association addresses itself with its technical offers and the TOP experts of the members to various industries, which want to promote the digitization in your enterprise. With its comprehensive range of services, SIBB promotes the exchange, cooperation, knowledge and internationalization of the entire digital economy in the region.

The company offers 12 specialized forums, special continuing education courses (IQ @ SIBB) and various Meetup events around topics of the digital industry. Many specialized events conceived together with partners form networking platforms for the very different IT user industries with the digital economy. The initiation of joint research and development projects by groups of SIBB members is another focus of the two SIBB offices. SIBB congresses and various SIBB joint booths at trade fairs in the region and abroad complete the SIBB range of services for its members. The more than 250 member companies include digital companies with a wide variety of focuses:

  • international tech companies
  • IT service
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Start-ups
  • E-commerce companies
  • various universities and research institutions 

Join the 175 Unicorn Battle at KPMG's office at Heidestrasse 58, 10557 Berlin on December 3rd: 

The winner of this Battle will be invited to take part in a WORLDWIDE 

Date of publication: 26.11.2019

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