Network VC Syndicate Fund and Silicon Valley Syndicate Club closed investment round for Respeecher project

Network VC Syndicate Fund and Silicon Valley Syndicate Club closed an investment round for Respeecher project

Investment round of the project raised $1.5M. Our syndicate fund Silicon Valley Syndicate Club and Network VC Syndicate Fund, large investment funds as ICU and Acrobator funds (USA and Netherlands) as well as several small American funds and angel investors took part in the transaction took part in the transaction. The lead investor was the ffVC fund in New York.

Network VC Syndicate Fund saw great potential in this startup at the pre-seed stage and became the first investors in the project. We’re very happy for the guys.

It is known that the average ffVC check is up to $700k, ICU Ventures and Acrobator Ventures - up to $500k per transaction. 

Alexander Serdyuk, CEO of Respeecher, notes: “This round of investment gives us the opportunity to scale our business - to increase our technical potential and sales, as well as enter a new market”

About the startup:

Grant Riber, Dmitry Belevtsov and Alexander Serdyuk founded the startup in 2018, by the end of 2020 respeecher plans to increase the number of staff from 9 to 15 employees.

Respeecher can change the sound of one person’s voice to another thanks to Artificial Intelligence technologies. This solves the problem of inefficient communications associated with a foreign accent, which is often a serious barrier for business.

The product is of interest to studios that create films, animations and video games. For example; using the Respeecher product, understudies can voice films or commercials with celebrity voices without their direct involvement.

Respeecher has already gained experience with a well-known Hollywood studio and a British broadcaster. The company also plans to enter the call centre market this year.

We are very happy for the quick take-off of the startup and the recognition of the Respeecher team by experienced investors and funds.

Network VC Syndicate Fund thanks to the private investor members of our syndicate fund for their confidence in selecting this investment startup and for participating in the transaction.

We’d like to remind you that we regularly introduce new investment startups and present them on our free webinars. You can register on our syndicate club website

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Date of publication: 10.03.2020

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