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Silicon Valley Syndicate Club (SVSY club) expands and invite you to join a meeting with Network VC founders who will tell you about our club and the opportunity to become a member and invest deal-by-deal in world-changing startups with experienced VCs in the US.


Registration by the link:

ZOOM Thursday 25th May, there will be a meeting (06:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna; 07:00 PM Kiev, Helsinki, Athens,Tel Aviv, Johannesburg; 08:00 PM Dubai, 09:00 AM PDT)


Now the club has over 150+ accredited investors, portfolio of 28+ startups, exit with 32X profit, current portfolio multiple is 2.87X

We want to give you the opportunity to invest with experienced VCs in the best US startups selected by our Network VC ecosystem with over 1500 applications every month and a base of over 5m startups. So far we have helped startups raise over $345m.

Opportunities for club members:

Access top deals - Get unprecedented access to premium dealflow while investing with leads whose incentives are aligned with yours.

Invest deal-by-deal - Choose exactly the leads and specific startups you want to invest in.

Grow your network - Build relationships with notable leads and fellow accredited investors.

We invite you to a meeting with Network VC managing partners Alexander Soroka and Vasily Nikolaev.

At the meeting, partners will discuss:

  • How to become a member and get access to exclusive deals with SVSY club
  • How to invest in startups in the valley with a minimum check?
  • How to reduce the risks of investing in startups with the SVSY club?
  • Who Are the Network VC ecosystem? Exits and achievements.

Mission & Strategy:

Our club allows private investors and business angels from all over the world to invest with a minimal check of $5к together with experienced VCs into the best startups that we are able to find via our ecosystem Network VC.

For 3 years has been helping its members invest in the best startups in Silicon Valley and around the world. During that time we have invested in 28+ startups and made a successful exit on 32X. Silicon Valley Syndicate Club was formed to concentrate the efforts on investing in startups that are based in Silicon Valley or going to relocate to Silicon Valley or other parts of the USA .

Our fund strategy is that we look for startups with the potential to grow to Unicorn and invest in the best startups from Silicon Valley and the EU together with experienced venture capital investors. We are going to invest in 50 startups over the next few years.

Investment Criteria

The startups we invest in must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • availability of unique technology;
  • registration in the USA;
  • located in the US or Europe;
  • profitability from $100,000 per year;
  • We select only those projects in which large venture funds and venture capitalists are already investing.
  • The assessment is carried out according to hundreds of criteria that are individual for each project: financial performance, business model, revenue, competitors, and others.

 Check your local time
The meeting will be held on May 25th at:
  • 09:00 AM PDT
  • 12:00 PM New York
  • 01:00 PM São Paulo
  • 05:00 PM London
  • 06:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
  • 07:00 PM Kiev, Helsinki, Athens,Tel Aviv, Johannesburg
  • 08:00 PM Dubai
  • 09:30 PM New Delhi
  • 22:00 PM Nur Sultan
  • 11:00 AM Jakarta
  • 12:00 PM Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur
  • 01:00 AM Tokyo, Seul
  • 03:00 AM Sydney
Date of publication: 24.05.2022

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