Greet Winners of the Unicorn Finals | Summer CUP | July 28th - July 30th

An Absolute Winner of the  Unicorn CUP® Finals is

Submer NextGen Datacenters

Submer NextGen Datacenters - Highly efficient, ultra-dense and eco-friendly Data Centers.

The second place went to:

Biosolvit - Bioblue Natural Absorber

The third place went to:

H3 Dynamics - COVID-19 first responder drone stations

All result are available following the link

Let’s congratulate the Leaders of each day: 

Asian Day

Privé Technologies - Wealth Management Solutions


Submer NextGen Datacenters  - Highly efficient, ultra-dense and eco-friendly Data Centers.

European Day

Privé Technologies - Wealth Management Solutions

American Day

Biosolvit - Bioblue Natural Absorber

We are grateful to the experienced and influenced VCs and Angel Investors, which joined the Judges’ Panel at the Online Unicorn CUP® Finals! 

The list of  participated Judges could be found  at the section Judges at

Many thanks to our Global Sponsors:

Network.VC (

ICU ( - Kyiv-based venture capital fund that invests in technology companies with strong ties to Ukraine and Eastern Europe making late seed and series A investments across the tech spectrum.

ICU Ventures is part of the ICU Group, an independent asset management firm founded in 2006 by senior investment professionals from ING. It is one of the largest and most diversified asset managers in the CEE region.  

And of course, we would like to thank our Co-Organizer GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY SYMPOSIUM with Alexandra Johnson.

Startup.Network is grateful to Investors, Experts, Entrepreneurs and Guests who attended the Online Unicorn CUP® Finals all three days.

LIVE stream of each day is available here:

Date of publication: 07.08.2020

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