The 10 Best Startups From Eastern Europe Will Compete for the 1st Place in San Francisco

About 2 months are left before a huge event in the investment world – Intercontinental Startup Battle, Silicon Valley. November 15th – Startup Network will open its doors for investors, visitors, media and anybody who’s interested in startups In Silicon Valley.

The preparation is intense – the team from Startup Network is choosing the most potential and investment-attractive startups, and is making a list of judges for the Intercontinental Startup Battle, which will include the leading specialists of global investment market. 

The Intercontinental Startup Battle – is a business event, it will bring together funds, private investors, entrepreneurs and experts. This will be the second event in Silicon Valley for Startup Network, and the 100th event in the company’s storied history.

Why from Eastern Europe?

Nowadays, this is a quickly developing region in terms of startups, with a lot of potential. Startup Network has 13000 startups in a database from Eastern Europe, and the number will be growing. The quantity of accelerators and incubators is growing as well in this region, and with good reason.

“Eastern Europe is an untapped well of ideas and talents, and we’re sure there are lots of unicorns yet to be discovered.” – says Alexander Soroka - CEO & Founder, Startup.Network.

The selection

Startup Network receives a few dozen applications 24 hours a day, every day, but only the 10 strongest startups from across Eastern Europe with experienced CEOs and founders will have the chance to compete for first place at the event.
It’s innovation startups on the stage of prototype or product, which has the ambition not only to break into the American market, but to take over the market, and as a result – bring profit for their investors.

To make it to the list, participants will have to go through a multilevel procedure for selection. First, the startup has to pass through the Startup Networks analysts check. These are highly qualified specialists who have made dozens of startups battle (In SF will be the 100th event), and analyzed thousands of startups by several factors. To qualify, projects of the highest level of participants are invited to a personal meeting after applying to the event. If there is no possibility here, they are required to send a video with a detailed presentation.

If a startup passes through the first stage, the next level is a personal check by the CEO and founder of Startup Network – Alexander Soroka. But that is not all! If passed, the final stage is to get through the analysis of such world experts as Ernst &Young, and only after that, will a startup become part of the lucky 10th for the event.

The results from the previous Startup Battle in Silicon Valley is of big interest for venture funds, that’s why after 6 month the first event the next one is going to take place.


The judges of the Intercontinental Startup Battle will be partners, and managing partners of such funds as

  • Plug & Play Ventures;
  • 500 - startups;
  • TMT Investments venture fund;
  • Almaz capital;
  • QuantumWave Fund;
  • Zetta Venture;
  • GTSaaS;
  • Velton Zegelman PC;
  • Startup.Network.
The list of Judges (The list is not final, and will have more representatives of funds):
  • Alexander Soroka - CEO & Founder, Startup.Network;
  • Alireza Masrour - Managing Partner, Plug & Play Ventures;
  • Marvin Liao - Partner, 500 Startups;
  • Julian Zegelman - Managing Partner, Velton Zegelman PC, and Limited Partner, Venture Development Partners;
  • Igor Shoifot - Partner, TMT Investments venture fund, San Francisco;
  • Vasily Nikolaev - Partner, Quantum Wave Fund;
  • Daniel Stolyarov - Investment Director, AlmazCapital;
  • Michael Minkevich - Managing Partner, GTSaaS;
  • Ivy Nguyen - Investor, Zetta Venture Partners.
For investors the event is a unique opportunity to gain expertise and an impression of 10 of the most perspective startups of Eastern Europe, to find teams of young professionals in which to invest, and of course, for networking.

Startup.Network - is an investment platform for participants on the venture market such as start-ups, private investors and professional consultants, which helps entrepreneurs quickly find the first round of investment for their startups. For investors, to effectively invest and professional for advisers, to capitalize on this process; all according to these goals, and built to work on the Startup.Network.

Startup Network has 6 regional platforms in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland and the US and has 13,000 startups in a database from all of these countries.

Date of publication: 14.09.2017

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