Photo - Carriers and Vendors under one umbrella

Mobility Saudi Arabia (MENA)

Carriers and Vendors under one umbrella

Poland, Malopolska
Market: Internet and IT, Transport, Tourism, sport, Financial services
Project stage: Operating business
Also this project:
- Find investments
- Participate in the Unicorn Battle

Idea or High Level Concept

We bring new opportunities to the industry - connecting thousands of carriers with thousands of sellers regionally and globally We're under the hood of the people who sell you tickets

Territory of the product or service implementation

Poland, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia

Traction and Current Status

2019-2022 - Program Development

May 2022 - Project launch
Results April 2023:
- $8200 revenue.
- 100 contracts = 2000 carriers = $2B/year inventory
- 30 contracts with vendors.

November 2022 - $300K investment raised
February 2023 - EU project launch
March 2023 - $275K grant from Microsoft
April 2023 results:
- 500 contracts = 3,000 carriers = $5B/year inventory
- 30 contracts with vendors.
Sales launch - May 2023

Problem or Opportunity

I. The average ticket seller:
1. can support about 20 separate vendor contracts
2. it is difficult for a ticket seller to work in more than 3 working interfaces
3. The cost of developing a program combining more than 5 APIs into one interface is hundreds of thousands of dollars, and connecting subsequent APIs is expensive and increases significantly in time.
That is, even the biggest global players cannot get access to the global ticketing market, in which they have invested tens of millions of dollars.
II. The average digitized carrier can support up to 50 contracts, and a contract for 1 ticket sold and for 1000 tickets costs the carrier the same amount of labor.


To solve the problems of distribution in the market of 1M suppliers X 1M vendors it is necessary to implement a software solution with the following properties:
1. multiple standards to lead to a single standard;
2. multicurrency;
3. multilingualism;
4. high API connection speed;
5. easy scalability
6. Flexibility to changes in requirements.
We have created such a solution - CSS Setka

Customer Segments and Market

MENA ground transportation market - more than $20B
Number of carriers over 150K
Number of sellers over 50K

Revenue Streams and Cost Structure

Agency fee 3-5%
Cost structure:
1. marketing - 10%
2. contracting process - 30%
3. support - 15%
4. administrative - 10%
5. licenses - 10%
6. taxes - 15%
7. other - 10%

Business Model, Chanells, Metrics

The goal of business development is dividends

Competitors and Existing Alternatives

There is an alternative in aviation - a global network of companies (like BSP IATA).
There is no global solution for ground transportation.
OTAs, consolidators, aggregators are more customers than competitors, because in b2B2C they have a conflict of interest between B2C (the main source of revenue) and b2b - a segment with small margins, undermining their B2C business :)

Advantages or differentiators

1. Scaling speed
2. WIN-WIN-WIN for all market participants


1. local regulation - our actions - we go to such markets in turn 2 or 3, or spend money to get the necessary "permits", or buy/merge with a local player who has one.
2. Small market (less than $1B) - we pick a partner and make them our GSA (general agent).
3. economic crises and other crises - during crises, ground transportation volume almost never declines, but instead grows as it did during Covid
4. Competition between carriers and between sellers virtually eliminates the risks of not cooperating with us.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

A team of serial entrepreneurs.
The best teacher was the practice of cooperation with Intel Capital

Won the competition and other awards

A $275K Microsoft grant

Presence of invention or patent


Money will be spent on

Project launch in Saudi Arabia +5 countries (MENA region)

Offer for investor

10% of the company in Mobility MENA
Return on investment within 2 years
Subsequent estimated dividends of $100K+

Product Video

Location of the enterprise


Country of incorporation