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Timeless Wallet

USA, California
Market: Blockchain, Crypto currency
Project stage: Prototype or product is ready
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Idea or High Level Concept

Timeless is a non-custodial multichain wallet combining social finance features, DeFi, NFTs, and wallet-to-wallet communication. Our mission is to accelerate web3 adoption through social utility.

Traction and Current Status

We have built a simple, secure, and social wallet. Today, we have 15,000 builders on our waitlist. We are beginning to win over web3 partners — 20+ university blockchain clubs chose our platform to build up their community.

Problem or Opportunity

We know the critical path for all things web3 starts with a non-custodial wallet. That’s why 97.5% of users are still waiting for wallets to be more accessible, approachable, and reach parity with the familiar web2. So, our team is solving the adoption problem that has plagued the crypto ecosystem — too technical, security by anxiety, and stuck in single-player mode.


Built as a multichain wallet, Timeless Wallet combines social finance features with compelling ways to learn more about the web3 space and discover relevant communities, events, and dApps - all while communicating and interacting with friends, family, and new contacts directly within the platform.