Alexander Soroka

Founder   Investment Platforms   for the venture market participants   Startup.Network .

Member of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Venture Business UVCA & nbsp.;

He was educated at Harvard Business School and Oxford.  


«In 2007, when the crisis there is an urgent need for a profitable investment. Stocks around the world have fallen in general has been a worldwide panic, land and property frozen, of existing instruments were only precious metals and young fast-growing company.

There is a need somehow to find them, but I found that there is no single place where they all come together. So the idea to create such a platform, where the investor who wants to invest could easily find a young company full of promise ».

In 2006, Alexander Soroka joined the list of the Top 10 Managers of Ukraine. With extensive experience in the creation, management and sale of the business, Alexander is a shareholder in many Ukrainian   companies from different sectors of the economy



Denis Batrak  

Chief Financial Officer

Dmitry Kuzmenko


Head of Investment Department

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Vyacheslav Podlesny


Head of Credit Department


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Event manager


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Site Architect